Meet in Love Zeeworld update Tuesday 12th December 2023

Meet in Love 12 december 2023: Inspector says a parent’s complaint about missing child and we got to know you have a missing child so we came to take him with us. Chiku get’s scared hugs Meet. Meet says if he ran away from his house then why is he scared, I’m sure he is running away feom danger. Inspector says you can ask his parents and inspector asks them to come in. A couple walks in and lady rush towards Chiku.

Meet in Love 11 December 2023

Meet asks her to stop for a minute and says yo Inspector we can’t provide them kid until and unless I have evidence I’ll ask few questions related to Chiku. Meet asks them about birth mark. Lady says on his left hand and locates his mole too. Gunwanti try to give Chiku to them. Chiku get’s scared. Meet says wait a minute if they are his parents then why is he scared to them. Meet asks Chiku if they are his parents.

Gunwanti says he is acting. Manmeet says just answer we are with you.Meet says gibe us signal if they are your parents. Lady says to Meet I know you want answers if he is our child or jot and why is he scared right, come with me I’ll tell you the reason. Meet walks with them. Lady says he is sacred because he is not safe in his family, when Monu was 2 years old his uncle took him and he was dumb. Man try to convince Meet by tell how his uncle kidnapped Monu to take revenge because of property.

Lady says he is seeing us after 7 years that’s why he is scared of me and cries infront of her. Man shows documents and birth certificate of Chiku. Meet get’s a call from Chanda. Chanda says the kid who ran away was smart and intellectual he won lots of competition. Meet disconnects call. Meet thinks but Chiku can’t speak so he is not the kid who ran away from orphanage. Meet says you can take your kid with you. Lady thanks her and she tun towards Chiku. Chiku get’s scared. Sumeet try to stop Chiku. Lady says don’t be scared I’m your mother we will go home.

Chiku scared push her away and rush towards Meet. Lady walks to Chiku says I’m your mother come let’s go and she takes her away.Meet asks them to stop and tells inspector that Chiku is been chased by Goons and he is sacred, its very sensitive matter and without inspection we can’t send him. Mahendra says his parents are taking him so let them take him. Meet says I don’t believe they are his parents, DNA test will tell the answer once DNA is matched they can take him.

Inspector says we can’t force parents to take test.Manmeet says this case is sensitive and it’s about kids future so and they can take him once test results are out and for that I can talk to anyone,this kid will leave only after DNA test. Meet says I’m also a mother I understand the pain it’s about 2 days once test is out you can take him and if you want you can stay here with Chiku as guests. Sarkar taunts Meet and leave. Meet says to Chiku I know I’m not blood related to you but I won’t send you in wrong hands.

Kanika scolds Inspector. Inspector says we would have been caught if I try to force them it would have cost me my job. Kanika says your job is still in danger if minister didn’t get the kid. Inspector says don’t worry I’ll bring the kid with DNA report. Kanika says Meet is smart and in two days your actors did something wrong she might doubt them.Gunwanti give milk to Sarkar and saya don’t tell me anything if you find milk is light because Meet took everything for her guests. Jasodha says helping me will be good instead of interfering.

Mahendra says to Sarkar, Meet is doing politics in this house he always want to give suggestions to everyone on Jasodha says what wrong she did with you, she is just trying to help an orphan kid.Sarkar says what do you think Jasodha she will become great by showing sympathy to a kid, can’t you see she is trying to find her first kid. Jasodha says if she is doing this then what’s wrong in that, she is trying to find her kid and I was also in same condition when Manmeet was not with me,

every mother will do the same and nothing is wrong in that. Sarkar throws the glass and says you can see her motherhood and what about me she took my son from me, you know I could have answer her back but my son is always behind her.Chiku in room with Man and Lady. Meet walks in and give milk to Chiku. Meet give her glass and try to walk away but he holds her duppata and stops her from going out.

Lady says to Chiku let aunty go we are with you. Meet says your parents are here you are safe. Meet walking away and says I was unable to find Sumeets book let me just check, she walks toward the table puts her phone on recording and walks away. Meet seeing footage on her tablet to spy on them.

