Mismatched update Saturday 30 October 2021

Mismatched 30 October 2021: The Episode starts with Anokhi dancing in the programme. Bubbly worries. Rama asks aren’t you going to the parlor, where is Anokhi. Bubbly shows the note. Rama says your dad will come in an hour then he will blame me, this girl doesn’t listen to anyone, what shall we do. Aastha smiles seeing Shaurya and thinks will he identify me, he was cute before, he got handsome now. Shaurya goes on the stage for prize distribution. Anokhi’s college wins the trophy. Anokhi asks Aastha to come. She goes on the stage and invites Aastha.

Aastha asks other teacher to please go. Shaurya gets shocked hearing Aastha’s name. The teacher asks is Shaurya your son. Aastha nods.The teacher says then you should go, please… Aastha goes on stage and takes the award from his hands. She says I know you got engaged. He thinks her connection didn’t break with dad. Shaan sees their old videos and smiles. Aastha says you just look like your dad, you have grown up to understand other’s perception. Shaurya gets away. Shaurya announces the debate competition winner, Anokhi Bhalla. Aastha calls Anokhi. Anokhi takes the award.

She asks Shaurya to say few things. Shaurya says change is coming in the society, women are making career, women are also part of family, they shouldn’t forget that woman is a pillar of the family, woman makes a family, it will define who has made you, family shouldn’t change, whatever the change comes in society, thanks. He sees Aastha and goes.The man asks Anokhi to say a few words. Anokhi says I dedicate this award to my professor Aastha Saberwal, its her blessing and guidance. Aastha says Shaurya has said right, we are part of the change in society, its said in girls’ lives that family becomes boundary than support, if every girl has a freedom to make her own identity, then any girl can become a strong pillar of her family, thanks. Everyone claps.

Bhabhi says Shagun was the best for this family, what’s this choice, career or home. Chachi says you know it well, Aastha did the right thing that she left this house, she would be at least happy. Bhabhi asks do you mean Shaurya’s mum? She asks her about the past, what happened with Shaurya.Aastha thinks Shaurya doesn’t even want to talk to me, he is so much angry. Shaan checks her message. Chachi tells about Shaan and Aastha, they met in college and fell in love, Aastha joined a job, she was asked to leave the job, she left the job, she gave birth to Shaurya, everyone was happy, then Aastha’s younger brother Rakesh died in an accident, Rakesh was the only support for his parents, she joined the job again and Saberwal family got shaken up.

FB shows Tej asking Aastha not to work. Aastha asks Shaan to explain Tej. Shaan says Aastha’s parents are dependent on her. Tej says dad hasn’t just given me brother’s responsibility, but also the responsibility to manage our customs and ethics, you want me to break it. Devi says even Gayatri is educated, she will also ask for her career, she knows its impossible, right Gayatri.Shaan says you are right, but try to find a solution. Aastha says I m talking about my parents. Shaan says I m trying to explain them. Gayatri Chachi takes Shaan away.

Aastha says I want you to support me. She says I want to take care of my parents, its my responsibility, I m talking about keeping both responsibilities, but breaking any family. She asks Tej about the ethics, Bahus break relations with parents, if these are his ethics, then she will take her son and go away from the house to fulfill her responsibility. Tej says don’t dare, Shaurya won’t go anywhere, he is a Saberwal, he will have dry rotis if he is with you, don’t even think of it. FB ends. Aastha goes to Shaurya.

Shaurya scolding Aastha. Gayatri tells everything about Aastha to her Bahu Kanchan. She says Shaan had no courage to stand by his wife, Aastha loved him. FB shows Aastha leaving the house. Shaurya stops her. Aastha hugs him. Gayatri says Tej threatened Aastha of the court case, so Aastha had to give away Shaurya. FB shows Devi snatching Shaurya from Aastha. Shaurya asks Aastha not to go. Aastha cries and leaves. Aastha asks Shaurya to listen, he hates her, but he should give a chance to her. He gets angry on her. He says don’t try to stop me again, else I will declare you mad, then you can’t teach anywhere, I mean it. Aastha stops him and says behave yourself, I m your mum.

Gayatri says Devi accepted Shaurya as her son, she said she will never have her own child, after her sacrifice, Tej and Devi showed their greatness, they did everything for Shaurya, but they have filled hatred in his heart for his mum, even now, Devi reminds Shaurya of her sacrifice. Kanchan says yes, Devi would have told him that Aastha left family for her career, Shaurya left Shagun easily.Bhalla calls Rama. Rama worries and answers the call. He asks were you sleeping. She says I was in kitchen.

He asks is there anything else to get from market. She says nothing. He says I will come in half an hour. Bubbly calls Anokhi. Anokhi says I came first, I won the cup. Rama asks her to come home, Bhalla is coming in some time. Anokhi says I will come in one hour. Rama says she is leaving now. Bubbly says dad has come.Shaurya says its my final warning, stay away. Anokhi sees this and comes to scold him. He asks will you teach me manners. She says if your mum didn’t teach you, then I have to teach you.

He says you taught your students well, how to talk to guest of honour. Aastha says sorry to bother you. Anokhi says he should say sorry, I have seen his upbringing. Aastha asks her to get into the bus, they are getting late. She takes Anokhi.Shaurya leaves in his car. Anokhi asks do you know him, he is also a Saberwal. Aastha says I was also trying to find out, sit in the bus, come. Bhalla comes home. He asks Rama to tell Anokhi to talk in english in front of NRI family, its a good alliance.

He says the family is coming, is Anokhi ready. She says you asked them to go to parlor. Biji says I got ready and came on time. Rama says you look lovely. Bhalla argues with Rama. Bubbly calls Anokhi and asks where are you. Anokhi says we are on the way. Bubbly says the guests have come home. Anokhi says we will reach in one hour.The bus stops due to tyre puncture. Monty and his family meet Bhallas. Monty bonds with everyone. Bhalla tells about Anokhi. Laali says she is unique, she was born in a train. Monty asks what, that’s unique.

The guests ask Bhalla to call Anokhi. Bhalla asks Rama to call her. Aastha sees Anokhi worried. She asks her not to worry, her dad would be proud of her. Anokhi says this trophy doesn’t matter in marriage. She gets sad. Bhalla goes to check on Anokhi. He asks where is Anokhi, tell me. He hurts Rama. They try to handle the matter. Bhalla calls Bubbly. He hears the ringtone coming from the room. He sees Bubbly inside the room. Bubbly worries. He asks where is Anokhi, did she go to parlor, with whom. Bubbly says I dropped her to the parlor. He asks why are you sitting here alone. He sees Anokhi’s note there.

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