My heart knows update Wednesday 3 November 2021

My heart knows 3 November 2021: Kalyani goes to sleep with Sampada and sings serial’s title song for Sampada’s baby. Baby kicks. Sampada excitedly says it is first time. Kalyani excitedly says she will sing more, her bonding will be strong with this baby. Sampada falls asleep. Someone throws letter on Kalyani. Kalyani reads letter that he is waiting for her since long and wants to meet her. She runs out and asks who is it. A blanket wearing man walks behind her, but when she turns, she does not find anyone. She shouts who is the coward, come in front of her.

Next morning, Kalyani informs whole incidence to family and practices karate move. Anu says who must be eyeing on Kalyani. Kalyani says she knows karate and will chop off romeo. Phone rings. Malhar asks to give him number. Phone rings again from different number. Malhar asks to switch on phone. Kalyani does and yells to dare come in front of her, she will trash him with her karate moves.

Telecom operator speaks. Family relaxes. Kalyani returns to her room. Anu gets her traditional dress and says people are eyeing on her due too her clothes, she should wear proper ones. Kalyani says she will not change for people’s wrong thinking. Anu requests to wear them for her sake. Kalyani picks scissors. Anu gets tensed.

Kalyani cuts price tag and says she will definitely wear it for her. Pallavi walks in and says gives sari to Anu saying Neha’s family sent saris to servants. Kalyani asks how dare she is to call Anu as servant, she should wear it instead. Pallavi yells. Kalyani says Anu deserves the respect Pallavi and Aparna gets. Anu stops her. Kalyani takes oath to get Anu the respect she deserves and change family’s behavior towards her.

Atharava and Neha’s engagement ceremony starts. Aao Saheb tells Neha that she will be part of family after accepting pooja thali. She asks Pallavi to exchange thali. Pallavi excitedly comes forward and starts scratch due to sudden itching attack. Kalyani reminisces sprinkling itching powder on Pallavi’s sari and asks her to and take a bathe. Pallavi leaves scratching.

Lady asks Anu to exchange thali. Anu does while Aparna and Aao Saheb stand fuming. Kalyani asks Anu to apply kumkum on her forehead. Aparna yells Anu cannot. Kalyani says though Anu’s husband does not stay with her, it is not Anu’s mistake, so Anu can apply Seeta maa’s sindoor. She applies sindoor on her forehead and then applies it on Anu’s. Aparna and Aao Saheb stand fuming.

Kalyani sees a shadow outside window, nervously walks and open window shouting who is it. Blanket wearing man runs. Kalyani throws stick on him and he falls down. She pins him down and shouts he is the one who threw love letter on her last night, she knows karate and will expose him in front of all villagers. Man escapes, but Kayani gets hold of his locket.

Pallavi walks out searching her son Nal and asks Kalyani what is she doing here, sees locket and asks how did she get Atharva’s locket. Kalyani is shocked to hear that and asks if Atharva returned. Pallavi says yes and he is shocked hearing about engagement. Kalyani stands confused.

Kalyani walks towards Atharv’s room and hears him speaking to his girlfriend and telling he loves her and not Neha, he wil not marry

Neha. She knocks door and asks Atharva to open door. Atharva gets tensed that Kalyani will expose them and hides his girlfriend. Kalyani forcefully opens door and asks where is his girfriend. Atharva asks which girl and says he does not love Neha, she is lying. Kalyani reminds of Pune incident and Neha accepting she is his girlfiend. Atharva says Neha is lying, he does not want to marry her. She asks him to get his girlfriend out, she will inform family that he loves this girl and not Neha and will get his and Neha’s alliance cancelled.

Pallavi and Aparna pass by discussing to talk about dowry to Neha’s parents. Atharva sees them and lip kisses Kalyani. They both stand shocked. Atharva says they love each other, and Kalyani does not have to hide her love. Kalyani shouts what drama is this, she does not love him. Atharva continues his lies and tries to convince Aparna and Pallavi that they love each other. Aparna asks why did Kalyani get Atharva’s alliance fix with Neha then. Kalyani says Atharva’s girlfriend is hiding here and seeing shoes behind curtain opens curtain, but does not find anyone. Pallavi yells it is her shoes.

Atharva drags Kalyani in front of all guests and family and says he and Kalyani love each other. Neha asks why did Kalyani fix her alliance with Atharva then. Kalyani says she does not love Atharva. Neha’s father confronts Aao Saheb and leaves. Atharva continues his lies and drama. Aao Saheb tries to slap Kalyani, but Anu stops her. Malhar walks to Kalyani and asks to accept if she really loves Atharva, he will get her married to Atharva.. Kalyani continues defending herself.

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