Jodha Akbar update Friday 19 November 2021

Jodha Akbar 19 November 2021: Jodha asks Moti what happened to the next package? She says it ready. And the previous one’s ship has returned along with the profit. Jodha says really good, keep working hard. Because next one is big and so will be its profit. Ruks comes in.

Jodha says come sit here. Ruks says I wanna apologize. Jodha says i didn’t mind anything so please don’t apologize. Ruks says i feel like there is distance between us. Jodha says why are you saying that? Ruks says Jalal respects and praises you. i think you would think high and mighty of yourself. jodha stands up and says we are all part of family no one is better than the other. Ruks steals the letter and says in heart i want to know what Jalal has written inside this. She says okay i should leave.

The English officer say to jalal these canons are much lighter than yours. Jalal’s man says shahenshah canon’s can change the destiny of wars. if our army has these canons, no one will be able to beat it. Jalal discusses with Maan, he ask Maan? Maan says they are good canons, Birbal says they are light weight so we can carry them anywhere, Jalal says to translator jahan-nisar(nisar) that we are ready to allow them to make factory of this canon but they are bound with us, they cannot sell these canons to any other state, english men agrees, Nisar thinks Jalal wont be able to go out of Thatta.

Ruks reads letter of Jalal which he sent for Jodha, she says i thought he would have write something about canon business, Jalal never thinks about my happiness, i have always seen him and his eyes always search for Jalal, from childhood i wanted his attention but it was given to Jodha, she looks at godown of spices and says its enough, Jodha have always succeeded but not this time, you will lose Jodha, she takes fire lamp and goes to godown.

Ruks is stealthily going towards godown, she throw fire lamp in spices carton, they start burning, Ruks thinks that heat of this fire will reach Jodha soon.

Scene 2
Jalal and english men are enjoying dance of dancer, Nisar says i hope you liked, Jalal nods, english men says they want to go to hunt with jalal, Jalal says not now, Birbal says we should return to Agra, jalal says we will go to hunting some other time, i want to return to Agra now, Nisar says i think we have not served you well thats why you are not giving us one day, Jalal says nothing like that, ok we will go to hunting tomorrow, English man gives wine to Jalal, Maan stops him, he ask soldier to taste is first, soldier drinks whole glass,

nothing happens, Maan allows it, Nisar gives another glass to Jalal, Jalal drinks it, Nisar offers Maan but he says i dont drink, Birbal drinks it too, english men smirks.
spices godown is burning, Todar comes there, all starts throwing water to stop fire, Jodha and Salima comes there and are stunned, Jodha also pors water, her hands get burnt, Moti ask her to come to clinic, Jodha says no its important to dose off this fire, she pors water, she ask Todar how this happened? he says i dont know.

the fire is dosed off, Salima says all spices are burnt, Todar ask how this happened? there is nothing here which can instigate fire here, Rahim finds fire lamp there, Todar says this means this was fire was deliberate, Jodha says first spices getting drenched then this burned down, i dont think its co-incidence, she orders Todar and Rahim to find out who is behind this conspiracy, Ruks comes there and acts, she ask who did this? Jodha says we will soon find out, Ruks thinks you wont be able to find out.

Scene 3
Murad comes to Jodha, she ask how are you? how you remembered me today? Murad says i listened some burned spices, she says we will son find out, Murad says if you need anything then i am here, Jodha says i will tell you, you take rest, you are going get married so be happy, Jalal is happy for you, when he comes back then we will decide date of marriage, he leaves. Todar and Rahim comes, Rahim says we have investigated matter and we think someone from palace did this, security was tight so only palace people can go to godown, Jodha says dont tell this to anyone till you find proof, they leaves.

Jalal and Maan get ready for hunting, Maan says your hunt come to sometime instead of you going to him, Jalal says maybe you are right, Jalal coughs and says i am tired, i will take rest then will go, he leaves, Nisar thinks this is not tiredness but poison which is circulating in your body.

Hamida comes to Jodha and says i got to know your hand got burnt in fire so i have come to apply balm because i know you would have not applied it, she sees her burnt hand and applies cream, she ask Jodha you seemed tensed? Jodha says todar told me that someone from palace did this, i wish jalal was here then he would have found out, Hamida says i have faith in you, you will find truth, someone people fake to be your close, keep your eyes open and criminal will come out, she leaves, Jodha thinks.

