Mismatched update Tuesday 2 November 2021


Mismatched 2 November 2021: The Episode starts with Shaurya coming to the institute. He gets working. Peon says Shagun’s college migration certificate needs your sign. Shaurya says I m busy, ask her to wait. Peon asks Shagun to wait. Shagun says why not, now he will be busy. Dolly’s marriage function is seen. Biji says decorations are good. Chachi says we have hired big wedding planners, Dolly is preparing for her Sangeet, she is wearing designer lahenger. Anokhi says my mum is the best designer, she designed my suit. Chachi says Rama is the best in it. Bhalla talks to his brother. He says the car is good. Bhalla says you will get a bigger car. Laali says yes, tell me, I will get big alliance for Raja, I lost in Anokhi’s case.

Anokhi goes to the terrace and studies.Someone sees Anokhi studying and says I will tell everyone about you. She asks him to get lost. Dolly’s groom Ashok and family comes. Bhalla asks Rama to keep an eye on Anokhi. The DJ sees Babli and smiles. Bhalla goes to Anokhi and asks what are you doing here, who would welcome the groom’s family. He asks her to come along. He sees Monty’s family there. He thinks its a chance to make things fine. He asks Anokhi to serve everyone. Shagun meets Shaurya. Shaurya asks what will you have, tea or coffee. He signs on the certificate and gives his best wishes. She thanks him. She says I know you are happy for me, not with my choice. He says you will be happy with your choice, one has to pay a price for the choice. She says I wanted to meet you for the last time and ask something.

Monty hugs Ashok. Ashok asks him to find a girl. Monty sees Anokhi. Bhalla and Laali try to talk to Monty’s dad. Anokhi talks to Ashok and Monty. She goes. Ashok says she is dangerous. Monty says its fun to have love with a cracker. Monty’s mum comes and says we had gone to see the girl with Laali, her dad met Khanna and pleaded for another chance. Monty says I don’t like to meet them, I like a girl here. His mum asks will you marry against my wish. He says it will happen by your wish. He shows Anokhi. She checks the pic. She says she is the same girl.

Shagun says you came come to London to meet me, we can find a way. Shaurya sees time and says I have imp meeting with faculty, tell me if you need anything from the college. He opens the door for her. Monty’s mom says she isn’t good. Monty asks what’s wrong in meeting her once. Anokhi pinches her cousin. Monty says Anokhi has won my heart. Bhalla and his brother talk about Khanna’s richness. Monty goes to talk to his dad. His dad says we won’t have this alliance. Bhalla comes to please them. He asks them to meet Anokhi once. Monty says what’s the problem in meeting her once. Monty says fine, where is your daughter. Bhalla asks DJ Vicky to make announcement to call Anokhi. Anokhi gets disturbed from studies. She goes and sees Bhalla.

Anokhi comes. Rama says your dad is finding you. Bhalla takes Anokhi and says I got you here to find a guy for you, I convinced Khanna to meet you, don’t do anything this time. He warns her.Monty flirting with Anokhi. Bhalla says they have started talking, like their meeting is set, you will be glad to meet her. Rama looks on. Devi says literature department is giving a farewell to Shagun, you must go Shaurya, everyone should know that you don’t care, we do everything with pride, I can understand your pain, but its Shagun’s decision to go to London, we don’t need to hide our face, you go, so that people know that Shagun made a big mistake, I ordered the flowers, take them. Vicky calls Babli for the dance. Everyone claps.

Babli dances on london Thumukda….. He smiles seeing her. He gets her hair accessory. They see each other. Shagun gives a farewell speech. She says I had come here as a student and became a lecturer, I got this big chance because of Saberwal institute, I will miss you all. Shaurya claps and gives her the bouquet. He praises Shagun’s talents. He says its a moment of pride for us, Saberwals chose her for a big position but Cambridge came in between, such chances doesn’t come often, she went ahead and left us behind, I wish her all the best. The ladies say Shaurya is a perfect gentleman. Shaurya goes. Everyone congratulates Shagun.

Vicky gives the hair accessory to Babli. He asks how are you. She says I m fine. He sees her wound mark on her face. He says I can see how you are, you can hide your wound marks by make up, but I can know it, how are you. She says I m happy. He says I used to fail so that you pass, we had a good team, we had magic. She says yes, forget the past, I m Mrs. Babli Vineet Bhatia now, remember it. She goes crying. He asks why did you forget me.Monty’s mother sees Anokhi. She checks her complexion, hair… She asks do you want to run, you had run away from the house as well.

She says girls get bald and fix wig when they dance. She pulls Anokhi’s hair and says its real. She asks her to walk and show. Anokhi walks. Monty says I have seen her, she is perfect. His mum says tell me, do you know cooking. Anokhi says Raja and I don’t know cooking. The lady says men don’t cook. Anokhi argues about biasing. Bhalla says she will learn everything after marriage, she is smart. The lady says fine, but she talks like pind girl.She asks does she know English. Anokhi talks in English. She tells that women don’t raise their voice against insults. Monty claps for her.

Anokhi says if the girl respects herself, then there will be no guy to comment on her. Khanna says girl says bitter, but truth. He says Laali will tell you about alliance. Anokhi says I want to complete my studies after marriage. Khanna says lets see. Bhalla asks Laali to manage it.Bhalla scolds Rama and asks doesn’t Anokhi know cooking, why didn’t you teach her, how will her marriage happen. He says you are zero wife, zero bahu and a big zero on mum’s name. Rama cries. Anokhi asks him not to vent anger on Rama.

She says she runs the house, she does all the work. He gets angry and says stop nonsense, else I will slap you.She asks what were these NRI doing, did they come to get a maid or doll, the way they were checking me. Bhalla says this always happens, you go with them as a maid if needed. He scolds her and goes. She gets sad. Shagun asks Shaurya to stay for some time. She says I was hoping to convince you, its a big thing that you came in this party. He says I had to come as the college head, your senior and ex fiance. She says it was your decision to break up, its a big punishment for me. He says stop acting as helpless, you have shown my value, you did the same thing as my mum, she also chose her career than me. He goes.

Anokhi studies. She says I should never get tired. Shagun asks Shaurya to give her a chance. Monty says Anokhi is rough, I will make her a family girl. Shaurya says fine, I will give you a chance. Monty says I will make her a cat from lioness. Anokhi says I will try my best to pass in the entrance test and then get free, then I can fly in the sky. She thinks nothing can stop me now.

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