Mismatched update Sunday 23 January 2022

Mismatched 23 January 2022: The Episode starts with Kitty and Bebo defending themselves. Shaurya scolds them. Anokhi says I had checked the schedule well, I know you don’t like me, I can’t tolerate any such prank about studies. Kitty says you can ask Shagun, we were with her yesterday. Shaurya says I called her, don’t worry. Shagun comes. They ask Shagun to say that they didn’t do anything. Shagun thinks they would have told me if they did this, but I can’t take their side. She asks them to apologize to Shaurya if they did something. Shaurya asks is she saying wrong, if I investigate then…

Anokhi says no use to discuss, its done. He says once all the exams get over, we will talk about this, you guys have had it if I get to know anything. He leaves with Anokhi. Kitty and Bebo get upset with Shagun. Shagun says I m on your side, we have to stay in their good books, I know you both didn’t do this, who did this. Kitty says don’t know what punishment will we get. Shagun says no, we will go home and tell the truth to family. They leave.Shaurya and Anokhi are on the way. He stops the car and asks why are you upset. Anokhi says one paper can get make my average less. He asks her to vent her frustration, till then he will wait outside. She shouts. He smiles. She angrily tears the question paper. He comes back. She says it was a stupid idea. He makes her smile.

He says I do this when I have to lighten my heart, I love you. She says I love you. They leave. They come home. Alok asks how dare you blame your sisters. Shaurya says they ruined Anokhi’s exam. Tej says you forgot how to talk to your sisters, you scolded them, you said you will explain Anokhi, did you say that to fool us.Devi says you believed Anokhi, did you see the schedule, maybe Anokhi has seen wrong. Shaurya says I trust her, she can’t be wrong. Shaan says Devi is right, did you check schedule before accusing them, you have to be careful. Shaurya says I trust Anokhi, what’s the need to check schedule.

Anokhisays I didn’t make any mistake, I checked schedule twice. Alok says you can’t make a mistake, you are perfect. Anokhi says you can check my laptop if you want, someone has changed it. Shaurya says we will check the schedule now and find out whose mistake it is. Anokhi goes and gets the laptop. She asks them to see the schedule.Everyone checks it. Anokhi and Shaurya check. Shaurya thinks psychology is written on it. Anokhi asks how is this possible, I had seen economics written. Alok recalls changing the schedule again. Tej asks Shaurya won’t you tell anything to Anokhi. Anokhi says I don’t know how this happened.

Alok says you made a mistake, you provoked Shaurya against his sisters. Anokhi says I didn’t provoke. Shaurya says let it be, I think you didn’t checks schedule well due to marriage stress. He apologizes to Kitty and Bebo. Bebo says you always find us wrong. Kitty says this is not done. Anokhi says I m really sorry, maybe its my mistake, don’t misunderstand Shaurya.Alok scolds Gayatri. He says its good that everything got proved on time, but Shaurya would have got his sisters rusticated for the sake of his wife. Shaan says I told you to check the root of the matter before blaming anyone.

He asks Shaurya and Anokhi how can they do this. He says I hope you won’t do this again. He goes. Shaurya gets upset. Anokhi comes and asks are you upset with me. He says no. She says there should be no secrets between us. He says fine, I m bit upset. She says forgive me, I m still confused, this never happened with me. He says humans make mistakes, its okay, it was embarrassing, I trusted you, I shouted on Kitty and Bebo. She hugs him and says I m sorry. He says its okay, people get blind in love, you didn’t see schedule. She says sorry. He says take rest. She says yes, I will study and sleep, its last exam, I have to give my best.

He says yes, just check the schedule well. Alok says Shaurya did wrong, he scolded my daughters, he will blame us also. Tej says its about Anokhi’s madness for career, she shouldn’t get time for study. Devi says its her last exam, I will teach her bahu’s duties and tasks. Tej says explain her soon, else you may lose Shaurya.Anokhi and Shaurya come home. She says finally, I m free, second year got completed. Shaurya says she was so excited that she was shouting all the day. Shaan asks how was the paper. Anokhi says really good. Devi says good, now your exams got over, I will teach you the house responsibility. Anokhi says sorry to interrupt, its my final year, I applied for a job of teaching assistant in SIAC, I hope that my application gets accepted.

