Mismatched update Saturday 29 January 2022


Mismatched 29 January 2022: The Episode starts with Babli saying I m sorry, I scolded you on hearing about marriage, I know you want to help me, if I agreed for marriage, then it would be compromise, not love. He says yes, life is incomplete without love, I just wanted you to stay fine. She thanks him for understanding. He says thanks for explaining me well, Anokhi and you are very strong. She smiles. He says I know you will be a good husband, if we have no love, then this friendship will also end, I don’t want to lose a friend like you. He says I also don’t want to lose a friend, and this good food made by you. She smiles.

Anokhi says I will miss you a lot. She asks Ahir to take care of Babli. Ahir says don’t worry, I will always support her. Babli asks do you really want to go back to Kapurthala. Anokhi says yes, dad said he will accept my every decision. Shaan says talk to Shaurya once. She says there is nothing to talk. Shaurya comes and says I have so much to talk. Anokhi says I don’t want to go back to that house. Shaurya says I decided to come with you. Ahir says I can’t take this drama more, Anokhi, Shaurya had come to take my help and got this investigation more.

He recalls Shaurya’s words. Anokhi says it means you trusted me. Shaurya says yes, trust will always be there. Anokhi hugs him. Everyone smiles.Devi asks Alok to leave the house forever. Alok asks what are you saying. Tej says yes, your mistake made us lose the name, you don’t regret a bit, stop your drama, better leave this house and family. He says you aren’t a board member of the institute now. Gayatri shuts the door. Alok knocks the door. Devi says we have to look at our mistakes also, Tej, we have to change our thinking. Tej nods. Shaurya says we will live our life our way, away from family.

Anokhi says I didn’t want this, you don’t need to choose either of us. Shaan says this is necessary for you to stay happy. Tej and Devi come. Tej says Shaan is right, we have come to apologize. He asks Shaurya to come home, they have ousted Alok from the house. Devi apologizes to Aastha for keeping Shaan and her away for many years. She says we can’t return the past, but you can spend the rest of your life happily. Shaan says you don’t need to apologize, its enough that you realized it. Aastha says he is right. Tej says then come back home, we both will try to change gradually, we will erase this stain from our thinking completely.

Shaurya says I will go where my Anokhi goes. Anokhi says you came to take me, I m very happy but I don’t want to go back to that house, really, its about self esteem.Shaurya says if her decision is final, then my decision will be same, sorry. Shaurya and Anokhi leave. Devi and Tej return home. Tej sees the rotis. He says roti should be round, I always made little issues and didn’t think of the real issues, today I m sitting alone to dine when I have a big family, Anokhi and Shaurya said right, traditions should change with time, its imp to change it, I will change it myself, men always had food first and then bahus, from today, we all will sit together and dine.

Gayatri and Kanchan smile. He asks them to sit.Shaurya and Anokhi come home. She asks did you start without us. They get surprised. Shaurya and Anokhi take their blessings. Devi says you both came back home. Shaurya says yes, how can one leave such a good family. Shaan also comes. He says Aastha wants to tell you something. Aastha comes. She asks can I get some place in your hearts. Devi says surely yes. Tej says we have just learnt that elders also make mistakes, I also made a mistake, my wrong decision and thinking have troubled you a lot, can you forgive me. Aastha asks him not to apologize.

She says we all will have a new start now. Devi says but on one condition, you have to come here as Shaan’s wife. Everyone smiles. Shaan says you just spoke my heart. Anokhi goes to Kitty and Bebo. He says I can’t force you to like me, you can just ignore some of my flaws. They hug.Devi says Anokhi came home and brought happiness. Anokhi says we shall have food. Shaurya says I will serve the food and make rotis.

Tej says wait, rotis should be round. They laugh. Anokhi says before we have food, we will take a selfie. They all take the rotis in hand and take selfie. Its morning, Anokhi wins a trophy. The girls get happy. Shaurya claps and congratulates them. He says prepare for the next competition. He stops Anokhi. He says I told you many times that you shouldn’t go away from me, in few months, you won’t be seen in this college, your graduation will happen. She says yes, but you have to see my face forever. He says I agree, do you remember our first interaction, when we met in the library for the first time. She says we fell in love here. They think of their moments.

He says we got married here. She says then we had many fights. He says because you are very stubborn. She says leave my hand, you were so arrogant. He asks really. They laugh. He says our life was filled with all emotions. She says unique. They say Shaurya and Anokhi ki kahani. They hug and dance. Jo tera hoga….plays….



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