Mismatched update Saturday 27 November 2021

Mismatched 27 November 2021: The Episode starts with Devi saying its good you have come here, she hates us so much, I just came here for the sake of humanity, Tej will be angry to see me here, I thought to meet Aastha, who was part of Saberwal family, I thought to request her to leave from our lives, because you get hurt seeing her, she is scolding me. Aastha says you are lying. Devi asks him to decide now. Aastha says you did this always. Shaurya says I can’t tolerate a lot against Devi, you have no morals and values.

Rama calls Anokhi and asks how is Aastha. Anokhi says she is conscious now, I was worried before. Rama cries and ends the call. Rama thanks Mata rani. Shaurya scolds Aastha.He defends Devi. He says you called Shaan when you fell into trouble, this expensive hospital and grand room, do you want anything else, you are getting this good treatment because of my family, Devi got this upbringing to me, you never called or came to meet, now you came to claim rights on family and son. Aastha cries. He says just Devi is my mum, you gave me birth, but I will never accept you as my mum, do you understand it. Anokhi looks on shocked.

She thinks Aastha is Shaurya’s mum. Shaurya scolds Anokhi. Anokhi replies back. She says we do respect relations, Aastha is respectable for us, if she is my teacher then she is your mum, how can anyone talk to mum like this. Devi scolds her. Aastha says no need to say anything Anokhi. Devi says so she is Anokhi, Aastha plays games using her. She asks her not to interfere in their personal matters. Anokhi says you spoke rudely to Aastha in the college also, what will the students learn from you. Shaurya says its a waste of time, come. Devi and Shaurya leave. Shaan looks on. Anokhi consoles her.

Shaan comes and asks did Devi and Shaurya come here, why are you crying. Aastha hugs him.She says I don’t care what Devi says about me, I heard Shaurya hates me, he has told me today, his hatred is justified, it was our fight, why did he get punished. Shaan says its fine, he should know how to talk to his mum, I will go and talk to him. She stops him.She says you won’t talk to him, if you also lose him like I lost him, then I can’t forgive myself. Shaan hugs her. Devi asks Shaurya how did he come here. Shaurya says I saw your car and came to see, why did you come here.

She says sometimes person wants to do good, but others don’t accept, leave it, come home, I will make something good for you. He says thanks but I have to go to college. She says fine, take care. She goes home and scolds Gayatri and Kanchan.Shaan comes and says its not Gayatri’s mistake, I called them at the hospital. Devi asks did you ask them to lie, Shaan, tell me, will they go anywhere, they should think if Aastha has concern for us, Kanchan is new but Gayatri was here when Aastha left the house. Kanchan says Gayatri’s relation was good with Aastha.

Devi scolds her. Tej says when a student does wrong in college, we inform the parents, we informed your parents also, go and stay with them for some days. Shaurya recalls Aastha. Anokhi comes and says you are venting anger on a wrong thing. He scolds her.She asks why are you so angry, Aastha is your mum. He asks what do you know about her. She says you didn’t think of her state. He says just you care for her. She says she just came out of coma, if anything happened to her, then you can’t forgive yourself, she is so hurt, she is crying and blaming herself.

He says finally, she knows she is guilty. She says you fought Vineet for Babli, you said you don’t like when anyone insults a woman, you insulted your mum. He says two things look the same when seen from far, but the truth is different. She says yes, mum can’t be bad. He says be thankful that you aren’t at my place, what do you know about her. She says I know Aastha better than you, we have no relation but she helped me. He asks her to concentrate on her studies, no need to enter his life. He leaves. She comes in front of the car and stops him. He lifts her and takes her aside. He says sorry, if you are stubborn, then I m also Shaurya, sit here.

 Anokhi taking care of Aastha. Aastha says ask what you want to, Shaurya is my son, I had hidden this from you. Anokhi says yes, but why did you hide. Aastha says I stopped telling this to myself that Shaurya is my son and Shaan is my husband, I didn’t wish my past to affect your future. Anokhi gets a call and says Reema, I can’t come to college today, I know class is imp, but its imp for me to be here. Aastha says medical staff is here, you join the college. Anokhi says no, you were always with me. Aastha asks her to go.

Anokhi apologizes to Pammi and says sorry, I will come for work. Pammi scolds her. Anokhi says give me a last chance, I m staying at my sister’s Sasural, I have to pay rent there, my Jiju will oust me if I don’t give the rent, give me a last chance. Pammi says fine, get to work now. Anokhi works in the cafe. Kitty and Bebo come there. They joke on Anokhi. Kitty says you can do anything for money. Bebo asks aren’t you ashamed to work here. Anokhi asks why will I feel ashamed to work hard. She gets water for them. Kitty drops the water and says clean it fast. Kitty asks her to get mango juice without sugar.

Anokhi gets it. They order noodles. Kitty and Bebo trouble her. They make Anokhi fall. Anokhi stumbles and the noodles tray fall far over Shaurya. He gets burnt by the hot noodles and screams. Anokhi comes and says very sorry Sir. Bematlab diyan na gallan…He asks Anokhi what’s this job. She says I m doing a job here, it was my first day, so this…. He asks this happened. She says sorry, I didn’t do anything intentionally. He says yes, it just happens. Bebo says no one dropped the noodles before. Kitty says maybe she showed this talent for you.

Anokhi says no, trust me. Pammi asks how did the noodles fall. Shaurya says you should keep experienced people on work. He goes. Pammi gets angry on Kitty. She says I m seeing you both are troubling Anokhi.She asks Anokhi to call Subhash to clean the mess. Shaan stops Gayatri and Kanchan from going. He goes to Devi. Devi says Tej is right, I agree with his decision, some couples don’t fight for small issues and respect each other’s decisions. Shaan says Gayatri and Kanchan also deserve the respect, you could stop them. She asks why. He says I don’t know when will everyone stop admitting mistakes.

Gayatri tries to talk to Alok. She cries. Kanchan consoles her. Shaan argues with Devi. He says if you take any decision, then Tej will respect it, right. Devi says fine, you have to do something in return. Shaan says stop Gayatri and Kanchan, I accept all the conditions. Devi asks won’t you ask. Gayatri tries to apologize to Tej. Shaurya stops Gayatri and Kanchan. He asks how can you leave. He asks Tej about them. He asks Tej why don’t you stop them, that means you were serious. Tej says I don’t joke when its about my family.

Gayatri and Kanchan thank Shaurya for concern. Shaan and Devi come. Devi stops Gayatri. Devi says Tej, I have thought a lot about your decision, I realized that we are doing what Aastha wanted, yes Tej, she wants our family to get divided, I will give surety that they won’t make a mistake again, please don’t be angry. Tej agrees.Devi says Shaan will be giving us the other good news. Shaan recalls Devi asking him to divorce Aastha.

Shaan says I m divorcing Aastha. Everyone is shocked. Alok says its mind blowing, Shaan may hear a sad song and change his decision, take it in writing. Devi says no need, right Shaan.

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