Mismatched update Friday 31 December 2021

Mismatched 31 December 2021: The Episode starts with Yash and Kanchan coming home. They ask about Shaurya. Tej and Shaan say we are waiting for kidnapper’s call. Goon comes there and sees the villa. Anokhi talks to Babli on call. Kanchan says we have to pray for Shaurya. Anokhi says I made a mistake, I didn’t know what is happening with him. Kanchan says you were also worried at that time, its alright, don’t blame yourself. Anokhi says I will find him, take care, I will do my work. Kanchan asks what. Anokhi comes to the same place. Shaurya is tied up. He tries to call her out.

Kidnapper calls Shaan and says I will tell you the place in two hours. Shaan asks how will we arrange big amount so soon. Kidnapper warns him not to inform police. Shaan says nothing should happen to my son, you will get money. Anokhi cries and rests her head on a wall. Shaurya calls her again.She says its Shaurya’s voice. She calls him out and asks where are you. She says the voice is coming from behind. She tries to find a way. Shaan says how will we arrange 50 lakhs in two hours.

Ahir says I have an idea, we will lie to the kidnapper, there is no way, he won’t come to meet us if we refuse, we will catch him. Shaan says if you can’t catch him then, I m thankful for your support, but Shaurya’s safety is imp, we don’t have to take the risk, we will take a day’s time and know that Shaurya is safe. Devi goes and puts all her jewellery in the bowl. Aastha and others also put their jewellery. Shaan asks what are you doing. Devi says an attempt to save my son, Tej isn’t here, don’t know how will he arrange money, tell me if you have another way. Shaan says don’t do this, I will talk to Tej, he will find a solution. He calls Tej.

He says money is arranged, Tej spoke to manager, we can get money from SIAC current account, kidnapper has sent location, we should go to bank first. He asks Yash to stay with the family. Ahir asks Shaan to stay careful of the kidnapper, wear the earpiece, they can talk. Shaan asks will he doubt. Ahir says no, trust me. Anokhi says there is no way to get inside. They cry. She asks him to answer, can he hear her. He faints.Shaan, Ahir and police team come to the place to meet the goon. Ahir says he shouldn’t doubt that we are here.

Shaan says he asked me to keep the bag here, be careful. Goon comes there to take the bag. Ahir sees him. Goon sees the police. He gets angry. He spreads the smoke and runs away with the money. Ahir says it means that pest control man… Shaan says he left with the money, it was your responsibility. Ahir calls and says kidnapper has run away. Kidnapper comes there. Anokhi hides and hears him. Goon says I won’t leave Shaurya now, I have money and their son also. She thinks to find Shaurya. He gets a call. He says I got the money, 50 lakhs, Vineet got scared and run away, we can get more money, think of something. He goes and checks the table. Anokhi hides.

Kanchan saying when did Vineet kidnap Shaurya, he was in front of us all the time in Goa, he showed everything is normal. Yash worries. Devi asks were you here in Goa, didn’t you go back to Chandigarh, I expected this from Kanchan, not you, I thought you care for family. Yash says we were going to say. Devi says Shaurya is missing, we are so worried, its good Tej and Alok aren’t here. Aastha says this is not the time to talk this, we should focus on finding Shaurya. She asks Kanchan to recall if Vineet disappeared in the middle or talk to someone on call. Kanchan says no. Anokhi doesn’t get network. She says what shall I do. Ahir says kidnapper can’t escape now. Shaan says I just want my son.

Ahir says try to understand. Shaan gets angry. Aastha asks what’s this way to talk to someone, Ahir wasn’t on duty, he is helping us, don’t get angry, Shaurya won’t come back this way. Goon counts the money. Anokhi tries to run. Ahir tries to get cctv footages. He calls Anokhi. She answers and tells everything. He asks are you sure, you think Shaurya is there, seriously.Anokhi says no, Shaurya is here, I heard his voice, kidnapper is also here. He asks her to hide and not get scared, he is coming, nothing will happen to them. He ends call. He says Anokhi said Shaurya is at the same place, kidnapper is also there, I have to leave, stay here.

Goon sees Anokhi. Babli gets worried and says Vineet has run away after doing such a thing. Vineet comes back to get the ID. Babli doesn’t see him. He looks for his ID. Babli comes to the room and shows his ID. Goon catches Anokhi at gun point. Vineet asks for his ID. Babli says come with me to Ahir, you tell me about Shaurya. He catches her and says give me the card, I won’t do anything. He gets the chloroform. She throws something at him and takes his gun. He says no, stop.Vineet says you are a weak girl, give me the id. He looks for the id. Babli takes a vase and thinks I m not weak. She hits on his head. He falls down.

Anokhi says tell me how to reach Shaurya. Goon asks her to give the gun. She threatens him. Goon asks her to go from underground passage, Shaurya is there. She asks him to smell the chloroform now, if he wants to be alive, else she will shoot. He smells the chloroform. He faints down. She hits him and checks. She ties him up. She goes to Shaurya. She sees him tied up. She cries and hugs him. She asks him to open eyes. He gets conscious. He sees her. Jo tera hoga….plays… He says Anokhi. Ahir and family come there. Anokhi goes back. Devi asks Shaurya are you fine.

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