Mismatched update Thursday 25 November 2021

Mismatched 25 november 2021: The Episode starts with everyone asking Kitty and Bebo the truth. Kitty says we called the press. Shaurya scolds them. He says I blamed Anokhi, I thought my sisters can’t do anything wrong, you have ruined your and our reputation to insult Anokhi. Rama takes Aastha to the hospital. Shaan says you should apologize to Anokhi. Alok says we already apologized, its a family matter. Shaan says yes, others don’t have a family, we can do anything with them, right Bhabhi. Devi looks on. Shaan gets a call.

He is shocked. Gayatri asks what happened. Shaan says Aastha is in the hospital. She asks why. Shaan says someone shot her. They all get shocked.Bhalla and Rama ask nurse to call the doctor. Rama says do something. Bhalla says if anything happens to Aastha, then Raja’s future….He worries. Shaan says someone shot Aastha. He cries. Gayatri asks Shaurya to go with Shaan. Devi says no need, he is already worried, our blessings are with Aastha, Shaan you go alone, call us if anything happens. Shaan sees Shaurya and cries. He leaves.

Nurse asks Rama to get the injection. Bhalla says I will call a doctor and come. They go. Shaan comes there and asks for Aastha. Nurse says she is there. Shaan runs to Aastha and cries. He asks how did this happen. Nurse says we got your number from her diary’s emergency list, sorry, we need a sign on consent form. Shaan scolds the nurse. He asks isn’t there a doctor, I will sue you if anything happens. He says I will take Aastha to Chandigarh. He calls a doctor. He says my wife is shot, I m getting her there, thanks.

Gayatri says Shaurya should go to the hospital, Aastha is serious. Devi says Aastha likes to interfere in everyone’s matter, so she got this answer. Kanchan asks why is everyone so rude in this house, they don’t care for anyone’s pain. Gayatri says no, if that woman has her own thinking. She prays for Aastha. Shaurya is worried. Shaan takes Aastha to another hospital and admits her. Devi asks Shaurya why didn’t he sleep. He says I will sleep, you go and take rest.

She asks what happened, are you worried for him, you can go to meet her if you want, I will call Shaan and ask him. Shaan asks how is she. Nurse says case is complicated due to internal bleeding. He asks did you remove the bullet. Shaurya says no need to call, I have no relation with her. Devi says I do care for her, I m not stopping you from going to her, I m stone hearted, I can’t forget that day when you met with an accident, when you were admitted in the hospital, she didn’t come to see you, you wanted your mum at your side, she didn’t come. He cries. Kanchan looks on. Devi says I couldn’t tolerate seeing your pain. Gayatri says Devi is lying, Aastha came to meet Shaurya, Devi didn’t let her meet Shaurya.

Kanchan asks why don’t you tell this to Shaurya. Gayatri says you think he will believe me. Devi says don’t take stress, Aastha got busy in her life and never asked for you. Doctor says patient needs blood. Shaan prays for Aastha. Shaurya says I will not go to meet her. Shaan asks how is Aastha. Doctor says we have removed the bullet, but the next 24 hours are critical, we can’t say anything.Its morning, Gayatri gets Shaan’s message. Shaan writes Aastha’s state is critical, inform everyone, I will call later.

Gayatri goes to everyone and says Aastha’s operation is done, she is still critical. Devi scolds her. Shaurya leaves. Tej scolds Alok. Gayatri says I was just informing Shaurya about his mum, Shaan is alone there, Shaurya can go there. Alok asks her to stop it, why shall Shaurya suffer because of Shaan’s mistake. Gayatri says but Aastha is Shaurya’s mum. Devi says enough, I m his mum.Vineet says you should have seen these girls flying at night, they are with Saberwals now. Anokhi says sorry, you have done the drama yesterday.

Vineet’s mum scolds her. Babli makes food. She says Shaurya came to drop us home. Vineet asks how dare you go in valentine’s party. He says Babli has no existence without me, even you have no existence, if we make you out then… Anokhi goes to have breakfast. Vineet says give double rent if you want to stay here, else you both leave. His mum asks him to calm down and have food. Anokhi thinks how to get money.Anokhi looking for a job and calling to know about vacancy. She talks to Reema and Neha.

Shaurya looks on and hears her talking about Aastha. He goes. Anokhi asks him to listen. She says I m finding a part time job, can students do a job in the campus. He says you think I m the admin, you should ask the admin, I don’t think you can do the job. She says don’t discourage me, you think I called the media to the college. He says no, I know you didn’t call them, it was my misunderstanding, I blamed you. She says finally, you got to know who did it. He goes. She says Shaurya can’t talk to me well, he always has a reason for getting angry. The canteen lady Pammi asks Anokhi to work with her in the canteen. Anokhi smiles and says thanks, I can do the work.

Everyone comes in the class. Shaurya thinks of Aastha. He looks disturbed. Student says you taught this chapter before. Shaurya says right. Reema says he looks disturbed today. Anita comes late. Reema says Sir will scold her now. Shaurya doesn’t scold her. Anokhi’s phone rings. Anokhi says why is Shaan calling me. She says sorry, I was keeping it on silent, I have to take the call. Shaurya says out of my class, don’t come back until the class gets over. Anokhi goes and takes the call. She gets shocked and says Aastha got shot… I m coming Sir, how did this happen, which hospital, send me the address.

She cries and goes to Shaurya. Shaurya talks nicely to Anita. Anita says I will try my best to submit all my notes. Anokhi gets hospital address and thinks its too far. She says I m so sorry, but Aastha is in hospital, I have to go. Shaurya asks what’s the problem, you are disturbing me now. She says I got scared seeing Shaan’s calls, its an emergency, Aastha is my fav teacher, I have to go to her. He says if she is your fav, then you should have been there in pind. She says there is no one with her, I m here because of her, she is my second mum. He gets sad.

She asks will you react the same way knowing your mum is in hospital. He recalls Aastha. She says sorry, I have to go. Bhalla and Rama come to the hospital and see Shaan at the reception. Shaan fills the form. Bhalla asks about Aastha. Doctor checks Aastha and asks her not to move a lot, press the bell button to call the nurse. Bhalla goes to see Aastha. Bhalla and Rama see Aastha fine and ask how are you now, you would be in pain,

Aastha says the medicine effect is there. Rama says nurse sent us to get medicines and then shifted you to this hospital. She says don’t know what to say, forgive Raja, we are ashamed of him. Nurse says Aastha got conscious. Shaan runs to see her. Bhalla and Rama leave. Aastha sees Shaan. He asks who did this, who shot you, tell me, don’t get worried, I m with you. Aastha recalls promising Rama that she will not take Raja’s name, Raja didn’t shoot her intentionally. Bhalla requests her to hide Raja’s name and save his future. He thanks her.

Aastha says everything happened so soon, I don’t remember. Shaan holds her hand and kisses. Anokhi comes there. She doesn’t see Bhalla and Rama leaving. Shaan says I was losing my life on hearing that you got shot, I care for you, we didn’t stay together but you never stayed away from me, you always stayed with me, I always missed you, you are my life. She says don’t say this. He asks why, I can’t tolerate this. She says I m fine, in which hospital am I. He says I got you to Chandigarh, you were not attended in the other hospital.

Anokhi comes and sees them. Shaan says you just let me do this, I did right, I had the right to decide. She says you will keep a watch on me now. He says yes. She says till then hospital bill will get high, I can’t pay it please. He says don’t say this, you can give me this right, you know what you are for me. Anokhi thinks I think they know each other well.


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