Mismatched update Thursday 18 November 2021


Mismatched 18 November 2021: The Episode starts with Anokhi making friends. Kitty and Bebo look on angrily. Rama comes to meet Aastha. They talk about Anokhi. Aastha asks Rama why didn’t she fight for her rights. Anokhi says lectures were good, except the first one. Reema says Shaurya teaches so well, you will like her lectures as well. Anokhi says I have come here to learn, thanks, Reema and Maya, just you two spoke nicely to me. A guy comes and says Shaurya called you, you wanted notes. Reema says Shaurya is so nice. Anokhi asks did he call me in his cabin. The guy says no, in the classroom.

Anokhi goes. Reema asks why did Shaurya call Anokhi to the classroom. Kitty’s gang surrounds Anokhi. Anokhi asks did Shaurya call you here. The students rag Anokhi again. Anmol asks her to get friendly and know them. Kitty asks her to stand over her head.Kamal gives the demo. They fight. They take Anokhi for the show. Anokhi refuses. She says friendship doesn’t happen this way. Kitty takes her ID card. Anokhi says please return it. Anmol takes her bag. He gets a 100rs note and asks is that it. He pities her and laughs. Anokho says please my money. They insult Anokhi.

Reema and Maya come. Reema asks them to let Anokhi know. Kittu and Anmol threaten her and ask her to dance. They make Reema and Maya out. Reema says sorry Anokhi. Reema says we will go and tell this to any teacher. Maya says no need. Reema says they left us in some time, maybe they also leave Anokhi soon. Anokhi says I m staying at my sister’s house, let me go, give my bag, I can’t be late.

Anmol asks Anokhi how does she celebrate kiss day. Bebo asks do you have a boyfriend, did you kiss anyone. Kitty says she won’t know kissing. Anmol says I will teach her kissing, its my speciality. Anokhi asks AA? Kitty says Anmol Arora. Anokhi asks do you behave like this with girls. Kitty says its too much. Bebo says we will see Anmol teased her. Anokhi says ragging is a crime, I will complain about you all. Bebo says we are just knowing you. Anmol holds Anokhi to kiss. She says no, and gets back. He asks her to relax.

She runs away. He catches her to kiss. She slaps him. He falls back. Everyone looks on. Anmol scolds Anokhi and says this slap will be proved costly for you, just wait and watch. They all leave and lock Anokhi in the class. Anokhi shouts open the door. Anmol asks her to get ready to kiss, only then the door will open. Bebo says the security can come. Anmol says relax, I will give the keys to security. Anokhi cries and says let me go. Anmol asks Bebo to explain her sis. He goes. Kitty says its too much this time.

Bebo says she didn’t listen to us, so we locked her. Kitty asks is it fine to lock her, who will get her out, if she files any complaint then. Bebo says Shaurya doesn’t like her, he will support us. They see Shaurya.He asks them to focus on their studies, their marks are getting less. Bebo says yes, Anokhi is amazing, she was saying nonsense after the lecture, she said wrong about you. He asks what did she say. They say she said your teaching standards are low, you can never be like Aastha. Anokhi cries in the class.

Shaurya asking how dare she say this, why did she get recommendation to get admission. Kitty says we warned her to take her words back. Bebo says we didn’t warn her, everybody knows that you are the best teacher. Anokhi is in the class. Bebo says that girl can prove us wrong. Shaurya says she can’t prove all the students wrong. Bebo says we just had our friends with us. He says don’t bond with that girl, I find her negative. Anokhi doesn’t get water to drink. Devi calls Shaurya and asks him to come home soon.

He says fine, I will change assessment time. He asks Kitty and Bebo to go home, Devi has called them. They say yes and smile. Anokhi cries. Aastha asks why didn’t you fight for your right. Rama says because I was weak, I m just thought as a mother, bahu and wife, not as a woman, any ways, I had another reason to come here, Bhalla and Raja think you are guilty, be alert. Aastha says okay, I won’t get scared, I didn’t do anything wrong, they will think I lost. Rama says I wish I had such courage to start my life fresh. Someone looks on.

Aastha says courage is in tolerance also, you didn’t lose hope. Rama says you are so nice. Aastha says your snacks are good. She eats it. Tej says you should have told Shaurya that you have called a family for alliance. Devi says I will tell him, don’t worry. Kanchan says I will tell Gayatri about Tai ji’s plan. Anokhi gets a pen and a paper. She writes help and slides the paper out of the door. She asks someone to help. The paper flies out. Anokhi prays to Mata Rani. Shaurya comes there. The paper flies towards him. Babli calls Anokhi. Vineet says college lecture ends soon, don’t know what is she doing. His mum says her phone isn’t reachable. She makes tea.

He asks who asked you to make tea. She says your wife is busy, her sister is coming. He says mum is troubled since Anokhi came. Babli says I m worried that she is in some trouble. His mum says Bhalla got free, and we are paying a price for being responsible relatives, if anything happens to Anokhi or if she does something herself, we will get into trouble. Anokhi says don’t know what’s the time, I would have reached home by now, Babli would be worried.

Babli says maybe she took the wrong bus. Vineet’s mum says she came here in the right train, I know she is clever, she would have trapped a rich guy and went to see any movie. Vineet says she should have informed us. Babli says no, she isn’t such, she is in some problem. Vineet’s dad asks them to go and find Anokhi, she is young, if anything happens… Vineet’s mum asks him to go. Vineet says if Anokhi is caught doing something wrong, then it will be her last day in this house. Babli says fine.

Anokhi says I will complain about those students and get them punished, even if they are VIP’s kids. Gayatri says so, that’s why Devi made us made the dishes. Devi comes and says no need to tell anything to Shaan, he has a habit to create troubles. Kitty and Bebo come home. Bebo says Shaurya said he will take some time. Devi calls Shaurya and says some guests are coming, please come soon. Shaurya says yes, I m reaching. He hears a phone ringing. He finds Anokhi’s phone in the dustbin.He gets her bag and other stuff also. He gets Anokhi’s id card. He gets worried.



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