Nisar tells english men that poison is working, Jalal is weak, you played nice game, poison was not in wine but at ends of glass, english man says this poison is slow, he will die in 2 3 weeks and it will look like a natural death, Nisar says it will take time, they say we are not in hurry, they laughs. Jalal is feeling jittery in room, he says my throat is burning, he shouts for Jodha and dies.

Scene 1
Jodha says to modi i saw a nightmare. Modi says everything is fine. Jodha says I saw that Shahenshah couldn’t breathe and he was asking for help. I think something wrong is gonna happen. Its been long, he has not answered my letter. There is something wrong.

Murad says to his men atleast 15 men should die and it should look like some animal killed them. We have to abate the soldier so shahenshah has least help at then moment he need it. He says you will face the same consequence Jalal. We will kill you slowly.

Hamida says have called you here for some purpose. Its been a month since Jalal is not here and there are many political problems that need a solution, someone has to take the control. Todar says you are right. So who you think should sit on the throne? Hamia says

there is only person who deserves to sit on the throne in jalal’s absence. Its Jodha. Rahim and everyone is dazed. hamida says she is fulfilling her responsibilities well. So till jalal is back jodha has the right to rule over.

jodha says its been many days since we have no news of shahenshah. Ruks says maybe he had stayed there. jodha says i sent him a letter but he didn’t respond. If we hear no news from his side we will have to take some step. That’s all for today.

Jalal wakes up. Mansingh says how you feel now? Jalal says i feel tired. beerbal says you cant go for yatra right now. berbal says i should go and look for some hakim. Jalal says there is something wrong, my soldiers are dying then i fell ill. Beerbal says yes there is something wrong. jalal says i will cut all the heads that try to stop me. his man says this is not the time, our soldiers are dying one after another and their soldiers are increasing. and you are not well either. Beerbal says he is right, we have to wait for right time and i will try inform Agra. Jalal says its useless. There has been no letter from agra, that means letters are not passing.

Rahim says to the man tell them that jodha has take control over the regime. The man says this is the right time, jalal is caught there. Salim is neither here. Rahim says i dont have any support here, they chose jodha. The man says you have to work for the throne, you better do as it was decided.
Mansingh says there is no letter. Jalal says i will write a letter to jodha they wont stop it because it will be to my wife and she will understand. Write as i say.

Jalal’s letter reaches agra. Hoshiyar comes to ruks and says you asked me to give jalal’s letters to you. Here it is. Ruks reads it, jalal has written poetry for Jodha. Ruks says again jalal’s love for that jodha but this time this wont reach jodha. She burns the letter.

jodha does the pooja modi is sitting with her. Jodha says please take care of shahenshah God. Winds start to blow. Jodha says to moti shut the windows please. Moti follows.

jodha says to hamida i want to go there myself. Hamida says no i cant let you go alone. jodha says please salima ask ammi jan that i wil handle everything. salima says ammi jaan is right, jalal’s life is already in danger we risk yours too. Jodha says i wont be able to pardon myself if something happens to him.

Hamida says then take army with you. jodha says they will smell the army from distance, we have to disguise. They will harm shahenshah. Or maybe this is all wrong, jalal is all right there. Hamida says if there is some harm then? jodha says i will inform you. jodha says i will handle it all. jodha says please ruks ask ammi jan. Ruks says i remember hoe she defeated abulmali’s army. hamida says she can’t go alone. salima says i think rahim should go with her. hamida says yes rahim will be with you. Jodha says yes then.

Hamida says then what about rest of the responsibilities and the spices business. jodha says salima will handle them all. Ruks says moti we have to disguise, get ready for it.

johda is embarks on her journey. jodha says to rahim i want to reach there as soon as possible. Rahim says yes ammi jan. Mansingh comes to jalal and says we havfe to show them our strength. Jalal says i feel like someone from my side is helping them, that is why they are playing the game with me. Did jodha respond? he says no. jalal says so they are not letting my letters pass. jodha must have sent some help. Will jodha be okay? mansingh says yes she can take care of herself. jalal says no doubts she can. I want to know who is this traitor.

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