Lady asks her to drink milk and gets anxious. Chiku refuses to drink milk. She says come let’s go to bed then. She helps him to go to bed. Meet keeping eye on them Meet says why Chiku is not happy after seeing her mother. Chiku scared looking somewhere else. Meet looks at his vision and says what is he looking in that corner. Chiku see Sumeet hiding inside cupboard. Lady asks her to close eyes. Sumeet trying to calm down Chiku.

Lady asks her man man to close the cupboard. Man closes the cupboard and Sumeet get’s locked inside. Sumeet thinks now how I’ll get out from here.Meet keeping an eye on Chiku and the couple through CCTV. Chiku scared in bed pees. The lady gets annoyed, her husband says relax and says I will handle this and throws blanket and it falls on the camera.The man puts a fresh bedsheet, the lady scolds Chiku. Sumeet hiding in cupboard hears Chiku shouting and gets worries.

Manmeet walks to Meet with gifts for Sumeet and asks where is she. Meet says must be playing outside. Manmeet says no she isn’t where must have she gone. Meet gets worried and remembers seeing Chiku constantly starring at cupboard and says I know where is Sumeet.Meet and Manmeet go to Chiku’s room and knock the doot. The man opens the door. Meet opens the cupboard and sees Sumeet in cupboard. Meet asks Sumeet is she okay. Sumeet rushes to Chiku and asks him

not to worry and asks who hit you why are you crying. Manmeet asks Sumeet what is she doing in the room. Sumeet says she came to be with Chiku so that he doesn’t get scared and was going to sleep beside him. Sumeet asks the couple why were they scolding Chiku she heard them shouting, my parents don’t scold me or hit me then why are you doing this.

The lady says to Sumeet, I was just trying to tell him big boys don’t pee in beds and so I wasn’t scolding but just raised my voice. Meet says you could atleast change his clothes. Meet gets clothes for Chiku. The lady feels awkward and disgusting cleaning Chiku and starts making faces and leaves puking. Meet thinks how can a mother feel pukish about cleaning ger own child this is very suspicious. Meet smiles and goes to Chiku and helps him. The man defences the lady and says she isn’t used to do this so must have felt pukish but trust me she loves him a lot.

Manmeet shows Meet and Jashoda photo frames he got for Sumeet. Sumeet loves it. Jashoda says to Sumeet you look just like your parents. Summet asks her why doesn’t Chiku looks like his parents. Jashoda says at times kids resemble other relatives. Meet sees a ball about to hit Sumeet, she catches it. Manmeet praises Meet. Meet asks who is playing cricket now. Sumeet says Chiku bhaiya he plays just like Virat Kohli. Meet goes see Chiku play with other kids. Sumeet says look Mumma he is enjoying it so much. Meet looks at Chiku and it reminds her of how well Meet Ahlawat use to play and misses him. Meet walks to Chiku he loves cricket. Chiku says yes. Meet says come show me your bowling.

Chiku’s style resembles Meet Ahlawat, Meet hits a six. Chiku chases the ball and catches the ball. Meet finds it very similar to Meet Ahlawat. Meet thinks Chiku has so many habits similar to Meet Ahlawat but how is that possible.A boy throws ball at Chiku, it hits Chiku’s head and Chiku falls and hits his head on a stone. The couple come there and stand and watch. Meet and Manmeet take Chiku to hospital.Doctor asks Meet and Manmeet for consent form. Manmeet asks where are his parents. Meet says I don’t know I had informed them.

The couple goes to meet Kanika. Kanika scolds them for coming to her instead of going to hospital. Kanika says go to hospital and finish that kid. The couple agrees to kill Chiku and say we will need extra money.At the hospital, Meet and Manmeet waiting for couple. Doctor says we need to start quickly we don’t have much time. Couple comes rushing. Meet scolds them. The man says she fainted I was so helpless so some how we came here, wheres our kid. Meet calls doctor and asks to get sign. The couple signs the form. Doctor says the kid has lost blood we need to give him blood, which parents blood group matches his. The man says my blood matches but I have diabetes. Meet says can we get in touch with blood bank. Doctor says not possible he has rare blood group AB- Meet says thats my blood group.Meet says take as much blood you want save the kid.Sumeet prays to God to save Chiku and says take my fav doll but please save my Chiku Bhaiya.

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