Mismatched update Friday 19 November 2021


Mismatched 19 November 2021: The Episode starts with Vineet and Babli coming to the college to find Anokhi. Watchman asks her to leave. Babli shouts Anokhi. Vineet says I m an advocate. Watchman argues with them. Vineet shouts to Anokhi. Babli says I will not leave without taking my sister. Watchman says I will call the police. Vineet asks Babli to calm down, Anokhi isn’t here. She says what’s the problem to check once. Shaurya comes and asks who is fighting. Vineet and Babli leave.

Watchman says student didn’t reach home, so her family came to find her. Shaurya asks what, who. Watchman says Anokhi Bhalla. Shaurya thinks maybe Anokhi is in the college. Rama calls Babli and asks for Anokhi. Babli says I m in the market. Rama says tell her to talk to me. Babli says fine, I will make you talk to her in some time. Rama asks did Vineet beat you again, tell me. Babli says Anokhi didn’t come home from college, Vineet and I came to find her, but guards didn’t let us go in. Rama worries.

She thinks and says Anokhi met Shaan, call him. She ends call. Babli says I don’t have Shaan’s number. She asks Vineet to take her to Saberwals house, Shaan will help them. Shaurya goes back to check for Anokhi. Devi compliments her friend’s daughter. She says Shaurya is busy in college, I reminded him that you are coming with a surprise. Shaan looks on. Devi goes to him. He says you should have asked me. She says I know Shaurya’s choice. He says I m his dad. She asks do you have a problem if I do something for him, Shaurya would get uncomfortable seeing you, you have troubled him a lot. He says he will come to take my blessing before saying yes. He goes.

He leaves his phone there. Devi sees Aastha’s incoming call and disconnects. Shaurya calls out Anokhi and checks the classrooms. She hears his voice and gets up. Alok introduces Gayatri and Kanchan. Door bell rings. Alok checks and says Shaurya… Vineet and Babli come to meet Shaan. Alok asks what are you doing here. Babli says I m Anokhi’s elder sister Babli. Devi asks who is it. Alok says Anokhi’s sister, Vineet is Babli’s husband. Babli asks Devi to call Shaan, he can help them find Anokhi.

Tej asks how can you come here to disturb us. Devi asks is Shaan your enemy, Anokhi stays with you, she should call you, how is this our responsibility. Anokhi says I m here. Shaurya hears her and goes to the class. He asks are you fine. He finds the door locked. He asks her to wait.Alok says go and ask in the college. Vineet says guard stopped us from going in. Tej says college gets shut after lecture ends, classrooms are checked first and then locked. Kitty and Bebo come and lie that Anokhi left the class. Kanchan says maybe she got locked in bathroom, it happens in colleges. Tej asks Kanchan to go in.

Kanchan goes. Devi says don’t know Anokhi has a habit to create a problem. Kanchan says Anokhi is nowhere, her sister and Jija ji has come to find her. Gayatri gets Shaan’s phone and asks Kanchan to give it to him. Shaan gets Aastha’s call. Shaurya gets something to break the lock. He hits the lock. Anokhi moves back. Bebo says sorry, Anokhi came late in the class and disturbed Shaurya, she said wrong things about him when he ousted her. Bebo says she was trying to talk to boys, you know these typical small town girls.

Kitty says maybe she is with some boy. Babli says sorry, Anokhi isn’t such, why are you saying bad about her, why don’t you all help. Devi says keep your tone low, its my house, guests are sitting inside. Shaan comes. He says let it be, I will talk to them. He says Aastha told me about you, I will come with you. Babli smiles. Devi asks really, will Aastha decide what you will do. Alok says what will happen if people come for every student. Shaan says its about a girl. Kitty says this girl will lie to hide her truth.

Shaurya opens the door and sees Anokhi. She runs out of the class. He stops Anokhi. She gets scared and hugs him. She cries. Khud se dil dar sa gaya hai….plays… Shaurya consoles her. He asks are you fine, how did you get locked. Shaan says that girl aren’t such. Devi says our family girls don’t hide. Runjhun says Devi, we will come some other girl. Tej asks her to stay back. He asks Shaan to call him when he finds the girl, its imp, if she is found at a wrong place, then they have to see the college reputation. Shaan says fine. He goes with Vineet and Babli. Kitty and Bebo worry.

