This is fate update Tuesday 2 November 2021

This is fate 2 November 2021: Preeta is in the hall, Karan comes thanking her mentioning how he liked what she has done for everyone in the hall, Preeta asks if he is happy to which he mentions then he asks if she has anything to say, Preeta is about to say when Kritika comes and immediately hugs her mentioning how she cannot believe the surprise which she has given even saying that all those people who were not able to attend her functions have seen it in the photos and she thinks that her sister in law is the best when Karan also says that this is what he was saying to Preeta that she is the best, he then gets a call so leaves them.

Karina comes to them mentioning how Preeta has created problems in each and every function however she was glad to see what Preeta did for her daughter in the function and she is glad however this doesnot mean that Preeta would get back the responsibilities for the functions as Mahira and Sherlin would still have the responsibility, she exclaims how she believes that Preeta would not create any problem from now on, she advises Kritika to come with her as she has to show her a necklace, Kritika leaves after hugging Preeta and also exclaiming how much she loves her. Preeta is still worried, wondering where the photos which they took from Ruchika’s house went as she was about to show them in the function.

Akshay asks the driver to stop, his mother inquires where he is going, he replies how he has to fulfill an important business meeting as he cannot stop working even after he is married, he gets out of the car while his parents leave for the house.

Akshay is waiting on the road when a biker comes to meet him, he exclaims how Akshay is just the same as before to which Akshay replies that the money this time would be much more, he hands the biker cash for his work, he also pleads with Akshay to always remember him for any work.

Akshay is still on the road when Megha comes from the car, he after getting in the car greets her and they both set off.
Sarla is calculating the expenses of the house, the doorbell rings she goes to open the door with a smile knowing that it will be Shristhi, she immediately tries to explain herself however Sarla asks her to come in with a smile.

Janki comes out of the kitchen, Shristhi is worried about her but is also shocked then exclaims that she is fine even when her mother told her that Janki was hurt on the mobile, Shristhi asks if Sarla is alright as she doesnot seem fine as she thinks that she might have had the cough syrup of Dadi, Janki asks her to not say such things about her mother, Shristhi is worried when Sarla asks her to go and rest in her room as she might be tired, Janki comes to Sarla saying how Shristhi will be shocked when she sees what they have done.

Shristhi is amazed and excited in her room thinking that her mother did not scold her even when she could have, she after lying on the bed realizes what her mother has done, she is shocked to see that the window is closed shut.

Sarla asks Janki to count backwards and when they reach one, Shristhi yells asking how they locked her window, Sarla exclaims that she is her mother so can do this, but this is because she refused to accept her orders even when she ordered Shristhi to not leave the house so when she did not use the door then would not be able to use the windows, Sarla then leaves mentioning how she loves Shristhi and needs to rest.

Karan is on the phone and is really worried when Preeta comes asking what is the matter because she might be able to solve his problem, Karan agrees mentioning how she is the one who can help him, he mentions how he loves Kritika but also needs to look after Rishab and has to finalize a deal when he is not around now the problem is that it is clashing with the function of Kritika and he has the responsibility of the entire function so now she must take the responsibility on his behalf,

Preeta wonders how can she have the responsibility even when she doesnot want Kritika to get married because she knows that Akshay is not the right kind of a person. Preeta mentions how she knows that he is emotional however she likes the one and only Karan Luthra, he agrees mentioning how he would get fresh as it is time for his flight.

Akshay is in the room when he gets a call from Ruchika who asks if everything is sorted because he did not even attend her calls, Akshay explains how everything is sorted because he took care of the matter, she mentions how she cannot live without him when he explains how he knows that she will not leave him alone, he is sitting when Megha comes and hugs him, she exclaims how she has to leave and he must give her the clothes, she then wears them then also asks him to drop her however he refuses exclaiming how he has an important work, Akshay calls Preeta asking to meet her outside the Luthra house when she would see his different side. Preeta refuses to meet him however is not able to do anything as he ends the call.

Shristhi is in her room, Sameer is worried about her so calls to inquire if she is alright, Shristhi asks if he has ever seen a mother who is a jailer, Sameer is worried when she explains that it is her mother as she has shut her window with small planks of wood when she did not accept her orders, she doesnot know what to do, Sameer asks her to calm down as he will give her the tools and she can open and close the window any time she pleases, Shristhi agrees when suddenly the charging on Sameer’s mobile ends, Shristhi doesnot realize saying a lot of things however when she comes to know then gets really angry wondering why everyone doesnot listen to anything that she has to say.

