Jhanak starlife update Friday 31 May 2024

Jhanak 31 may 2024: The Episode starts with Anirudh saying I m confused, you are a good dancer, make it your profession, why a job. She says I can’t become a dancer, I know. He says Arshi and I will stay for some days after Arya’s marriage, I booked a houseboat.

She says I sell flowers there, I will give you special discount. Arya’s haldi is going on. Anirudh and Jhanak leave on the cycle. They fall down. They have an eyelock. They get up and leave. Arshi says Anirudh went out, he forgot his phone.

Shrishti asks why did you let him go. Arshi says he isn’t a kid. Shrishti says find out where he went. Jhanak meets Rahul’s mum. She introduces Anirudh as Arshi’s would be husband. She asks where is Rahul. His mum says he is sleeping, he has fever, go and meet him. Rahul comes and says you here, Jhanak, what happened.

Jhanak says I want 5 litres milk. Anirudh greets Rahul. Jhanak and Rahul argue. His mum says come in and have tea. Jhanak says I will come later.

Rahul gets the milk. Jhanak asks about the cost. He says go now, you are getting late. She gives the money. He asks her to go. She says strange, I m going, next time, call and come. She says I won’t call or come, keep waiting, idiot. She leaves. His mum also scolds him. He recalls Tejas’ words.

Urvashi thinks of Bharat’s words. She says I will make a last try, I will send Jhanak away. Radha asks where, who will take her responsibility. Urvashi thinks of the man who didn’t take her responsibility.

Jhanak and Anirudh come. Mami takes the milk can. Arshi asks where did you go together. Jhanak says I met Anirudh on the way and took him to Rahul’s harm. Bipasha asks them to come for dance. Arshi asks Jhanak and Anirudh to change and come. Brij comes. Bharat welcomes him. Urvashi is shocked seeing him. Shrishti says we are glad you have come. Brij gives the gift to Arya and blesses her.

Urvashi thinks its about Jhanak’s life, you have to take the responsibility. Jhanak comes and smiles. She goes to take Brij’s blessings. Shrishti stops her. Jhanak says I thought to take his blessings. Shrishti insults her.

Anirudh says I don’t know dance, even then Guru ji blessed me, why can’t he bless Jhanak, it will be his insult if Jhanak doesn’t take his blessings. He asks Jhanak to take blessings. He insists. Jhanak takes Brij’s blessings. Urvashi smiles. Shrishti asks Jhanak to go and do the work. Jhanak goes. Bharat asks Arshi and Anirudh to go there.

Shrishti gets angry. She calls Urvashi. Brij is shocked to see Urvashi. Urvashi leaves. Shrishti asks did you identify her. Arshi and girls dance on Mehendi hai rachne wali…. Anirudh clicks pics. Bipasha asks him to dance. He says I will click pics.

Urvashi gets tea for Brij. Shrishti says let it be, I will serve it. She says Guru ji, she was your student, her daughter is bearing punishment of her deeds, she has a house in the village, she will live in the servants quarters till Arya’s marriage. Brij feels bad. Shrishti asks Urvashi to go and do the work. Urvashi nods and leaves.

Arshi dances on Chalka…. Jhanak sees them dancing. She also starts dancing. Everyone is surprised. Anirudh smiles and takes her pics. Brij smiles seeing Jhanak’s smile. Shrishti and Arshi get jealous. She asks what happened, didn’t you see anyone dancing. He says she is a talented dancer, you pushed her that day and showed her talent, all credit goes to you. Arshi says yes, but she needs much improvement. He says yes, but she is doing well. She says she is trying to get attention, its Arya’s haldi, this is not right. She goes and stops Jhanak.


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