Kitty says we will say that Anokhi slept in the class, and peon locked the door. Anokhi recalls the ragging. Shaurya gets water for her. Mileya na….plays…Devi calling Shaurya and saying about Babli’s drama. She says Anokhi didn’t reach home, her family did a big drama at our house. He says yes, she was locked in the classroom, I found her. She asks is she fine, what was she doing there. He says I will come and talk. Shaurya takes Anokhi. She stumbles. He holds her. Devi says this girl does a drama always, she was found in a classroom. Kitty and Bebo worry.

Tej says call Shaurya. Devi says he is worried, let him come home. Bebo says maybe Anokhi was sleeping in the class and got locked, or maybe she was with some guy. Kanchan looks on. Gayatri stops Kitty and Bebo. Kanchan says Shaurya found her alone in the class. She finds them tensed. She asks do you have a fight with them. Bebo says no. Devi asks will you listen to Shaan and prove the family girls wrong. Tej says I want to know what was that girl doing in the classroom.

Shaurya asks guard did he check classroom and lock. Guard says no, yes. Shaurya says you will report in office tomorrow. Babli and Vineet come there. Anokhi hugs Babli and cries. Babli asks are you fine. Vineet asks what were you doing here, I told you to stay well if you want to stay in my house, what did you do, we were finding you since 3 hours, will you say anything or not. Shaurya says enough, you can see her state, this isn’t your house. He says I m really sorry, I don’t know what happened, its the right time if she wants to say something, this never happened.

He says dad, she was alone, locked in the classroom. Shaan says she is in shock. Shaurya says maybe she fell asleep and guard locked her. Vineet scolds her.Shaan says this girl isn’t irresponsible. Shaurya says we can take action if you say something. Anokhi gets up. He holds her hand. Anokhi cries and says I was ragged. She tells everything. Shaurya says ragging doesn’t happen in our college. Shaan says maybe it happens, but its not reported. Shaurya says maybe. Babli asks why didn’t you answer my calls.

Shaurya says I got her bag and phone in the dustbin. Shaan says its clear case of ragging. Guard says students gave me the key and left. Shaan says Anokhi, try to recall who were those students. Anokhi says they were VIP students. She gets dizzy.Shaurya runs to her. He asks Babli to talk to Anokhi, they can help if they get any info. Babli says she is in shock. Shaan says we will talk tomorrow, we will investigate, whoever did this will get punished, go home. Babli thanks him.

Babli takes Anokhi. Shaurya looks on. Shaan comes home and says Shaurya was at the college, he saved Anokhi. Aastha says how did this happen, you have to punish the culprits. Shaan says I promise you that, don’t worry. Shaurya looks on and taunts Shaan. He asks do we need to tell her everything. Shaan says Aastha is Anokhi’s mentor. Shaurya says I feel you find excuses to talk to her. Shaan says I regret to hear this from you, that woman is my wife. Shaurya says she was your wife. Shaan says she is my wife and you are her son, I don’t need any excuse to talk to her.

Shaurya says she is namesake wife, you both got separated, remember she left us, I will investigate the case, if this matter goes out, then what will happen, did you think of it. He taunts Shaurya and goes. Anokhi sits crying. Babli says Anokhi was locked in the classroom. Vineet’s mum asks did anything wrong happen. Vineet says no, she makes an issue of everything. Babli says Shaan and Shaurya will take action against them. Anokhi cries and says a guy wanted to forcibly kiss me. Babli worries. Shaan says ragging is a serious offence, we should investigate this well. Tej says we can know the matter later.

Shaan says Anokhi said the students were of her class, she was in shocked state, she couldn’t say the name. Alok asks why. Kitty and Bebo worry. Tej asks them do they doubt someone, they are also in the same girl. Bebo says we think she is lying. Shaurya says fine, but the classroom was locked from outside. Bebo says but Anokhi was spoiling the college name, we had told you, she can name anyone. Shaan asks why are you tensed, if you didn’t do anything, then why are you so tensed….

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