Devi asking what’s all this Anokhi, you wanted to give exams and now this job application, what excuse will you find to get saved from household responsibilites. Anokhi says no, I had done my responsibilities during my exams, I will do kitchen work, but I got a big opportunity in our college, I don’t want to lose it. Tej says you got married two days back, you decided to do a job, relatives want to meet you, you won’t be home. Devi says you want Shaurya to get against us. Anokhi says no. Devi asks Shaurya is this right, she didn’t ask the family before deciding her job.

Alok says its fine, managing committee has to pass the application, it will be Tej and my decision. Shaan says Shaurya and I are also the directors, Anokhi’s performance is always excellent, I will see to it that injustice doesn’t happen.Tej says bahu is Laxmi of the house, you always protest. Anokhi says I have seen some dreams, I m working hard for it, when I explain it to you, you think I m going against you, this is my house also, I also want the peace here, sorry, if I have to become Saberwal bahu and leave my dreams, then I don’t accept it, it will be very wrong. She goes. Kanchan says someone has raised voice for her dreams. Gayatri says I wish she doesn’t lose courage.

Shaan says she didn’t do anything wrong, times have changed, but your thinking is still the same. He goes. Devi asks what wrong did I say, she should have asked us or took our advice, a girl takes her parents’ advice as well, explain her, do you also think that she is right. Shaurya thinks.Shaurya goes to his room and shouts angrily. Anokhi says turn to me and vent anger on me, don’t shout on things. He says I don’t want to talk. She asks do you think I did wrong by applying for this job. He says I have no intention to come between your goals, couldn’t the job stop for sometime. She says situation would have changed later.

She says family would question later also, I want your support. He says I will always support you, try to understand other’s point of view, Tej and Devi aren’t wrong, you could have discussed with me. She says I applied for the job much before the marriage, I got to know that I m shortlisted today, I came home and told them, what’s wrong. He says if a family is supporting them, then its your responsibility to understand them, I can’t blindly support you. She says right, if this happened with you, what would you do. He says our responsibilities have a difference.

She says you are tensed that I won’t be able to manage house and job responsibilities, please sit and listen to me once.She says I want to show that we can manage everything, we both can give our 100%, be it studies or house responsibilities. He says you are doing this to set an example for other girls. She says don’t take it wrong, I just mean that I can’t stop chasing my dreams because of marriage. Devi looks on. Shaurya says be careful that you don’t leave marriage responsibilities behind. Devi goes.Shaurya and Anokhi lie to sleep. They argue. They don’t get sleep. She asks is it imp to fight.

He asks is it imp to be stubborn. She says I m such that only. He says I m also such and will be the same. They smile and sit close. She says sorry, I hurt you unwillingly. He says I m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you, we will talk about your teaching assistantship tomorrow, if anyone is more deserving for this job, then I can’t support you. She says fine, let me try. He says fine, no romance today. She says okay, good night. She lies to sleep. He says just saying, hugging and sleeping, its allowed. She hugs him. He kisses her.

Its morning, Devi stops Shaurya. She says I was thinking about Anokhi and you, I couldn’t sleep all night, she said she will handle house, studies and job together, but think seriously about your marital life, its about a small teaching job, but we don’t know her career dreams, believe me, its not about house duties, I m there for it, I m scared that your married life can lag behind because of her dreams, you also suffer like Shaan and Aastha, when relations break in a family, elders feel much hurt, I feel Anokhi is like Aastha, I m always scared that your married life can also get into trouble.

Anokhi is in the college. She says I wish my application gets approved. Reema asks her not to take tension, Shaurya will support you. Anokhi says you think my application will be approved because my husband is a board member. Reema says no, I m saying there are less chances of rejection. Anokhi says entire college would be thinking the same, its negative thing also, Tej and Alok don’t want me to do this job, they will be against me, I just hope that the decision is fair, based on the basis of my application and academics, not on the basis of personal life. Aastha comes and says I wish this happens. She hugs Anokhi and says I came to meet Shaan, I learnt that you applied for TA, I m so proud of you and Shaurya, he is supporting you. Devi says I just wanted to tell you, whatever you decide today, think well. Shaurya says sure. She blesses him. He leaves.

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