Mismatched update Monday 17 January 2022

Mismatched 17 January 2022: The Episode starts with Shaurya dancing with everyone. Sauda khara khara….plays…. Anokhi looks on and smiles. Shaurya sees Anokhi and smiles. Devi hugs Shaurya and says you will get the award to be the most handsome groom in this world. Shaan says right, he went on his dad. Everyone laughs. Devi blesses Shaurya. Shaurya takes Aastha’s blessings and hugs her. Shaan also hugs him. Shaurya takes everyone’s blessings. He asks for Tej. Kitty says we will take pics. Anokhi says he looks so handsome, I will go mad seeing you.

Babli asks Anokhi to sit quietly. Anokhi asks did Tej come. Babli says no. Anokhi says I wish he comes, Shaurya would be missing him. Babli asks how would you feel when you face Tej. Alok says we should have some fun. He does poetry. Shaurya joins him. Rama takes the garlands for Aastha.Devi says we will do the ritual together. Rama hugs them. Shaurya says we should go ahead now, Babli get Anokhi now. He jokes. Babli asks Anokhi to come for varmala. She asks Anokhi to behave like brides, calm down. Shaurya sees Anokhi and gets mesmerized. Woh rang bhi…. plays… Shaurya acts to faint.

Everyone laughs. Devi asks him to make the bride wear varmala. Shaurya says good idea. Tej comes. They see Tej. Shaurya goes and hugs Tej. He says you can’t imagine how happy I m, now celebrations will complete. Shaan says I m very happy seeing you, please come. Anokhi says stop. She goes to Tej and thanks him for forgetting his anger and attending the marriage. She says I know you all are feeling strange, when I made Shaurya away, I realized that we do many such things in love which we shouldn’t do, I think you did that for your son’s love, marriage is not just between guy and girl, but between two families, I want to make this new start with your blessings.

Shaurya and Anokhi take Tej’s blessings. Everyone smiles. Alok thinks Tej has come, he will support me, I will see these Bhallas now. Shaurya and Anokhi go to exchange garlands. Alok says wait, there is a rasam, give shagun to the groom, you would be knowing it, don’t feel bad, its a rasam. Alok says don’t go against elders always. Bhalla says actually… Alok asks Tej to tell them. Shaan says we can talk later, Alok. Alok says Tej and Devi will tell you the rasam. Babli asks Anokhi to stay quiet. Tej says we keep this rasam in marriage, but its fine, no rasam is bigger than Shaurya’s happiness, its his day, it will happen as he wants. Everyone smiles.

Tej says make a new start with love, not shagun. Shagun thinks how did Tej melt his heart. Aastha says we shall start varmala. Shaurya and Anokhi exchange varmala.Pandit says mahurat is later. Shaurya says change this pandit, listen. Everyone asks Shaurya to control. Anokhi smiles and goes with Babli and Rama. Gayatri says she will come. Shaurya asks sure. She says yes. He says okay. Rama says we are getting happiness. Anokhi gets messages. She checks her phone. She worries. Tej smiles. Shaurya thinks why do everyone look so worried. Kitty and Bebo tell Shagun that sociology exam is today itself, lets see what Anokhi chooses, exam or marriage. Shagun smiles. Babli says I know your exam is imp, but its your marriage. Rama asks what can we do.

Anokhi says I can’t leave this exam, its imp, even marriage is imp, how did it get prepone, there is an exam today. Babli asks how would two things happen at the same time.Anokhi saying the exam is today on my marriage day, I have to go and give the exam, Shaurya is waiting for me, I can’t miss this exam. Rama says no, fate got us to the same place. Shagun says I will see what will Anokhi choose, she won’t leave her studies. Anokhi says Shaurya’s family finally accepted me, but what shall I do now, everyone is waiting for me. Ahir says all the preparations are done. Shaan and Kanchan ask Shaurya to have patience, he will get married. Bhalla greets Tej and says I m Anokhi’s dad. Tej asks what do you do.

Bhalla says I m a TT in railways. Bhalla goes. Tej asks Devi to have cool drink.She asks how did you come, did you accept Anokhi as your bahu. He says you think I will do that, I did this to control Shaurya and Anokhi, if Anokhi has to become my bahu, then fine, but she will not be Anokhi Bhalla, I will show her what it takes to become a Saberwals bahu. She asks him to tell what he is thinking. He says you will know it. Anokhi says one has to take tough choices in life, this time, I want both, my exam and marriage, I love Shaurya a lot.

Rama says always remember, one doesn’t forget the marriage food, shagun and drama, don’t do this, what can we do now. Anokhi says but my exam. Rama says I can’t ask you to leave the marriage and go for the exam.Anokhi says its imp, my entire year will get waste, I can’t leave the exam. Gayatri asks Kitty and Bebo to be with Anokhi, get happy for Shaurya. Aastha says your bride has come. Anokhi comes. Shaurya smiles. He asks what happened. Aastha says every girl gets sentimental in such a situation. Anokhi cries. He asks again. Tej thinks now she fell into trouble. Shaurya asks Anokhi to say what is the matter.

Anokhi says sociology exam got prepared. He asks what’s the problem. She says its today. Shaan asks how can this happen. Anokhi says I m so sorry, I know its a special day today for us and our families, if I don’t give this exam then… my one year will get waste, it will be bad for my career. Aastha asks did you get to know this now. Babli says yes. Shaurya asks why are we wasting time, go for the exam. Anokhi asks what, but… He says you want to give the exam, right, go and give the exam, then marriage will happen. She asks aren’t you feeling bad. He says no, I have no problem, I won’t stop you, just go. They smile. Tej looks on. Everyone smiles seeing them. Jo tera hoga….plays….

Devi says Shaurya, its your marriage, when everything is happening well, why now, its just an exam. Shaurya says we have no right to say this, we are from education industry, education is imp than marriage, I will look into the sudden changes. He asks Anokhi to go, exam is imp. Devi asks what about the mahurat. She argues. Aastha asks how will we manage it. Shaurya asks for the time. Anokhi tells him. Shaurya asks pandit about mahurat. He says you can reach here in time, fine then, it will be done, you don’t need to make a choice between me and your career, you deserve everything, just go. She smiles.He says you said its our special day.

Bhalla asks Anokhi to run and fulfill her dream. Anokhi says I have no time to change, I will go in this attire. Shaurya wishes her all the best. Everyone wishes her. Shaurya gives her a pen. She says no husband would give such a good gift to his wife on the marriage day. He says no wife would have given such good chance to her husband. Anokhi runs. She leaves with Reema. Reema says you are so lucky. Anokhi revises the topics. She reaches the college. She goes for the exam. The students look at her. Anokhi answers them. Teacher says sure.

Anokhi thinks my exam will go well, I have everyone’s support and blessings. Shaurya asks everyone to not be silent, everything will be fine. Aastha says yes. Shaurya says I didn’t understand, how did the exams get preponed, without any prior notice. Aastha says yes, I didn’t see such sudden changes. Shaan says many students would not be able to give the exams. Shaurya says yes, we should raise this topic in front of the trustees. Tej says no need for that.

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