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Mahek looks at Nalini. She says what if this is a trap? Nalini screams for help. Mahek calls police. Arman has killed her already. Mahek says Nalini please breathe and tell me who did thiis. Arman runs from there. Nalini says Shaurya.. Police comes. Mahek tells them everything. She says where are you Shaurya. i am so alone.

Shaurya says why do I feel like Mahek is in trouble. Mahek tells police everything. Arman comes there as Shaurya. Mahek hugs hi,. she says where were you? He says I am sorry Mahek. How did this happen? Mahek says I don’t know whats happening. I lost PD first. they are like I shouldn’t have come here. Mahek sees blood on her hands. Shaurya says to inspector go and find murderer. Mahek wont go with you. She is in pain already.

Arman brings her home. Dolly gives her water. Karuna says please calm down. Everything will be fine. Mahek says please get Neev back here. Karuna says we should all live together.

Mahek looks at her photo with PD and cries. Shaurya says please sleep. Mahek says PD was my friend. She supported me. I failed. Abbajan calls Arman. He goes out. Mahek says where did he go? Mehek sees him talking to someone. Kanta calls Mahek. Mahek says there is something wrong

Abba says to Arman what would have happened if you didn’t kill her. I am killing that person too. Shurya says whom are they killing now?

Mahek hugs Arman and says I wish you were here. I wish you could see her one last time. She took your name while dying. Mahek says and Nalini too I hope everything gets well.

He says how can they kill a pregnant lady. Mahek says how do you know? He says she told me. My head hurts. I want rest. He sleeps. Mahek recalls each dying people said Shaurya’s name. Arman will get a name and says I’m coming. Mahek says I’m going home for PD’s funeral. Arman says I’ll stay here. Mahek says neev.. He says they’re taking good care of Neev in hospital. Mahek calls on the hospital and asks for Neev. The receptionist says there is no such thing as a such kid. Mahek says no he was there my husband was there. She says no nobody was is here from india. Mahek says how is that possible.

Mahek sees Shaurya’s passport. It doesn’t have Singapore stamp. she is dazed. Mahek says where did he go? Where is Neev? Whats happening? Mahek says what is occurring? Should I ask him? Kanta calls Mahek. Mahek says I’m coming.

Arman says to Abba this is my plan. Abba says Nalini was part of your plan. She almost ruined it. I have given my life to this dream. I shouldn’t have assigned you this mission. I will stay here. Arman says better. He explains the plan to Arman.

Abba says don’t talk in front of Shaurya. Come to the back room. Mahek comes to Nalini funeral. She says I wish I never left you alone. Mahek says she was a terrorist. She wanted to change but she was killed before she could do somethin for her child. Mahek asks Nehal did you tell Shaurya about her pregnancy. Nehal says no why would I? Mahek is worried. She says why they both took Shaurya’s name?

Mahek is worried. Kanta says where is your mind? Mahek says missing PD. Kanta says no you are worried. Mahek tells her everything. Kanta says ask Shaurya. Nehal says don’t tell him. Mahek says should I talk? He didn’t even come here. Mahek gets a call from White chilies. Shaurya isn’t there. Mahek says where is Neev? Why is Shaurya lying so much?

Mahek comes home. Karuna says Mahek please take some rest. How is Neev? Mahek says let Shaurya come. Arman comes in. Dolly says please make video call to Neev. Shaurya says sure. Shaurya dials. Mahek sees the doctor. She sees the time on the wall clock is same as India’s. Mahek calls Kanta and tells her that time in clock was same as India’s. Shaurya comes in;

Mahek says to Shaurya what happened? He says nothing. She says why didn’t you come to funeral? He says I wanted to but there was something important at white chilies. Mahek says in heart you weren’t there.

Shaurya is in detention. He imagines going on valentine’s date with Mahek. He imagines dancing with her on ishq bulawa. mahek is pretending to be asleep. Shaurya goes out with his alarm. Mahek sees him going upstairs. Arman wears his clothes and prays Namaz. Mahek is dazed. She is in a shock. Mahek comes back to room and pretends to sleep. she says in heart what is happening? He isn’t my Shaurya.

Arman’s man take SHaurya out of jail. He says leave me. Abba jan says this rremote will blast your city. they take his finger prints on the remote. Shaurya says let me go.

Mehek tells Nehal her discovery, Nehal says I am really scared. Nehal says why was he praying Namaz? Mahek says I don’t know. Kanta says is there something? Mahek says he was wearing same clothes on sangeet night. Kanta says Shaurya can never do this. Nehal says his behavior had been different and he hired Nalini.

Mahek says I can’t do anything until I find Neev. Kanta says think more. We have to focus on details. Mahek says I dont wanna doubt Shaurya. His behavior changed after we got this contract. Mahek says we have to think of something.

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