Meet in Love update Monday 11 December 2023

Meet in Love 11 December 2023: Meet says infront of everyone I know truth will come out. A man stops manager and slaps him and asks him why did you try to hurt kids. Meet says I know very well he will frame me because I already had an doubt on him and jow I believe Mohan was murdered. Everyone start hitting him. Manager says says wait and tell them a fake story about builder who is trying to buy the orphanage and thinks if I told them about Kanika she will het me. Police takes him away.

Meet in Love 8 December 2023

Inspector apologies to Meet for their behaviour. Meet says to Sarkar I lost my first child but I’m not careless, I can give my life for my daughter.Gunwanti says to Jasodha because of Chiku, differences are increased between Vaapu Sarkar and Manmeet. Jasodha says you are telling true but where can we send him. Gunwanti says Kanika Madam will handle that. Meet running on streets.Guard stops Jasodha and Gunwanti. Jasodha says it’s for Chiku to leave let us go in. Jasodha and Gunwanti walks to Chiku and tell him to leave.

Gunwanti with Chiku outside house. Kanika on call with Gunwanti she tells her registration number of car and says don’t tell him where he is going.Meet trying to take lift. Gunwanti make him sit in car and says he will take you home safely. Chiku looks at the driver and realises he is a goon. Chiku get’s scared and goon drives the car. Gunwanti says Sarkar will be happy after knowing this and praise me.Kanika sits in car and shouts at Chiku.Meet outside home she sees Manmeet and Sumeet back in Jeep. Meet rush towards Sumeet and asks her about her health. Manmeet says she had food poisioning. Meet asks how are you now.

Manmeet says she is strong like her mother. Sapna walks to Meet and says pandit called and told we cannot postpone the pooja for Chiku we had to do it today that too before sunset. Meet says its been very long day till now and we need to do pooja but how can I leave Sumeet alone and we can’t take her with us. Sapna says I’ll look after Sumeet. Manmeet and Meet give uer blessings and ask her to stay with Sapna. Manmeet and Meet sit inside car. Meet says I have to tell you what happen in orphanage.

Kanika says let’s take him to our old warehouse I’ll burn him there. One of the goons says I’ll go and get kerosene and he gets out of car. Meet and Manmeets Jeep passes them. Kanika get’s alert. Chiku get’s out of car and start running toward Manmeet and Meet’s car. Kanika says I have to stop Chiku or my plan will be failed. Chiku run towards the temple. Meet and Manmeet walks inside temple for pooja.Meet and Manmeet sitting in pooja. Panditji says this pooja is for the kid you lost and for your daughter’s good health. Panditji asks her name. Meet says Chiku was his name. Diya about to go off but Meet stops it from going down and says to Manmeet I feel restless it feels like something bad is going to happen.

Chiku standing behind Meet and Manmeet but Kanika throws dust on his face and he stops.Kanika says to Goons now he won’t be able to see anything for sometime and asks goons to take him away.Sumeet looking for Chiku and asks Sapna about Chiku. Sapna says I saw him with Gunwanti.Kanika asks his Goons to act fast but Chiku runs away again. Chiku unable to see properly and he falls inside a basket and a red cloth covers him. Kanika and her men looking for Chiku everywhere. Fee people takes the basket. Kanika asks his men to separate and look for him.

Two men keeps the basket behind Manmeet and Meet. Meet getting anxious and I can’t concentrate in pooja. Panditji asks them to put ahuti in havan. Panditji asks Meet to take flower from basket and put it in havan. Meet takes flower from basket. Chiku lying inside unconscious. Kanika and his men standing behind Meet and Manmeet. Meet offers the flowers and pray. Chiku get’s out of basket. Kanika sees him. Panditji asks Meet to remember his kid with closed eyes. Meet pray for her kid. Kanika in shock after seeing Chiku coming out of basket. He steps in a thali with sindoor and he walks over Meet’s duppata. Chiku unable to see properly and he walks away.

Kanika steps inside the area and takes Chiku with her. Meet unaware about anything.Kanika says let’s throw him down the hill everyone will think he was blind and will consider this as accident.Gunwanti says to Sarkar, I couldn’t see Manmeet and Meet insulting you for that boy so I sent Chiku out of this house. Mahendra says that’s great news. Sarkar says shutup you two I can also throw that kid out of this house but he is not my mission I’m after Meet, I have to send her out so I’ll use my promise at right time.

