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The Episode starts with Suwarni Dasi coming to her room and tells that Robin didn’t keep the bucket closer to bed. Tanu is hiding there and thinks she shall hear her scream soon. Pragya asks Sunny, how is he? Sunny says fine. Pragya says he has become taller. Sunny says yes. Pragya asks Kiara not to have icecream. Kira lies to her. Sunny says chucks can handle any kid. Pragya asks he is in which police station. Just then King comes there and gives compliment to Pragya. Maasi ji teases King.

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Kiara says it is a big thing, I never saw him giving her compliment. Sunny says he always see his parents complimenting each other. Suwarni Dadi keeps her foot in the water and screams in pain. Mitali thinks Tanu was hiding behind the door. Mitali and Dasi go to bring the medicine.

Tanu tells Dadi that she is forgiving
her first mistake, and will give punishment next time. She asks her to tell her if she needs to say anything, and not to talk to Abhi. Mitali and Dasi bring medicine. Tanu asks her to remember what she said. Aaliya hears her and thinks Tanu is crossing her limit. She goes behind Tanu and says I saw everything. Tanu says I would have told you if met. Aaliya says you have done wrong with family.

Tanu says you have also done wrong with them. Aaliya says she will reply later. Tanu says lets end the matter now. Aaliya warns her not to hurt anyone and says they are your family too. She says Suwarni Dadi is old. Tai ji comes and says saas shall be afraid of bahus. Aaliya and Tanu get tensed. Tai ji shows the newspaper news. Aaliya asks her to remember her words. Tanu thinks I didn’t agree to my parents’ saying then why will I listen to you. She thinks to show her value in the house.

Abhi thinks what to wear and throws clothes on bed. Pragya comes. His clothes fall on her. Abhi is surprised and says don’t know how it fell. Pragya says even now you couldn’t choose your clothes and tells that she felt good to see Purab and his relation same. Abhi says yes and says he is not best at relations. Pragya says you are best with every relation, but couldn’t handle their relationship. She says it was our mistake.

She suggests clothes for him. Abhi holds her hand and takes her closer. She asks him to leave her hand. Song plays. Abhi says I shouldn’t have left your hand. He says it is late, but…He says Dadi wants to see us together and brought us together all the time. She wanted to see us united, and says she is not in this world, but her wish is still there and that’s why we are meeting again and again.

He tells that Suwarni Dadi asked him to forgive her and tells everything. Tanu comes there. Abhi says I am busy and asks her to go. Just then he sees Pragya not there, as she is his imagination. He tells that he is wearing these clothes. Tanu says this is old style and asks him to wear jacket.

Mitali asks guest lady about her jewellery and laughs. Taya ji also attends gift. Suwarni Dadi comes downstairs. Dasi asks her to sit in room and says I will call you when Disha and Purab cut the cake. Roy tells Aaliya that Wick wants to meet her. Aaliya gets jealous seeing Purab and Disha wishing each other happy anniversary. Abhi comes and wishes them. Dasi tells Mitali that she is missing Pragya and wishes she comes there.

Mitali sees Pragya and tells Dasi that her wish is fulfilled. Pragya and King come and wish Disha and Purab. Pragya meets Dasi and hugs her. Dasi gets emotional. Pragya asks Disha about her son. Purab says he is with her friend. She blesses Purab and Disha and says she is happy to see them together, and asks them to celebrate golden jubilee etc. Disha says you made our Jodi.

Pragya says it is you who has handled and asks them to handle everything. Aaliya sees Pragya and says it is so good to see you. Pragya excuses herself. Disha asks her not to go anywhere. Aaliya stops Prragya and says you are looking young and beautiful. She signs Tanu to come there. Pragya recalls Tanu’s threat.

Aaliya taunts Pragya for coming to the party. Tanu says I didn’t know that you will come. Pragya tells that she came as she called with love. Tanu and Aaliya plan to make Pragya cry. Abhi sees Pragya coming towards him and smiles. A FB is shown. King comes there and tells Abhi that he likes house parties, it has some charm. Pragya thinks he has worn the suit chosen by me. Abhi thinks he likes her choice. Tanu thinks this is not the dress which she chose and gets angry.

Sunny and Kiara talk about their parents. Sunny tells that he caught his parents hugging each other and they got scared. Kiara tells him that she never saw her parents hugging or even touching each other hands. She says I don’t know if they love each other, but they love me a lot. Sunny says I will ask chucks if they love each other. He says may be I will win a chocolate.

