Mismatched update Monday 3 January 2022


Mismatched 3 January 2022: The Episode starts with Shaurya saying you are mine now, how cute, sindoor fell on your nose, it means your husband loves you a lot, its proved that I love you a lot. Anokhi says don’t touch me. Shaan asks why did you come, we would have come to your room. Devi says I was very happy, I could share it with Tej first, but I can’t wait for long, I will tell him at night on call. Shagun smiles. Aastha sees her flaunting the ring. Devi asks Gayatri to get sweets. Devi asks Shaan to have sweets.

He asks her to say what is it. Aastha says you got Shagun and Shaurya engaged, right. Devi says yes, Shaurya and Shagun are engaged. Shaan and everyone get shocked.Shaan asks when, why didn’t you tell us. She says I have told you now. Anokhi asks is this any college fest, drama competition or old movie. Shaurya says we are so lucky to get sindoor in this temple. He jokes. She asks do you think this is comedy, just shut up. He says I love you, we got married, what’s the problem. She says problem is your thinking, you don’t realize the mistake, you are stubborn, you do what you wish, this marriage isn’t a love marriage, its a forced marriage, did you ask me. He says I didn’t even ask myself, I didn’t force you, didn’t you say you love me, didn’t I say I love you, this had to happen one day, I don’t regret this, I wanted to marry you.

She says you don’t realize it, its a mistake, this can be a marriage for you, its forcing for me, you can’t break my dreams by fulfilling your dreams. He says you can study and do a job, if you want a permission, then I allow you.She asks will you allow me to lead my own life, like you did with Shagun, one who controls others allow, one who thinks they are superior, one doesn’t allow in love, one supports in love, you don’t know this language, you understand permissions, orders, allow, I don’t want anyone’s permission to dream, smile, study and move on, no girl should need permission, its our life and we girls should decide it.

He says okay, you said that I did this sindoor thing as college competition, you think its a debate competition to raise feminism topic, don’t you see my love, I expected better. She says same here, you disappointed me. He says fine, we shall have a new start like a husband and wife, lets forget this. She says you think and do what you want, but I can’t support you, I don’t accept a forced marriage, I had run away from my marriage to study and fulfill my dreams, to make my career, I thought I m free, but you got me to the same point. He says how can you compare this with the old experience. She says I can compare this with your old relation. He says no, I have changed, tell me, how shall I prove.

She asks what’s the need to change if I have to say this, you didn’t change, you can never change or understand my fears. He asks what fear.She says I m afraid that I will become Aastha some day, what’s the guarantee that the same thing won’t happen with me, you will hate mean and make me out like you ousted her, you always blamed her, did you try to understand her, you were young, fine, when you grew up, you didn’t try to understand her, why did she stay away from her husband and son, you didn’t fight for your mum’s right, how shall I expect you to fight for my sake, this isn’t a marriage for me, I don’t accept this marriage. He gets angry and says how can’t you believe this, we are husband and wife, you have to believe this.

He cries and says I don’t know how, okay, I promise I will try to do everything you say, but I need you, I don’t know what I will do without you, give me a chance. She says fine, I will accept this marriage, you have to show me the change you can bring in you, can you give Aastha a place in your life, tell me, can you do this, give her mum’s place and be a good son, then I will see to give you a chance to become a good husband or not, tell me, can you do this, making a promise is easy, but its hard to keep it. He says if its to prove my love, then fine, I can do anything for my love. She says fine, take as much time as you wanted, you don’t keep any hope from me till then. She goes.

Anokhi comes to the college hostel and hides the sindoor. Reema says Shaurya was finding you, what’s this. Anokhi makes excuse and runs to her room. Kya kahein….plays… Shaurya thinks of her words and cries. She cleans up the sindoor. She thinks of him and smiles. She says I will be Mrs. Shaurya Saberwal for sure.Ahir calling Anokhi. He says Vineet got the bail, he has gone to Chandigarh, where is Babli. She says she went to her home to get her stuff, I will go there. He says wait, don’t go alone, I m coming to pick you, come at the college gate. Shaurya comes home smiling and thinks of Anokhi. He sees the ring and recalls Shagun. Anokhi tries to hide the sindoor mark.

