Mismatched update Sunday 26 December 2021

Mismatched 26 December 2021: The Episode starts with Babli saying Anokhi has a breakup, she is strong, she will not break down, she wants to study, she doesn’t like men who don’t respect women. Ahir says even I don’t like such men. She says we are leaving before Shaurya creates a new drama. Vineet gets a watch and hides. He says its Shaurya’s watch. Shagun comes to Anokhi and asks where is Shaurya, he went to meet you. Anokhi says he didn’t come to meet me, I m not great like you to forget self respect and myself for love. Shagun says we have rights to take decisions and change it, everything is fair in love and war, Shaurya went to meet you, he didn’t return, tell me what did you say that he got upset.

Anokhi says I don’t know. Shagun says don’t act smart, I don’t care what’s in your heart, I want to know where is he. Anokhi says you keep him safe. She goes. Shagun says I will find out myself.Kanchan comes from shopping. She says maybe Shaurya went to meet Anokhi. Yash comes and asks why did you shop so much. Kanchan argues with him. She says I had waited for this moment that you support me, now I will do it myself, I m also a Saberwal now, I want to become bahu like they like, you asked me to do anything but not mess up with Devi, take the bags, I m going to shop more.

Anokhi says Shagun won’t lie, where did Shaurya go. She says did he meet with an accident again, why isn’t he answering, where did he go now. Babli says we will go back. Vineet says no, I won’t go back so soon, I don’t want to go home soon. He goes. Anokhi says he looks worried, keep an eye on him. Babli says forget him, we shall go soon. Anokhi says I think he left Goa, Shagun told me. Babli says great.Anokhi thinks to find out what is Vineet hiding. Devi calls Shaurya. She asks Shagun to keep her phone on charging. She says I will wait for my son. Shagun says please take some rest.

Devi says I won’t get peace, did you call his friends. Shagun says I had called them, Shaurya didn’t go to Anokhi. Devi says but he left because of her, once I find him out, I will not leave Anokhi. Aastha comes to know about Shaurya. She sees Devi and says you are here, it means Shaurya didn’t come. They argue. Aastha says he is my son. Devi says my son will come back to me, you don’t need to worry. Aastha says I will not listen to anyone now.Anokhi thinks of Shaurya. She takes her dress and throws it away. Saaware…plays…. She cries. Kanchan looks on and thinks maybe they had a big fight, what shall I do, he isn’t answering, we can’t go to villa, I wish Shaurya’s fate isn’t like Shaan.

Anokhi says I went to get some peace, I feel relieved. Babli says good. Anokhi asks where is Vineet. Babli says don’t know, he went early morning. Babli finds his clothes dirty. Anokhi says something fell down from his pocket, didn’t you see. She looks for it.Devi asking Aastha to leave. Aastha says I will go after meeting Shaurya. Devi says we are already worried, we won’t want an outsider to trouble us more. Aastha says I don’t intend to trouble anyone, I won’t go, I will not make the same mistake as before. Anokhi doesn’t see the watch. Aastha enters the house. She argues with them. Alok says Shaurya isn’t a kid, maybe he has gone somewhere. Devi says let it be, Aastha likes to hype the matter. Tej says police will take action if we call, not anyone else.

Babli asks Anokhi to enjoy well, don’t know this time comes again or not. Anokhi says yes. She thinks of Shaurya. They have the food and drinks. They enjoy their time. Pinjara khol….plays… Everyone is waiting for Shaurya. Aastha sees Devi crying and says nothing will happen to him, our son has blessing of two mothers. Devi recalls Shaurya’s words. She says I will not force him for anything, I will not ask him to get engaged or marry. Aastha cries. Shagun looks on and gets away. She leaves. Devi says I will do as he says, he cried a lot when you left, when I recall that day, I feel terrible, I remember how he used to find you. Aastha says we have problems between us, but we are mothers. Devi nods. Aastha says we are Shaurya’s mothers. Shaan says Shaurya crossed the limits.

Alok says something is wrong. Tej says he left in sorrow. Devi says I feel scared. Aastha says our love will bring him back. Shaan gets angry and says he would have told someone where he is going. Vineet says when we take something from a treasure, nothing gets known. He sees Kanchan and goes to her. Anokhi and Babli have a talk and laugh. Babli says its good, Shaurya won’t come in your dreams. Anokhi says I will dream about studies, keep strength to fight on own. Babli hugs her. Vineet greets Kanchan. She scolds him. Babli looks on. Vineet flirts. Kanchan slaps him. Vineet asks how dare you slap me. Babli apologizes for his misbehavior. He asks what’s my mistake, she was falling for me. Kanchan says take him away, else I will slap him again. Babli takes Vineet. Kanchan says I m sorry, I didn’t know… Anokhi says no, I m sorry.

Yash comes and asks what happened. Kanchan says someone was misbehaving with me, I have handled him, don’t worry. Yash asks was it that day’s guy. Kanchan says no, forget it. Anokhi goes. Shaurya is kidnapped. Vineet says I will call your dad and tell about you, you sisters like to go and enjoy. Babli says I have tolerated everything, but I can’t tolerate anything like you did today, talk to dad and then I will talk to him. Bhalla answers call. Vineet doesn’t talk. Babli goes and thinks Anokhi has given me much strength, I raised a voice against Vineet for the first time. Vineet angrily beats her. Anokhi comes to meet Babli. He says she has slept. Anokhi asks how did she sleep so early. Babli has bruises on her face. Vineet scolds Anokhi and asks her to go.Anokhi asks the hotel room service staff to help her talk to her sister. Vineet says I don’t want anything. Anokhi stays outside.

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