Mismatched update Saturday 1 January 2022

Mismatched 1 January 2022: The Episode starts with Anokhi going outside and sitting sad. Ahir comes to her. Devi and Shaan ask Shaurya how is he. Shaurya asks where is Anokhi. Aastha goes to call Anokhi. Devi says we shall take Shaurya home, call a doctor home. Aastha hugs Anokhi and says thanks for saving Shaurya’s life, you are brave, come with me, you should be there. Anokhi says no, he is with family, I should be here. Shaan and Yash get Shaurya outside. Shaurya sees Anokhi and goes to her. Shagun brings the car in between and stops Shaurya. Shagun takes Shaurya with him.

He stops Shagun and says I m okay. He goes to Anokhi. He falls down. Everyone holds him. Anokhi cries.Shaurya leaves with Shagun and family. Devi sees Anokhi and says thanks. Anokhi says don’t say, you would be blaming me in the heart. Devi says its not wrong. Anokhi says its not right, you got your lost son, I got my lost respect, you blamed me for losing you, you got him because of me. She leaves. Shaurya is resting. Devi come and asks how is he, did doctor come. Gayatri says yes, doctor checked him. Devi asks did he ask for tests. Yash says we will get tests done. Shaurya says I m fine, I just want to meet Anokhi and clear her doubts.

Shagun cries and leaves. Ahir asks Anokhi are you fine. She says no, but I will be fine. They come to Babli’s room and see Vineet tied up. Babli keeps an eye on Vineet. Vineet pushes Anokhi and Ahir. He runs away. Ahir follows him. Devi asks what happened Shagun, why did you come out. Shagun says before Shaurya ousted me, I thought to leave. Devi says you were so confident before, what happened now. Shagun says you were in my favor, I think you are in Anokhi’s favor now. Devi says I don’t like her. Shagun says you said Aastha that you did wrong to push Shaurya, don’t say you didn’t tell this. Ahir runs after Vineet. Anokhi and Babli see Vineet running and follow.

Anokhi makes Vineet fall down. Shagun says you taught me a big lesson, we shouldn’t trust anyone, I came here on your saying, I trusted you, you think Anokhi is the best for him. Ahir arrests Vineet. Vineet says I will see all of you, I m a lawyer. Ahir says you know how long will you get jailed for kidnapping. Police takes Vineet. Vineet says I won’t leave anyone. Devi asks what wrong did I say, I had told this because I wanted Shaurya to marry you. Shagun says get him married to Anokhi, he will be happy even if his life gets ruined. Devi stops her. Anokhi asks are you fine. She hugs Babli and says we will make everything fine.

Babli says yes, we have to be strong. Ahir smiles and gives her dupatta. He asks were you in police before. Babli smiles. He says you are brave. They salute Babli. Anokhi says everyone is with Shaurya to take care of him. Devi says its decided that Shaurya will marry just you, not Anokhi, whatever it takes. Shagun thanks her and hugs.She thinks much things are at stake for me. Shaan says let him sleep, he will have weakness for some days, we have to take care of him. Aastha cries. Shaan consoles her and says Shaurya is fine, he is with us. She says I will leave.

He asks her not to worry. She says he will be restless to meet Anokhi. Anokhi sleeps. Babli says she was tired, she slept, she will have her own questions when she wakes up, what happened there. Ahir says Shaurya wanted to meet her and felt unwell. She says poor Anokhi. He says she is very brave. Babli says if a thing is hit repeatedly, it breaks, this shouldn’t happen with her courage. He says no, we are there for her. She says we have to keep her away from Shaurya. He says yes, she saved Shaurya, his family blamed her, they can do anything, they fixed his engagement without his wish, it can happen when she wants, its her life, her decision. He goes. Babli prays for Anokhi.

Shaurya coming to meet Devi. Devi says I will talk to Shaurya seeing the right time. She calls our Shaurya. She says I was getting your medicines. He says I m fine now, I don’t need medicines. She says thank God for that, I was losing life, you know, are you still upset, I want to say sorry for hurting you, I love you, no one else, nothing is imp to me than your happiness, if I had told something wrong then, I m very sorry, forgive me. He takes the medicines. He thanks her. He says I fainted when I was going to Anokhi, but today I don’t want to stop, I hope no one has a problem with that, no one will try to stop me. Devi and Shaan ask him to take rest, go later. Shaurya says I won’t stop if anyone asks me to stop. He leaves. Shagun signs Devi.

Devi cries. She holds her chest and falls down. Everyone gets shocked. Shaurya calls Anokhi. He leaves in the car. Shagun say someone call the doctor. Shaurya comes to meet Anokhi. The man says she checked out an hour ago, her sister was with her, she booked a cab for the airport. Shaurya asks what, can you tell me about the flight, we are family. The man says no idea. Shaurya thinks Anokhi you can’t leave me like this. He gets Shagun’s message that Devi fainted. He returns home.

He asks what happened to Devi. He asks them to say what happened to her. Shaan says doctor already checked her. Shagun says its a minor heart attack, doctor asked her not to take stress, she is already weak, she didn’t take any food or sleep well since three days, she was worried for you, you spoke to her rudely, she is really hurt, she was crying when you left. Shaurya holds Devi’s hands and says really sorry. She says its my mistake, I m sorry. He asks shall I get breakfast, did you eat anything. She asks him to sit. He asks everyone to go, he will be with Devi. Devi asks them to go, she doesn’t need anyone. Shaan and everyone leave. Shagun says I will stay back for Devi.

Shaurya asks Devi to get well soon. He says I will make your fav dish. She asks him to make a promise, she will get fine. He asks what promise, tell me. She says get engaged to Shagun right away. He says we will talk later. She asks him to listen. She says you just promised me, when you didn’t come home for dinner, you promised me.He says I can’t promise, I would have agreed if it has logic, you are doing emotional blackmail, what happened to you, you announced my engagement without asking me, I respect you, I love you, I can’t let you decide for my life, please don’t force me, I will not put my life on stake, I will be hurt and you will also regret for it, if I m not happy, then I will not keep others happy.

Devi says listen, you won’t regret, this is right for you and all of us. He says no, I m not ready for this. Shagun cries. He says marriage isn’t like any subject to read and finish, its a lifelong commitment, we will try to find a way where it has no sacrifice. Devi cries and says Shaurya…. She coughs…. Shagun and Shaurya worry. He asks her to call the doctor. Shagun gives medicines. He asks Devi to take medicines. Devi gives him two rings. He asks what’s this adamancy. She says its my dream, get engaged to Shagun. He makes Shagun wear the ring and makes her put the ring on his finger. He says done now. Devi takes medicines. Shagun smiles seeing the ring. Shaurya worries.

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