Akshay reaches the Luthra house, calling Preeta to come out, she asks why did he come even when she refused to meet him, Kritika also comes and hugs Akshay explaining how he has come for a special reason and it is to drink the mango milkshake which she makes, Kritika asks him to come inside however he insists on drinking it in the open, Preeta also turns back with Kritika, Akshay stops her exclaiming that if he is alone everyone would think of him as a thief, Kritika leaves, Preeta comments how Akshay tries to act as if he is an innocent person but is really heinous, Akshay also comments how Preeta is really clever which is why she has tried to reveal his true face but has failed each and every time.

Akshay exclaims how Preeta is saying it to him that he is not a good person and has been trying to prove it in front of the entire family however has not been able to and every time has suffered defeat, Akshay exclaims that in order to take such hard steps she has to have a big heart but why does she do this and doesnot stop, Preeta responds by saying that she is only doing this because there are people like him and she would always work to reveal his true face, she then tries to walk away however he asks if she doesnot want to know how the photographs changed.

Preeta turns back, Akshay exclaims that when she was coming to the Mehandi function with his photographs she met with an accident where Shristhi was trying to wake her up, he mentions that it was when his workers changed the photographs and also restarted the mobile so that they do not have any proof, he exclaims how she should believe him when he says that she ahs not seen a worse enemy then him and should also believe him when he explains that he is the real devil, he brings the photos from his car asking him to see them, he explains that when she was on the ground his men took the photos and also changed the pen drive, he explains how she should try to prove his true face because he has revealed his truth in front of her so she should try and convince the family members.

Preeta threatens to show the photos to the family however Akshay takes them from her and throws them to his men who take them away.
Akshay starts to confess his crimes in front of her when Preeta mentions how she would expose him, Akshay explains how she thinks that he is involved with Ruchika when Preeta says that she is sure, Akshay explains that he is involved with Ruchika however she would never harm Kritika but she doesnot know anything about Ruchika, he explains how it all started when she saw him in the mall, he mentions how he would not harm Kritika if she gets him married to both Shristhi and Kritika, Preeta gets really mad and slaps him.

Akshay gets mad then threatens her to not slap him ever again because if she slaps him then he would do the same with Kritika after he gets married and he would take revenge of her slap by slapping Kritika on the first night and his fingerprints would be on her face so that the entire Luthra family can but would not be able to do anything. Preeta warns him to not even think of doing something so heinous as it would not be fruitful for him, Kritika comes with the milkshake explaining how she got late but it was because she dropped the first glass and then had to make another one, Akshay takes her hand as if he is really concerned, Preeta shouts at him then takes Kritika inside the house.

Preeta pulls Kritika to her room mentioning how she should not go out as it is not right, Kritika is worried as she is not able to understand anything, Preeta then explains how it is said that the bride should not even go out of the house before the first night of the wedding, Kritika laughs then assures Preeta how she would not out because she is saying this, Preeta mentions that she is sure whatever happens would be best for her so leaves after advising her to rest.

Shristhi comes out of her room in the night explaining how she is really hungry so prays to god that there be something good in the fridge however she is not able to find what she was looking for, she gets a call from Sameer then plans to scold him for turning of his mobile. She ends the call when Sameer is eating the sandwich and explains how he was really hungry so came to the kitchen.

Preeta comes to the kitchen so starts talking with Shristhi, she explains how Akshay came to the house even when she refused to meet with him and he was taunting her because they had lost the battle, Shristhi asks her to let him celebrate but is confused as to how the they changed the photographs, Preeta explains that Akshay revealed it himself and it all happened after the accident because the truck which hit their auto was sent by him and his men then taking the cover of the aftermath changed the proof while also erasing the data, they all get worried because they do not have much time as Kritika is to be married the very next day.

In the morning everyone is preparing for the Rasam when Karina asks where the thali of milk is too which Rakhi says that she has asked Preeta to bring it however would also check however then Preeta comes with Ganesh, Rakhi orders her to first purify everything with the milk as it is the ritual, Sherlin also comes apologizing for being late explaining that she got ill last night.

Preeta is performing the ritual when karan also comes, Preeta takes the thali to the family members who all pray for the better life of Kritika after the marriage, Preeta then places the thali so Karan makes Kritika wear them after taking the blessings of Mahesh, everyone gets emotional while Karan is performing the rites of the uncle, they prepare Kritika for her wedding after making her wear all the jewellery and also eating the sweets for the celebration, Rakhi explains how she is glad because Mahesh fulfilled the ritual, Karina explains how it cannot have been any other way and her daughter is blessed to get the blessings of her uncle.

