Mismatched update Friday 26 November 2021


Mismatched 26 November 2021: The Episode starts with Shaan cheering up Aastha. She laughs and says don’t make me laugh, its hurting me. Anokhi comes in. She cries for Aastha. Shaurya says Shaan was busy in shifting Aastha from one hospital to another, I got to know this from Anokhi. Tej and Devi look on. Anokhi asks who shot you. Aastha says I m fine. Shaan says she said she doesn’t remember anything. Aastha says I don’t want to talk about it. Shaan says I have filed a police complaint, police will investigate.

Anokhi asks why would anyone do this. Shaan says Aastha is stubborn. Anokhi goes to call the doctor. Aastha asks him to be careful and talk in front of Anokhi, she doesn’t know about them. He says sorry, but Anokhi is smart, she will solve this puzzle soon.Tej says Shaan didn’t even ask me before admitting her in the hospital. Alok asks how did Aastha need him. Shaurya says Shaan knows what he wants. Devi says yes, Aastha is serious, she is shot, but she got Shaan at her side.

Shaurya says I don’t care what they do, when Shaan comes back, I will talk to him, I have to do something if he doesn’t agree. Doctor says she is fine, she will have pain after the operation. Police comes to investigate about the case. Inspector questions Aastha. She says I don’t remember, I was passing by, some people were fighting there, I got shot, I reached a wrong place at the wrong time. He asks where were you going. She says home. Inspector thanks her and goes.

Anokhi asks Shaan to go home and rest, she will stay back with Aastha. Shaan says fine, call me if there is any emergency. He goes home. Everyone confronts him. He says Aastha wasn’t attended at the hospital, so I admitted her in other hospital, would I call her old parents and ask them to attend her, she was shot and bleeding, she is my wife, my responsibility. Devi argues. He asks her to think anything they want. Shaurya comes and says I will say it now, if you can’t leave away from that woman, then I m leaving this house.

Shaan says its an immature thing, you are punishing me for taking care of my wife, fine, I will take care of her until she gets okay. Shaurya says fine, I m going. Devi says stop him, you should be ashamed Shaan, if Shaurya goes somewhere, then I will not forgive you. Shaurya packs his bags and comes. Devi and Alok stop him. Devi asks Tej to say something to stop Shaurya. Shaan says if you all have a problem with me, then I will leave the house, no one cares for me, I will always care for Aastha. Tej says no one needs to leave the house. He asks Kanchan to take Shaurya’s bag to his room.

Shaan says don’t say anything, I m already too tired, I m going to rest in my room, Shaurya meet your mum in the hospital once.Its morning, Bebo and Kitty give a petition for extra classes. They say Anokhi didn’t come to college today, she must be with her teacher. Shaurya asks them not to gossip and focus on their studies. He signs and gives the papers. Shaan comes. Aastha asks Anokhi not to miss college and focus on studies. Anokhi asks will doctor and nurse feed you by their hands and spend time. Aastha smiles and asks didn’t anyone else come to see me. She gets sad.

She starts feeling unwell. She faints. They get worried. Anokhi asks her to open eyes. She prays. Shaan asks doctor what happened to Aastha. Doctor says actually, she has slipped into coma. He asks what. Doctor says we will monitor her condition. They cry. Gayatri reads the message, Aastha is in coma. She cries. She goes to Shaurya and says I know you are stressed and confused, read Shaan’s message. Shaurya turns. She says meet Aastha, maybe she gets better, I m giving an advice that you don’t regret later.

Shaan says we shouldn’t lose courage. Anokhi says yes. Someone comes there wearing a hoodie. Its Shaurya. Aastha gets conscious and sees him. Shaurya coming to meet Aastha. He sits crying and holds her hand. Maai re….plays… She comes out of coma and sees him. Anokhi wakes up and says why is this door moving. She sees someone leaving. She follows to see. She says someone was there. Nurse informs Shaan about Aastha. Shaan goes to Aastha and asks are you fine, do you want to say anything.

She says Shaurya… He asks do you want to meet him, you know him well. She says he has come here. He says I was sitting outside the room, no one came here. She says he has come, trust me. She says Shaurya didn’t come. She says I m in senses, I m saying the truth, he had come to meet me. Devi comes to Shaurya and consoles him. He says sorry you had to stay awake because of me. She says I had called you many times, maybe the phone was left in the car.

Shaurya says yes, I was busy in work. Devi says Alok said that you left early from the college. He says yes, my friend got promoted. She asks Vikas? I will also congratulate him. He says no, someone else. Tej comes and says you are answering Devi’s questions. Shaurya says its her love, its fine, I will go and change. He goes. Devi worries and cries. She says my son has lied to me, I regret that he lied for Aastha’s sake.Its morning, Gayatri asks Shaan about Aastha. She says I want to meet Aastha, can I come to meet her.

Shaan says come. Kanchan and Gayatri smile. Anokhi asks who came in your room at night, I felt I have seen someone leaving. Aastha thinks I can’t tell you Anokhi. Shaan gets flowers for Aastha. Aastha says I m feeling better, what’s all this. He gets some books and says happy reading, why didn’t the nurse come, I will call her. He goes. Aastha smiles. Anokhi says you and Shaan…. sorry, I had to ask this, do you have a relation with Shaan. Aastha says I don’t want to talk about it. Anokhi says sorry.

Aastha asks does Shaurya talk to you well. Anokhi complains about him. Aastha thinks Shaurya acts like that, he is soft hearted. Anokhi goes to get medicines. Alok asks Gayatri where are you going. Gayatri says shopping. Kanchan says we are going to get gift for my cousin’s marriage. Devi stops them. Devi says the gift will go from the family’s side. Gayatri says gift is from her mum’s side. Tej says wait, that mall and hospital are close, are you going to meet Aastha. Gayatri says no, we are going to the mall. Devi says let it be, go, but come back soon.

Gayatri and Kanchan meet Shaan. Devi looks on. Shaan asks Aastha to see who has come to meet her. Gayatri hugs Aastha and says I have always missed you. She introduces Yash’s wife Kanchan. Kanchan says I heard a lot about you, I didn’t know we will meet in such a way. Shaan asks Aastha to gift something to Kanchan. He gives the gift. Aastha says I will give it from my side. She gives her ring to Kanchan. Gayatri says sorry. I can’t stay for long. Aastha says its enough you came to meet me. Kanchan says take care and hugs Aastha.

Shaan says I will drop them and come. Devi comes to Aastha and scolds her. Aastha says Shaurya is my son, I m his mum. Devi says you just gave him birth, you aren’t his mum, you left him, I gave him love. Aastha says you have given him hatred, I didn’t wish my son to choose either of mum and dad, I wanted to keep him away from bitterness. Devi says you are taking advantage of our name and richness, you wanted freedom, so you left Shaan and Shaurya. Aastha says I would have fought for Shaurya, he doesn’t know that you like to control people. They argue.

Aastha says I would have died there if I stayed in that suffocated fake life, its good that I left the house. Shaurya comes and asks why did you come here then, why did you come in our lives again.

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