Mismatched update Thursday 4 November 2021


Mismatched 4 November 2021: The Episode starts with Anokhi asking Raja to help her stop the marriage. He says what’s wrong with you, Monty is a good person, he is handsome and he is a NRI, I can also come there and do a business once you get settled there. She says you want me to do this marriage so that you settle there. He says yes, so what. Bhalla says Laali, their demands are increasing, try to handle. Anokhi says let me give this entrance exam, you don’t need to worry for my future. Bhalla asks what is it, am I forcing you, fine, you have to marry. She says you can beat me, but don’t stop me from this exam, I have to give this exam, sorry.

He locks her in room. Biji says I knew Anokhi will create a mess. Rama asks Bhalla to think well, how will they manage the expenses, if they fail to pay the loan, Anokhi is adamant about studies, refuse to this alliance. She says Khanna didn’t say anything when Anokhi asked, its not her mistake. Bhalla slaps Rama. Babli holds her. Anokhi hears them. Bhalla scolds Rama.Anokhi asks Babli and Raja to do something, dad is beating mum. Bhalla asks Babli to go away, he has first right on Rama. He asks Rama to leave.

Rama says don’t throw me out. He says you didn’t become a good wife and good mother, get out, go to your dad’s house. Rama falls and gets hurt. Anokhi says open the door. Biji says its happening because of you. Anokhi’s aunt and her son come to stop Bhalla. Bhalla asks them to go. He leaves Rama out. Anokhi cries and says I m ready for marriage, open the door please, don’t beat mum. He opens the door. Anokhi runs to Rama and hugs her. They cry. She apologizes and says I will marry.

Aastha takes attendance. The girl says Anokhi won’t attend college, its her roka today, she will get married in two days and go to Canada. The girls say Anokhi is lucky. Aastha thinks Anokhi had promised me that she won’t let injustice happen. She says I had a hope that Anokhi will fight. The girl says Anokhi can’t fight her dad, she requested me for money to pay fees for Saberwal institute entrance test, she returned the money to me, her dad is adamant. Shaurya gets a cake for Devi. She cuts the cake and feeds him. He says you became my mum on this day. He gives her an affidavit mentioning that Aastha isn’t his mum, Devi is his mum. They smile.

He says I m a lucky son who got a chance to select a mum. She says I m a lucky mom to get such a gift, this affidavit doesn’t matter legally. He says I know, none can challenge me legally, I m sending this to Aastha’s house, I asked for her signs as receipt. She says she won’t sign on it, she didn’t divorce Shaan. He says I m your son Shaurya, I will get her signs, its my gift for you.Everyone gathers for Anokhi’s Roka. Babli makes Anokhi ready. Monty and family comes. Bhalla welcomes them. Raja compliments Monty. Babli gets Anokhi.

Anokhi stops Monty’s mum. She says I have tried to ask this question many times, you didn’t answer well, can I complete my studies after marriage, please say it clearly. Khanna and his wife sign each other. She says don’t worry, studies are imp for you and us also, we are modern type people. Monty says of course, I will get Anokhi’s admission in a big university, is it done now. Anokhi smiles. Monty says don’t worry for Raja’s future, he can also come there and work. Bhalla says great.


Anokhi’s roka happens. Anokhi and Monty get engaged. Babli congratulates Anokhi. Vineet says I will also come to Canada. Monty says everyone will come there turn by turn. The girls dance. Anokhi checks the university details.Aastha coming to Anokhi’s house to meet her. Rama asks her to come. She says Anokhi is getting married tomorrow. Aastha recalls Anokhi’s promise and stares at her. Rama says Anokhi agreed for marriage, she will be marrying and going to Canada, she can study there. She asks Anokhi to take care of Aastha. She goes. Anokhi asks Aastha to come to her room for a talk.

She says I agreed to marry when they gave me permission to study, I had to agree on dad’s insistence, for the sake of my mum. Aastha asks permission, its your right to study. Anokhi says I can’t see dad venting anger on mum because of me, I will be studying there, Monty said I can take admission in this university. Aastha asks are you able to believe this yourself, you have always topped and got scholarships, you will get admission anywhere.Anokhi says Dolly is Shoki’s childhood friend, he is trustworthy.

Aastha says I have seen my student getting stuck in a NRI marriage, the people had orthodox thinking, they wanted the girl to just give birth to sons, my student still calls me sometimes and cries her heart out, she isn’t permitted to go out of the house, or use computer or laptop. Anokhi asks does such people exist. Aastha says yes, so I m worried for you, I have always wanted you to study well. She goes. Anokhi checks the gift. She sees the youth festival pic. She recalls the award ceremony.

Anokhi gets mehendi applied. Babli sees her. Dolly comes there and greets everyone. Dolly goes to Anokhi and says you got a Canadian visa, you can enjoy there, you are so lucky, you are still checking your laptop. Anokhi says actually my in laws are getting my admission done in the university. Dolly says its no use, you have to become house help for Khanna, they stay in a small city there, you have to look after Monty’s grandparents. Anokhi says no, they said they will make me study. Dolly says Shoki told me, why would he lie to me, I m not jealous of you, Monty isn’t even 10th pass, Shoki has studied till 12th, I m lucky. She goes. Anokhi worries. She recalls Aastha and Dolly’s words. Monty and Shoki have drinks.

Shoki says congrats, you got a pretty girl, you want her to study further. Anokhi comes there and records their conversation. Monty says I won’t let her study, she will just cook and give birth to little children, I didn’t see such attitude before, Anokhi was missing when I went to see her. Shoki says educated girls have pride. Monty says I have to crush down her pride, once we reach Canada, I will slowly break all her dreams, I will cut her wings. Shoki says a maid can also give service. Monty says wife is a glorified maid.

Anokhi cries. They laugh. Bhalla asks where is Anokhi. Babli says I don’t know, I was sleeping. Vineet says Babli has spoilt Anokhi a lot. Rama says Anokhi’s belongings are inside, she would have gone nearby. Bhalla says she won’t get saved this time if she does something. Aastha takes care of her mum. Anokhi comes there. Aastha says Anokhi….

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