Rakhi then asks Karina to come with her as they have to go to the Mandir, Karan explains how he would not be able to go with them, Dadi asks how there is no need because Karina would be accompanied with the daughter in laws of the family and Rakhi, Sherlin and Preeta would go to the Mandir.

Kritika gets up and kisses the hand of Mahesh after sitting beside him, Dadi also gives her the Shugun after touching it with the hand of Mahesh, Dadi orders Sameer to take the thali of Shugun from the kitchen and give it to the family of Akshay, Sameer gets tensed however agrees to take it to his house.

Akshay is sitting in the car, he calls Megha asking her to come downstairs explain that he has a surprise for her, she gets shocked as he is calling her at once however then the call disconnects, Akshay thinks of how much attitude the girls have even when they always do what he desires, he once again calls her when she explains that she is coming so he should just wait for a while.

Karina along with the family reach the mandir, the Pandit explain how he was waiting for them when Rakhi apologizes for being late as they got stuck in traffic to which the Pandit explains how he knew so asked them to come half an hour earlier. Karina explains how he did the right thing because then everyone would always be on time.

The Pandit asks them to sit as he would start the pooja so they should all pray for the married life of Kritika, Preeta prays for the marriage to end because Akshay is not the right person and if he marries Kritika then her life would be destroyed. Sherlin on the other hand prays that the marriage be successful as then she would be appreciated in the entire family.

Sameer is driving when he is about to get in an accident so stops the car however then he sees Akshay and is shocked when a girl hugs him, Sameer thinks that she is Ruchika however is shocked to see that it is Megha, he immediately calls Preeta explaining her about Akshay meeting with Megha, she orders him to keep an eye on him as they have to prove that he is not the right person, Sherlin worries about the intentions of Preeta so tries to listen to her conversation however then acts as if she lost her ear ring, Preeta advises her to first plan as she is wearing both her ear rings.

Akshay is in the hotel where he takes a key, Sameer has followed them so goes to the reception mentioning how he is an employee of Akshay and he has called him into his room however he has misplaced the room number so desires that she tell him as otherwise he would be fired from his job, Sameer is able to get the room number promising to never tell anyone as it would also place the job of the reception at risk, Sameer immediately calls Preeta informing that Akshay is staying at hotel Crown seas room number 101, Preeta advises him to keep an eye on them while she calls Shristhi as they have to expose Akshay.

Preeta gets a call from Shristhi who asks if there is anything worrying her, Preeta asks if she remembers Megha from the party mentioning how they both are in hotel crown seas, Shristhi exclaims that she cannot forgot her as she blamed her in the party, Preeta mentions how she will reveal the true face of Akshay in front of everyone, she mentions how she would take everyone to the hotel and reveal the truth, Sherlin is worried about the plans of Preeta.

Shristhi calls Sameer mentioning how Preeta has informed her of the entire plan and she wants him to keep an eye on them while she reaches the hotel, Sameer asks her to come as soon as possible as then they would prove what kind of a person Akshay is.

The pooja finishes and everyone goes outside the Mandir, Preeta stops them saying how she requires an hour of their time, Kritika ask what surprise has she planned but Preeta mentions that there is a surprise but it will not be pleasant, Preeta mentions that she would show them but cannot say it out loudly, Karina doesnot want to believe her so is about to leave, Preeta explains that Akshay is with Megha in a hotel room, she explains how Akshay and Megha are in the hotel room and that they both knew each other before the party so that is why they blamed Preeta because they had an affair however Karina doesnot believe her ordering her to never blame her son in law ever again because her daughter is going to be married today,

Karina asks her to come when Kritika mentions that she has the time to give Preeta an hour as she wants to be sure that Akshay is the right choice for her, Kritika mentions how she also got suspicious on Akshay at the time of the function because she knows Preeta and Shristhi and knows that she cannot be wrong, Kritika mentions that she cannot marry Akshay with the suspicion and so should give Preeta a chance.

Karina gets mad at Preeta blaming her for creating suspicion in the heart of Kritika which is why she is refusing to marry Akshay, Rakhi also takes the side of Preeta mentioning how she should be given a chance to prove her accusations, Karina mentions how she knew Rakhi would always take the side of Preeta but she is going to accept the words of Preeta because of her however if Preeta is proven wrong then what would she do as a punishment, Preeta exclaims that she would accept any punishment which Karina suggests to which Karina says that if Preeta is proven wrong then she would face Karina and no one would come between them.

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