King asks Abhi what is Pragya’s truth and asks him to tell. He says sometimes she talks bad, but her intention is not bad. Abhi recalls asking her to leave. King says I am King for the world, but she scolds me. He says sometimes she tells something which hurts. Abhi asks what do you want to say? King says you said in wick’s office that you wanted to leave contract because of Pragya and asks what did she say? Abhi says she said that you are a better singer and performer than me and I felt bad.

He says you might be king in London, but I am King here. King says I didn’t know that she thinks me good than you. Abhi says I came to know that you both don’t talk at home. King says she scolds Kiara, me and everyone much than talk. Abhi doesn’t realize when he takes Kiara’s name and excuses himself.

Tanu thinks to do mangalsutra drama to bring tears in Pragya’s eyes.. Sunny tells another secret to Kiara and tells that he took money from Abhi’s wallet once, when he confessed to her mum, she asked him not to steal. He tells that he saw her mumma’s pic in his wallet. Kiara is surprised.

Mitali scolds Raj for looking at a girl and thinks he shall apologize to her. Taya ji comes to Raj. Raj says Mitali understood him. Taya ji asks him to apologize to her. Tanu comes to Abhi and asks how is the party? She says she wants to make the party memorable and asks for his help. She tells him that she doesn’t like this suit. Pragya sees Tanu touching Abhi’s suit and goes. Abhi says I like it. Tanu says ok, you look handsome whatever you wear.

Tanu asks Robin to bring mangalsutra in tray when she asks her. Abhi tells Pragya that he wants to tell her why he got married to Tanu. Pragya says she don’t want to hear and tells that we both are married and happy. Abhi praises Tanu and says she is caring and understanding. Pragya says I know how is she and asks her not to compare Tanu with King. She praises King and says she is thankful to God for making her meet King and says some people don’t keep up promise for seven months also. She goes.

King comes and says he is King and asks if she forgot him. Pragya says she wants to meet Suwarni Dadi. King says you seems to know everyone and I am guest here. He asks how she knows about Dadi. Pragya looks on.

King asks Pragya about Suwarni Dadi. Just then Tanu makes an announcement that she wants to wish Disha differently as she is her special devrani. She asks Purab to make Disha wearmangalsutra. Aaliya thinks Tanu is doing work like an enemy and this idea couldn’t be digested. Purab makes Disha wear mangalsutra. Disha goes to Pragya and hugs her. King gets a call and goes.

Tanu tells that she never thought mangalsutra will match with her dress, but her thought changed and she wants Abhi to make her wear mangalsutra so that their love, trust and belief get strengthen. Aaliya thinks well played Tanu. Tanu says I am your wife Abhi, and asks him to make her wear mangalsutra. Khogaya song plays….Pragya gets sad.

Tanu calls Robin and he brings mangalsutra. Tanu picks the mangalsutra and gives in Abhi’s hand. Abhi is about to make Tanu wear it. Pragya couldn’t see and is about to go. King sees her upset. Abhi tells Tanu that he can’t make her wear it and goes. Tanu thinks she will sprinkle salt on Pragya’s wounds. Abhi goes to Pragya and says he want to tell why he married Tanu. Pragya says she wants to tell why she married King. Just then King calls Pragya. Roy comes and takes Abhi. Pragya coughs. King goes to get water.

Tanu comes and asks Pragya did you lie to me? She says your happiness vanished when Abhi made me wear mangalsutra. She asks her to tell truth and says I will forgive you. Pragya says I am very happy with King. Tanu asks her to stay in the party and prove that she is happy and whatever she told was truth. Abhi is bringing water, but King gives her water before him. King says lets go. Pragya says we shall wait for sometime. King says ok. Yeh kaise ishq hai sajna song plays.

Pragya drinks the water kept by Abhi. King asks Aaliya why she is looking upset and says this house is yours. Aaliya says I am happy. King asks her to genuinely happy. Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells that she has planned couple dance of Purab and Disha. Aaliya says she will not bear.

Tanu makes the announcement that Purab and Disha will dance and asks them to come on stage. Purab and Disha dance on the song dil pe chale na koi zor re…..Abhi and Pragya look at each other. Tanu then asks Abhi for a dance. They go to stage.

Twist of fate April teasers 2019

Tanu dances sensually while the song Dilbar plays… Pragya gets affected seeing her dance with him. Aaliya smiles. Pragya gets tears inher eyes. Abhi sees Pragya upset. Tanu pretends to fall, Abhi helps her get down from the stage.


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