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Tanu tells Abhi that she slipped and that’s why she took his help. Pragya gets sad. Hamari adhuri kahani plays…she thinks they are husband and wife. Sunny and Kiara calls Abhi to know about Pragya’s pic in his wallet? Roy asks King to come with him to see something. King excuses himself. Tanu pretends to feel much pain and asks Abhi to bandage her foot.

Twist of fate teasers April 2019

Abhi applies ointment on Tanu’s foot and recalls Pragya getting upset. Tanu pretends to feel pain. He applies medicine. Pragya looks at him. Abhi gets uncomfortable and asks Disha to apply ointment on Tanu, and says he will call the Doctor. Disha asks Tanu where is she feeling pain, in the mind? Tanu thinks Abhi doesn’t care about my pain. Disha asks if the pain is less? Tanu thanks him. Kiara tells Sunny that she will go to the party and asks Abhi.

Aaliya tells Pragya that she is impressed with her and says you got married to Abhi when you were here, and then you got married to a London rapper and became his queen. She says your progress chart is higher than Abhi and says she is amazed. She asks her to give her some teaching. Pragya says everyone has moved on, but you are still the same and asks her to change for good. Aaliya gets upset.
Pragya goes to Granny, Suwarni’s room. Granny gets emotional and cries, and says you won’t believe it. Pragya asks what happened?

Aaliya tells Tanu that Pragya lectured her and tells that Pragya was responsible for my unhappiness, but she was blaming me. She scolds Tanu for inviting her to the party! She says she is still the same Pragya and says she will make this roof fall on us.

Pragya asks Granny, Suwarni to tell her what the matter is. Granny, Suwarni says that Tanu is trying to take your place. Pragya says she has taken my place. Granny says Tanu is not suit to stay in this house, since at first, she used to taunt us and now? Pragya looks at Granny’s foot.

Pragya says how could this have happened and says since Abhi is here, how could she have harmed you? Dadi says Tanu is a witch and acts sweet infront of Abhi. She says she is a witch who doesn’t leave seven houses, but attacks her own house. Pragya says Abhi won’t let anything happen to you all.

Granny, Suwarni says you are the daughter-in-law of this house and you have to return. Pragya says I can’t return and tells that you were not there when he asked me to go. Granny, Suwarni says his heart misses you daily. She says I wouldn’t have asked if you don’t have love for him. She says I want your happiness. She asks her to return and says Abhi’s Dadi used to say that God made your union. Pragya reminisces Dadi.

Granny, Suwarni asks her to forgive Abhi and kick Tanu out! Pragya says I can’t return, and how to make you understand, as I am helpless. Disha asks her to return. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya will always cry and tells that situation has changed and I am here. Aaliya says you should focus on Abhi and not Pragya!

Disha asks Pragya to return. Pragya says you know everything. Granny, Suwarni asks if your helplessness is bigger than our pain? Pragya gives her water and asks her to calm down. She says I will come. Aaliya tells Tanu that the mangalsutra will be heavy on her neck if Pragya succeeds. She says ever since Pragya came here, Abhi is confused and he’s getting drawn towards Pragya.

Did you see how he feels when he sees Pragya and says he didn’t apply ointment on your foot. She says we have to kick her out of the house, and we should throw her in such a way that she never returns. She says time has come to recreate the past.

Pragya tells Disha that she can’t agree to Granny, Suwarni’s wish and tells that she can’t return back home. She says this is not practical. Disha says everyone of us need you and tells that she felt good when she saw her coming. She says they are living in fear and asks her to return. Pragya says how to return, and tells that Abhi is married to Tanu. And I am also married now.

Disha says I don’t know about your equation with your husband, but Abhi and Tanu doesn’t have… just then Mitali and Tai ji comes there and called them to play a game. Disha thinks how to tell you that Tanu and Abhi’s relationship are just a compromise.

King talks to Robin and asks since when has he been here? Robin says he’s been here since Abhi became a rockstar. He says my cousin, John is your fan. King poses selfie with them. Aaliya thinks he’s not even leaving the Servants and stamps on his foot. She then taunts him. King comes to her and stamps on her foot, and says what goes around comes back to you. Aaliya thinks to make him a rat.

Taya ji says Mitali was saying something. Mitali says she thought of a game where we would know how much a husband and a wife knows about each other. King comes there and asks did you see Pragya? Mitali says she is here. King says if she is Pragya and says the Pragya I know smiles when I call her. Pragya smiles. King says today, he came to know that Pragya likes his songs and says his well wisher told him about it.

