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Sid plays drum on his sangeet (His Pre -wedding celebration). He says he’s on his in-law’s side. Roshni says she is on her in-law’s side and starts dancing to the Punjabi wedding song… song with Simran. Sid claps for them. Mona eagerly waits for Resham and the other family members.

Resham comes running and says she somehow escaped from DD’s driver and hopes he didn’t see her. Mona says even if he had seen her, she can first enjoy Roshni’s marriage and then get scolded by DD. Resham says let us enjoy a dance with our jamai then, and they starts dancing to the song Raam ji ki chaal dekho… Mona as a judge says it is difficult to tell if it was the Punjabis or Gujrati’s that won.

Naani suggests they have a couple competition between Sid and Roshni then. Everyone likes her idea. Krish hears DD’s idea and says it is impossible, as he cannot break Sid/Roshni’s marriage. DD says he has to do something and says he cannot see her Princess with a Poor Man and tries to provoke him by saying that Sid is better than him if he gets afraid! Krish says he will ruin their marriage and will prove to her that he is the best choice for Roshni, and asks her to print the Marriage cards, he takes her blessings and leaves.

DD thinks the Poor Man, Sid cannot stop Roshni from coming back to her and she will get her married with Krish! Sid and Roshni romantically dance to the song… Subhanallah jo horaha hai… Sid’s Parents gets happy seeing their dance.

Krish reaches the venue and thinks he will eliminate Sid from Roshni’s life forever! His Mom says Sid and Roshni are looking beautiful together and prays to God to keep them united. Krish pours petrol outside Sid’s chawl house. Someone informs Sid that Prashant is waiting in a house for him, but walks out not seeing him. Roshni gets in searching for Sid. Krish gets fire into the house. Roshni starts calling Sid for help and falls unconscious.

Sid hears her voice and tries to get in, but Naani stops him. Sid says he cannot see his Roshni in trouble and runs into the house. Krish calls DD and informs her about Roshni getting trapped in the fire and runs towards Sid’s house barefooted. Sid picks Roshni, but couldn’t come out because of the fire. Krish thinks he cannot risk his life for Roshni and runs away from there. Sid comes out of the house and cries seeing Roshni still unconscious.

DD reaches the venue and sees that. Roshni wakes up and hugs Sid. DD and everyone gets happy seeing Roshni waking up. Sid realizes it was Krish’s drama and angrily looks at him. Roshni looks at Naani weeping and asks why did she ruin her makeup? She says yes and says from now on, she won’t as she’s getting Sid as jamai. Sid says nobody can separate him and Roshni now. DD and Krish get irked hearing that.

The Doctor checks Roshni and says she is fine. Sid relaxes and goes out to see the Doctor off. DD calls Krish and asks him to meet her outside the chawl. Sid clashes with DD and gets annoyed seeing her, and asks what was she doing here and if she is the one who did all this? DD asks him to stop his rubbish! Sid says she is talking rubbish and says if anything happens to Roshni, he will not leave her, and asks if she is so egoistic as to even kill Roshni! DD says she can give her life for Roshni and came running barefooted, and says he is responsible for all this!

He says if she loves Roshni, then why not forget everything and join in her marriage, and that he doesn’t want her money as he only wants to see Roshni happy and her happiness is with DD. DD says if he cares for her so much, then why doesn’t he leave her, as she cannot see Roshni married to him, and she will do her best to break their marriage up! Sid reminisces DD’s words and Roshni’s tears for her Mother, and thinks they both love each other, but their ways are different, ans he will unite them at any cost! Roshni touches his hand in sleep. Zindagi me… song plays in the background…

He writes a letter to her and keeps it on her hand with a red rose. Roshni wakes up in the morning and sees a rose and letter on her hand. She smiles and reads it, in which Sid has promised to get her the happiness she’s been thriving for in her life. She gets happy reading it and lovingly looks at Sid. Zindagi me pehli… song plays again in the background.

Resham asks Kesar what She will tell DD today to attend Roshni’s marriage? Kesar suggests she tells her about her Uncle’s illness. Bablu says he will not lie. DD comes there and says she knows they want to attend Roshni’s wedding and says nobody will attend it! Naani comes and says we will all go and it is my decision! She says we all know that it is Roshni’s important day of her life, today, except for DD, and says she is DD’s mother and knows that her decision is wrong.

DD says this is her house! Naani says it’s indeed her house, but they will all take a decision on whether to attend Roshni’s marriage or not! Bablu walks and stands beside Naani, Resham follows. Kesar asks DD to thrash him with shoes, but as Roshni’s Uncle, he should be with her today, and goes and stands beside Naani.

Naani tells DD that her only happiness is money and not her daughter’s happiness, and says time won’t return as she will regret it her whole life! DD says she will see how Roshni’s marriage will happen! Krish meets Simran, and asks if he can also help and if he could get Sid’s outfit ironed? Simran agrees and asks Prashant to give him Sid’s outfit. Roshni gets happy seeing her Naani, Uncle and Aunt. Granny tries to be jovial and tries to apply haldi on Naani, Naani stops her, but then applies haldi on Granny.

Resham says she is a drama queen. Everyone applies haldi on Roshni and Sid. Simran asks Roshni to get ready and asks Sid to also get ready while Krish brings his outfit. Sid thinks his Mom wouldn’t have called Krish, as he may create problem. Sid looks at Roshni and signals to her that she is looking beautiful. Naani and Mona give their gifts to Simran. Resham says she will tie her baba’s black thread to Roshni to protect her from evil spirits.

Roshni gets sad seeing her bangles and tells Naani that she is unlucky that her Mom isn’t here to make her wear bangles and asks Simran to be her Mom. Simran gets emotional. The NGO kids comes and tells Roshni that they came to attend her wedding.

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