These streets update Tuesday 25 January 2022

These streets 25 January 2022: Nandini says I don’t regret all I did. Because I love you. It’s your fault. You broke your relationship with just in shock. You both never trusted each other. It tried burning it and it burned. See how well did I plan.

I spent a night with you and I conceived too. I wanted a husband like you. You are my husband and Chahat’s father. Would you kill me in front of her? Asmita is married to Shekhawat. You signed a contract not to break our marriage. You have to live this life with me because you have no option. Shan says I was never yours. I will always be Asmita’s. She is mine. Our love will be there forever. Asmita says she is living her wedding night tonight.

Asmita says to Shekhawat I am sorry. I can’t be your wife. I will do all the responsibilities of this marriage except for this. We both have married for the kids. So Krishi and Nirvan have love of both the parents. I really respect you and I know you won’t disrespect me. Thank you. She leaves. Shekhawat says I will wait for you Asmita. I know Shan has broken your heart. I won’t force you but you will have to love me. You will forget Shan and come to me yourself.

Nandini says it’s too late. Shekhawat must have spent his night with Asmita. Shan slaps her and says Asmita won’t let any man touch her. Nevi says Nandini this slap echoes in the whole house. It made me so happy. The truth is in front of everyone now. Nandini is about to slap her. Nevi shove her and says don’t even dare. Asmita and Shan could never be parted. Nandini says I have the ace card, that’s my daughter. He will have to live with me. Nevi says your countdown has begun.

Inspector comes to the house and says Miss Nandini you’re under arrest. Nandini says how can you arrest me without a proof or crime? Shan says I am the witness. She tried to kill my daughter. Nandini says don’t lie. I didn’t do anything. Aditya says we have CCTV footage it has your face. We have to arrest you. They arrest her. Chahat syas mama, where are they taking you. Nandini says how can you do it in front of my daughter. Shan says I am showing her bad person deserves bad. No daughter deserves this. Chahat says mama please don’t go. Police takes her. Chahat cries. Shan says she did wrong. And when you do something bad you have to go to jail.

Asmita asks Krishi to eat. She says I want to eat with papa. The servant comes and says Mr. Shan is here. Asmita says ask him to leave. Shan says I am here Asmita and I won’t leave until I talk to you. Asmita says this isn’t right Shan. Asmita says Krishi, you won’t go out to meet Shan. Krishi looks at him from the balcony. Shan says I love you Krishi. Asmita looks at Shan. The song Judai plays. Shan says I won’t move from here until you talk to me. I will see how long you will see me in pain. Asmita says why are you making my life difficult. Krishi says mama please talk to papa once.

Scene 1
Shan says you can’t kick me out of your life Asmita. Krishi says mama please talk to papa once. Please go out and talk to him. He is in pain. Shan is standing on one leg. Krishi says mama please talk to him. Shan says I can’t let you go away from me. I will wait for you here. Shan is fainting. Asmita comes. Shan says I know you can’t close your heart on me. Asmita says stop all this. Don’t live in a misunderstanding. There were kids inside so I came out. Shan says Nandini is arrested. she will pay for her sins. Asmita says we are paying and Krishi is. Shan says I will fix everything. Asmita says everything is over. We can never be together now. it’s too late. Don’t do any drama here. I don’t want her in stress. I want all the kids to have a normal life. Shan says I can’t leave you like this Asmita.

Chahat says to Krishi it all happened because of you. My mama papa fought because of you. My mama left. I hate you she shoves Krishi. Asmita holds Krishi. Asmita says Chahat are yu okay? It isn’t Krishi’s mistake. your mama made a mistake. We are all with you. Chahat cries and says I want to go to mama. Asmita hugs her. Chahat cries. Asmita says have you eaten? Chahat says no. Asmita makes her eat.

Scene 2
The constable gives Nandini food. Nandini throws it and says call my lawyer. I can’t stay here. I won’t eat. Asmita comes there. Asmita picks the plate of food. Asmita says to learn to respect food and relations. When I see Chahat I feel bad. She is alone without you. Then I think about what you did to Krishi. You kept her away from me. Chahat is suffering because of you. she is crying for you. She didn’t even eat. I made her eat. Nandini says it’s all my mistake. Please forgive me. Nandini laughs. She says you thought you will make me say all this? This game is left. Shan will never be yours. Start countdown of Krishi’s death. She has to pay for Chahat’s tears. I will kill her. Asmita says don’t you dare. I will forget humanity if you say a word about my daughter.

Scene 3
Shan comes to pick Krishi from school with balloons. Krishi recalls Asmita asked her not to go with Shan. Shan hugs her. Shan says are you mad at me? She says no you’re my papa. I love you. Shan says thank you. These are for you. Shan says I missed you so much for six years. You were always in my heart. When I met you the first time my heart knew you were my daughter. I can’t lose you at any cost. I need your support. I can manage anything if I have your support. You made this rangooli right? You want us to live together right? That is my dream too. Krishi says I am with you papa. Shan says we are a team. We will complete our happy family. will you help me? Krishi says yes.

Shekhaewat says to Nadini I can’t help you. I wanted Asmita and I have her now. I can’t lose her because of you. Nandini says don’t forget humanity. HE says you better not talk about humanity. Nandini says I will tell asmita you were part of the plan. Shekhawat says she won’t trust you. Now you stay here. Good bye. Nandini says I won’t let you live Asmita. I will kill that Krishi.

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