Abhi gets sad. Jag sona sona plays…
Aaliya thinks she dislikes Pragya and King. She tells Tanu that she took revenge on King and then he also took revenge on her. Tanu asks her to beware of them. Aaliya says Pragya’s smile is not less than chilli. Tanu says even I feel that I did a mistake by calling her.

King tells that he wants to dance with Pragya. He promises he will dance better than Abhi and Tanu. Abhi gets sad. Song plays… The Servant talks to Kiara and Sunny. She says she was showing the house to Sunny. Tarun comes and says he got the duty of handling them.

Pragya and King goes to dance floor and dance. Sukoon mila hain song plays… Aaliya says the rapper is dancing well. Tanu says you are praising King. Aaliya says yes. Abhi gets upset seeing them dance. Pragya swirls and falls on Abhi. They have Allah Wariyan moment…

King asks Pragya are you alright? Pragya says yes. Abhi thanks her for coming to his party and dancing. King says it was my mistake. Abhi says how much you love each other and asks Pragya to sit. King asks her to sit and holds her hand. Abhi asks him to leave her hand and looks angry.

Disha takes Pragya with her. Pragya tells her that Abhi shouldn’t have disrespected King! Abhi hears her and tells Purab that he will talk to Pragya! Mitali tells everybody about a game for couples. Abhi and Pragya look at each other.

Mitali asks Robin to bring the game’s props. Robin brings Dandiya sticks. Mitali says the wife will have to blindfold herself and search for her husband and gives the Dandiya stick to him and asks Robin to play the music.
King gets a call and says he will be back soon. Aaliya scolds John for dropping things.

King asks Tarun not to bring Kiara to the party. Aaliya comes infront of King. King and Aaliya have an argument. King comes back to play the game. Mitali says that they should start with Disha and Purab. Purab says Disha will identify him instantly. Mitali blindfolds Disha. Disha identifies Purab and hugs him. Aaliya fumes out of jealousy.
Couples play the game while Abhi comes to Pragya and holds her hand. He says that he wants to talk to her.

Abhi tells Pragya that he needs to talk to her. Mitali is blindfolded and checks from where the smell is coming from. Disha calls John and sprays perfume on him. Mitali gets confused. Raj calls her name. Mitali opens her blindfold and comes to Raj. Disha says cheating and shows the perfume bottle. Mitali says at the end, I came to my Raj.
Kiara and Sunny asks Tarun to act like Amitabh bachchan, or else, they will call King and tell him that he didn’t take care of them.

Abhi takes Pragya to his room. She asks him to leave her hand, and asks what is this misbehavior! Abhi asks why did she dance with King and snatched away his dreams? Pragya says I was dancing with my husband! Abhi says you were dancing like you used to dance with me and says those memories are mine, and you can’t share it with anyone! Pragya says it is my memories too. Abhi asks her not to do what she has done with him like holding his hand and dancing, with King! Pragya says you have thrown me out of your life and you have no right on me now! You have right on memories, but not on me.

She says you have problem as I am dancing with someone else. You can’t bear to see me dancing with someone else and asks him to understand that King is her husband now, which you were some years back. Abhi asks why did you marry him so soon and says I heard you talking to the Police Inspector that you were married to him since 7 years. He says if it was that easy for you to forget me so easily and got remarried? He says if you’ve really loved me, then why did you break relation with me easily? He says why did you marry king immediately after breaking up with me!

He says you might have married him in London as nobody would ask you about your past. He asks why did she show off about King and asks why did she marry him and not someone else!

Pragya says it is your jealousy! Abhi says you got married to Raja babu. Pragya says you are the best of the best? Abhi says yes. Pragya says if you were the best, then you would have been with me. She says you can’t see me dancing with King. Abhi says I have problem with your sync. Pragya says even I can accuse you for making Tanu wear the mangalsutra in the party and says she at least care for it. Abhi says she forced him. Pragya says she was also not dancing happily. Abhi says now, you’ve just spoken.

Pragya asks why did you marry Tanu and says did you marry her because of your hatred towards me? She asks if he has always wanted to marry Tanu and that’s why he kicked her out of his life? Abhi says you don’t know about the circumstances.

Pragya says when you can take decision to throw me out of your life, then you can marry Tanu with your wish, and nobody can force you. Abhi says I got married to you due to helplessness and says both my marriages happened without my wish!

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