Mismatched update Tuesday 28 December 2021

Mismatched 28 December 2021: The Episode starts with Anokhi crying and thinking of Shaurya. Shaurya writes her name on the soil. She writes his name on the book. She thinks he should contact his family. Naina…plays… they cry. Its morning, Anokhi gives medicines to Babli. She asks her to feel strong and brave. She says we will go ad have breakfast. Babli says no, Vineet may see us. Anokhi says so what, I will see him. Babli asks how can I go out with these marks. Anokhi says you should not be ashamed, but be strong, come, we will go and have breakfast. Shaurya’s family is worried for him.

Tej asks Devi not to worry. Devi says its too risky, its about Shaurya’s safety. He holds her. He asks Alok to show the phones to them. Aastha talks to her dad. She says Shaurya is fine, you have your medicines. Gayatri consoles Devi. Devi says I just want Shaurya back. Anokhi says I was missing Rama, so I ordered parathas. She feeds it to Babli. Kanchan comes and asks is everything fine. Anokhi asks her to come with her. Kanchan sees Babli hurt. She asks Anokhi did Vineet do this. Anokhi says don’t feel guilty. Kanchan asks why does not Babli file a police complaint. Anokhi says she lacks courage, I m trying to explain the same, she should leave her husband. Kanchan says surely, I understand her situation, girls are taught to adjust always, its a sin to break marriage, family respect is imp than our lives, can I talk to her once, trust me, I won’t say anything that increases her fear.

Devi asks Tej to answer. Shaan says someone is calling from college.Anokhi asks why are you staying in this house, your family is living in Saberwal villa. Kanchan says sometimes you have to take a stand for yourself, when its about your happiness, respect and identity. Babli looks on. Kanchan says Yash loves me a lot, but he doesn’t understand that I m Kanchan before being a bahu and wife, I have my own identity, thinking and wishes, if I kill that, then what will be alive in me, if I don’t stay happy then how could I keep others happy, you have to fight for your rights. Yash comes and asks did you order breakfast. Kanchan says I was going now. They leave.

Yash asks how does Anokhi know that man, I have seen Anokhi and that girl’s pic in his phone. Kanchan says that girl is his sister, and Vineet is his Jiju, leave it, we will go shopping.Anokhi asks Babli to think for herself. Vineet says I will get the money. He thinks to call Saberwals. He sees Anokhi and Babli. He gets angry and goes to them. Anokhi asks him not to create any drama. He shouts on them. He scolds Babli. He says Babli is my wife, I have the rights on her, you don’t come in between. He drags her. Anokhi runs and stops him. She says leave her. He says it will be her loss, society don’t accept such abandoned girls, your parents will die if they know that I left her, I will kill you if you come between us. Anokhi throws ketchup in his eyes. She takes Babli and runs. Devi says I told you not to tell the police, blackmailer isn’t calling, I feel scared, if anything happens to Shaurya.

Shagun says don’t think so. Tej says its a ransom call, it will come. Devi says you don’t know a mother’s pain, ask Aastha and Gayatri. Shaan says yes, you called the police here. Tej says stop it, don’t lecture me, I have my experience in life. Vineet stops Anokhi and says leave Babli. He goes to slap Babli. Anokhi stops him. She slaps him. He gets angry. Vineet pushing Anokhi. Babli goes to Anokhi and holds her hand. She asks how dare you touch my sister, I had tolerated a lot, I will not leave you if you hurt her. He scolds her. Anokhi threatens him. She says Babli isn’t the old one, she won’t tolerate your abuse, if you beat her, she can beat you back, but she won’t do that, we will not spare you. She asks Babli to say it, its the right chance. Babli says I don’t want to stay with you. He asks did you lose your mind. She says you don’t have humanity.

Anokhi says Babli did a lot for you, she just got your taunts and beating, does she deserve this, why shall she tolerate your abuse, is she your servant. He asks her to just go.She says she took care of you and your parents, you are selfish, its better to not have a husband like you, you hire a lawyer for yourself, I will hire the best divorce lawyer for her. Vineet says I will ruin both of you, you will come back and apologize to me. He takes a stone to hit. Ahir comes and stops him. He scolds Vineet. Anokhi says arrest him. Ahir says I would have arrested him that day when you filed a complaint against him. Vineet gets a call. He thinks I had to make a ransom call. He asks Babli to stop Ahir, they will sort their matter. Vineet asks Babli to think of their parents and forgive him once.

Anokhi says he is false promising to get saved from the jail. Ahir says yes, I will take him. Babli asks Ahir to leave him.Anokhi says we fall weak. Babli says no, Vineet’s dad really loved me as his daughter, I m a duty towards him, I can’t punish him for his son’s mistake. Anokhi says Vineet can beat you again. Babli says I will break his hands now. Ahir says I m letting you go because of them, don’t trouble them. He asks Babli to shift to Anokhi’s room. Vineet says I will shift to other room. He goes and says I will see them later, once I get rid of the loan. Ahir gives a medal to Babli and Anokhi for their bravery. Vineet talks to his man. The man says if you are busy then I will make the ransom call. Vineet says no, I will call them. The man says Shaurya can set my life, I have to do something. Ahir says many girls do something brave every day, but they don’t get any medal, I want to thank and salute you.

Babli says credit goes to Anokhi, she encouraged me. Anokhi says you had done it yourself, credit should be equal. Ahir says we shall go and have tea. Babli says lassi. Anokhi says yes, lassi.Devi says Tej didn’t listen to me, kidnappers know that we informed the police, so they didn’t call. Tej says nothing will happen to your son, calm down. Devi says they didn’t call till now. He says try to understand, they want money from us, we will give them money when Shaurya is with us, Shaurya is smart, maybe he has escaped, they have no reason to call us, then.. Gayatri says maybe they don’t want money, and have personal enmity. Aastha feels unwell. Tej asks her to be silent and support. Aastha faints down. Everyone gets shocked. They run to Aastha.

Ahir, Babli and Anokhi have lassi. He asks Anokhi to say something. Babli says I want to say, thanks Anokhi, I m sure she will achieve big. Anokhi says even you will do it, promise me, you will not step back, you will keep courage. Babli says we will start a good life.

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