Mismatched update Monday 1 November 2021


Mismatched 1 November 2021: The Episode starts with Babli saying dad won’t let you do anything. She gives a box to Anokhi. Anokhi asks what’s this. Babli asks her to see it. Anokhi checks. She likes the shoes. She asks Babli what tablets is she taking. Babli says just iron tablets. Anokhi says if these shoes had wings, then I would have flown away. Babli asks her to sleep now. She says we have to go for Dolly’s marriage tomorrow. Anokhi asks her to get food. Babli laughs and goes to get food.

Shaan joins the family for dinner. Tej says Shaurya, we will get you married on the same day when you were marrying Shagun, it will be a slap for Kapoors, Devi will find a nice girl for you, a small town girl, who will know running the house. Devi says I will get a good looking Punjabi girl for him, it will help him in the publicity also. Anokhi checks the Saberwal institute form. She gets Babli’s medicine strip. She searches for the medicines. She thinks its birth control pills. She gets shocked. She says why is Babli taking these pills. She sees her application got accepted. She says I will pass in the entrance test and surprise Aastha.

Shaurya says I don’t want to marry now, after meeting that woman, I feel women are just selfish. Shaan asks who.Shaurya says the same person, your wife, who else. Shaan gets shocked. Shaurya says unfortunately, I met her. Shaan says talk about her with respect. Alok says Aastha didn’t do any mother’s duty till now. Shaan says give her respect. Tej asks why didn’t you divorce her till now, she is using our name and now our son. Shaan gets upset. Tej leaves the food. He gets angry. He says we have tension about the national aptitude test in our college. Shaurya says tell me if you are thinking to settle with her again, I will stay somewhere else. Tej asks what nonsense, that woman won’t be allowed here, you won’t go anywhere.

Aastha and the classmates plan to surprise Anokhi. They decorate the class. Anokhi’s family is with Dolly’s family in a function. Bhalla checks the alliances. Aastha comes home. He asks her to go to the function. Aastha introduces herself. He gets angry. She says everyone is waiting for Anokhi at the college, she is talented, she wants to study, I request you to let her complete studies. Bhalla shouts on her. Everyone comes to see. He says everyone is disturbed by your coming, my son is coming today, just go away from here. Aastha says I m Anokhi’s teacher, its my responsibility to see her state, I won’t go without meeting her.

Bhalla says I know you well, you teach wrong things to Anokhi, you stay alone, but you say you are still married.Shaan comes to Shaurya. He says you met your mum after 25 years, did you talk to her, did you touch her feet and take blessings. Shaurya asks really, did you come to ask this. Aastha says I don’t care what you think about me, its my personal choice. Bhalla says right, I will decide Anokhi’s life. She says no, Anokhi is an adult, she has a right to take her decisions, if you force her for marriage, then it will be a legal crime. Biji and Bhalla scold her. Rama stops him. Bhalla gets angry. Shaurya says she was just a professor, she doesn’t mean anything to me, I don’t respect her, try to know about your son as well, anything else.

Shaan says no. He says Shaurya has poison in his heart for Aastha. He asks did she ask about me.Shaurya says you told her about my engagement, did she reply your message, you got your answer, you don’t matter to her. Shaan goes. Anokhi sees Aastha. Aastha asks are you fine. Anokhi says yes, why did you come, to get insulted. Aastha says I m not weak, I have seen worse state, my self esteem is stronger than anyone’s ordinary thinking, forget about me, your friends organized a surprise for you. She gives the cake. Anokhi smiles seeing it. She cuts the cake and says its your success. Bhalla says Aastha has much influence on Anokhi. Aastha hugs Anokhi. Anokhi feels pain and gets away. Aastha asks what happened. Anokhi says nothing, its medals for my adamancy.

Aastha says no, its medals for your bravery, you remember the promise. Anokhi says I m going to give you a surprise soon.Aastha saying girls have to pay a price for freedom, girls are regarded a deposit for parents, one who pays the price makes own identity. She says you know the story, someone tried to tie the sun by rope, but the sun is still shining, you have won the inter college debate competition, the trophy is a proof of your words and thinking, its a new start. Anokhi says yes. Bhalla gets angry on Aastha. He asks her to do anything she wants. He says I found a guy for Anokhi, I will get her married, do anything you want. Anokhi says its tough to cage me, I will fly like wind. She goes. Aastha looks on and leaves.


Shaan hears an old song and drinks. He thinks of Aastha and Shaurya. Kanchan gets to hear taunts from Bebo and Kitty. Shaurya comes and looks on. He scolds his sisters. He says this shouldn’t happen again. Kitty apologizes. Kanchan says I don’t talk to them like friends. He says I know, they are liars, you can tell me if they trouble you. She says I can handle them. He says its enough, I spoke to them.

Anokhi says someone got the cake for me to celebrate success, this doesn’t matter to you, it doesn’t mean we have no value, your love is just for Raja bhaiya. Bhalla says you will not come in Dolly’s marriage now. Anokhi thinks thanks, now I can prepare for the test, there won’t be disturbance. Biji says many guests will come in Dolly’s marriage, we can find an alliance for Anokhi. Raja comes home and meets everyone. Bhalla blesses him.

Raja says I m taking protein shake for making muscles, Biji won’t understand. Bhalla and Rama hug Raja. He asks is this cake for me. Babli says Anokhi came first in debate. He says I know she always wins by her words. Rama takes Raja for having food. Bhalla says Raja is my only hope, I m glad that he will share my burden. Anokhi argues. He says we will get all the money when Raja gets his engineering degree, he will earn money well. Anokhi jokes on Raja’s market rate. Rama asks her to stop it and go to her room. Anokhi doesn’t listen. She argues with Bhalla again. He says you had paid Vineet according to his market rate, you are paying EMI even now. Bhalla says take her away. Raja calls Anokhi and says I got a gift for you. She asks what’s this. She likes the watch.

Rama also likes the watch. Raja goes to have food. Anokhi gets a letter. She reads. She gets shocked and says Raja is expelled from the college. He says I couldn’t handle the pressure and left studies. She gets angry and says dad took loan for your studies. He says I will pay for it, you chill. She says I want to study and become something, when I won the debate competition, I got beaten up, dad said he will get me married, you got a chance to become an engineer, you can’t handle the pressure, when dad knows that you are going to break the hope… He says don’t give me Gyaan, dad will come, give the letter to me. She refuses. Bhalla comes and asks what’s this.

Raja scolds Anokhi. He lies to Bhalla. Bhalla asks Anokhi to leave. He says once Anokhi gets married, she will be gone. He asks Raja to have food. He goes. Anokhi thinks I m not allowed to study, if I say something, then I will be called a villain, its wrong to tolerate this. Raja comes to apologize. She says I don’t want dad’s mood to spoil. She argues and says you men get happy to show our status to us. He says don’t get serious, wear this watch, I got it with love, I will tell the truth to dad after Dolly’s marriage. She asks what will you do now. Rama calls her. He says promise me, you won’t say anything to them. She nods. Anokhi gets an entrance test reply mail. He says just 8 days for aptitude test, how will I manage my studies. She worries.

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