Aastha asks Shaurya what did you do. Anokhi comes to Ahir. He asks are you okay. She says yes, come. Shaurya asks what did I do. Aastha asks about Shagun and his engagement. Devi asks Shagun to give her medicines. Shagun says I will get it. Aastha asks Shaurya again. Devi says its his decision, why are you asking him. Aastha says you know he loves Shaurya, I know every member of this family, who does what and why, I know everything. Aastha says Shaurya, Devi is just her name, she isn’t Devi, don’t spoil your life for her. Devi says you are saying a lot, remember Tej permitted you to come here because…. Shaan says please, let it be.

Devi says you are saying me, not her, look at her, she crossed the limit. She asks Aastha not to show overconcern. Aastha says I m just showing a mother’s concern. Devi says stay in your limits. Devi thinks why isn’t Shaurya saying anything today. Aastha says don’t listen to me and her, just follow your heart, don’t repeat Aastha and Shaan’s story here, please. Devi acts sick. Shaurya worries for her. He asks her not to take stress. He says end this matter here, I beg you, I always do what I want, I always follow my heart and will do that always. Shaurya takes Devi with her. Aastha says try to understand what I m saying. Shaurya says please, thanks for your concern, keep your advice to yourself, it doesn’t matter to me. He thinks I have to hide the truth until Devi gets fine. Ahir and Anokhi are on the way to Babli’s house. She worries.

He asks her not to worry. Shaurya thinks of Anokhi’s words. Kanchan holds him. Aastha says we are giving our share of problems to our son. Shaan says no, we have tolerated a lot, we will give him our blessings, he said he will always follow his heart. She asks will he stay away from his love. He says maybe, maybe his heart breaks but he settles down, children are practical, emotions don’t matter to them.Aastha says relations don’t stay without emotions, we stayed in a relation for 25 years without taking divorce, we would have not got divorced if…. He says come back in our lives and fix the wrong if you think Shaurya’s life is wronged.

She says I told you, its impossible for us to return. He says I m still waiting for you. She says even then you gave me a divorce. He says I had a reason, I wanted to start a new life with you. She says you are confused. He says you are stubborn, you are afraid that you may not get your place if you come back. Aastha says my place will always be the same. He says we lost this battle, our son isn’t ours, we didn’t keep our duty, just keep out of it. He goes. Aastha says their thinking is still the same, don’t sacrifice your love. Shaurya says I won’t let this happen, I will marry the one I love. Kanchan asks when will you tell this to family. He says very soon, its imp to fulfill my marriage vows, else Anokhi won’t accept the marriage. Kanchan asks what do you mean, you will tell about marriage and then break engagement.

Shaurya says no, Devi has to get fine, I don’t want her to get stressed.She asks what about Anokhi’s stress, she would be thinking about it, try to understand, this marriage, this sindoor, strong things are filled in girl’s mind about marriage, marriage happens forever this way. He says I don’t think so, I m pretty sure that she would have taken shower and washed off the sindoor. She says yes, but she would not get it off, you don’t know about girls, call her right now. He asks will she answer my call. She says yes. He says fine. He calls Anokhi. He says she didn’t answer, her anger isn’t less. Kanchan says wait, I will call her, she will answer my call. Vineet hurts Babli. His mum says Anokhi ignited fire in this, I got a broken leg and have pain, Babli was enjoying in Goa.

Vineet says Anokhi encouraged her, who will protect her now. His mum says torture her more. Babli asks her to be ashamed.Vineet tortures Babli. She argues with him. He raises hand. Shaurya comes there and stops Vineet. Ahir and Anokhi come there and look on. Shaurya recalls Kanchan calling Anokhi. Anokhi says Babli went home to get her bag, but she didn’t come back, Vineet got the bail, I m scared, I m going to bring her back. Shaurya leaves. FB ends.

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