Gunwanti says to Mahendra it took me lot of efforts to send Chiku out of this house but still Sarkar is not happy. Sumeet hears everything. Mahendra says no worries you did great. Sumeet asks where did you send Chiku. Gunwanti says your Chiku is out for real and she walks away.Kanika standing at the cliff with Chiku. Panditji asks them to perform ritual. Meet open her eyes and finds footprints of her chunri.Panditji asks Meet to bring her duppata forward to take flower. Meet brings her duppata forward and see Chikus footprint. Manmeet and Meet in shock.

Sumeet calls her mother and says pick fast don’t know where is Chiku. Panditji says a kid mush be playing while you were busy with Pooja don’t worry, we would have offer him jal (water) but he is not here so put it in well and consider you offered to your son. It gets stormy. Meet says to Manmeet I’m not feel good at all feels like something bad is going to happen. Manmeet says let’s complete the pooja then everything will be fine and they sit down.Sumeet decides to pray for Chiku. Kanika says to Chiku soon you will be with your friend Mohan.

Sumeet praying for Chiku and finds his locket, she says Chiku was wearing this and we can open it too.Manmeet and Meet walking on street. Meet says to Manmeet I’m feeling like something precious is been taken away from me.Sumeet tries to open locket she asks Sapna to help her. Sapna try and says this is very tight and Jasodha calls her.Meet drops her phone on ground. Kanika standing at the edge of cliff with Chiku.A man sees Chiku’s photo and their phone and says I saw him roaming here and he is blind too. Meet says there is some misunderstanding.

Man says I’m sure he was wearing white check shirt and asks them to look for him and he walks away. Meet asks Manmeet to look for Chiku till the time she completes the ritual.Kanika throws Chiku down the cliff. Sumeet open the locket she about the see the photos but Sarkar shouts at Sumeet and asks what are you doing here. Sumeet drops the locket and calls him Dadu. Sarkar says says I told you not to call me Dadu. Sumeet says everyone love me don’t you love me. Sarkar says no.

Sumeet mocks him and run away. Sarkar sit down near locket. Sumeet walks back and try to keep the locket in her pocket but Sarkar shouts at her and she drops it.Coconut falls on ground Meet says I’m sure everything happening is trying to signal me something. Coconut rool towards the cliff. Meet remembers the time of her kids accident. Meet apologies and walks away, her duppata falls down the cliff, she turn around to grab her duppata and finds Chiku hanging on tree. Meet tie a rope to tree and herself and calls Manmeet for help. Meet goes down the cliff and catch Chiku.

Chiku hanging unconscious near tree. Meet grabs him and asks Manmeet to pull the rope. Meet and Chiku get’s back to surface. Manmeet asks Meet how did Chiku came here. Meet says I don’t know and throws water on his face. Chiku wakes up and drinks water from kalash. Manmeet says this water was for Meet’s son but she gave to Chiku. Manmeet helps Chiku to wake up and start rubbing his hand. Meet sees the birth mark and remembers her kid. Meet checks it properly.

Manmeet asks what happen. Meet says my Chiku also had same birth mark, I was unable to find my Chiku when he fell down the cliff and when I hugged him for first time my heart was pumping, he could be my son. Manmeet says you lost your husband ypu got me, when you lost your Chiku you find him, just think the water was for your son and you gave to him it’s all because of almighty it’s his game. Meet says if this is not my Chiku then why my heart for pumping that time, I feel like my motherhood awakes when he is around me.

Meet remembers the locket and says my mother put locket in Chiku’s neck and she checks it but don’t find any locket. Manmeet hugs her. Meet crying.Sumeet praying for Chiku’s safety. Kanika says to Minister no need to worry I’ll handle everything. Minister says no need to do anything now I’ll look after the kid. Chiku at home. Manmeet, Meet and Sumeet around him. Chiku wakes up and hugs Meet. Meet says no need to be scared, I’m with you, you are out of danger and asks did you reach there did someone took you. Chiku scared.

Sumeet brings copy pen for him and asks him to write. Gunwanti sees Chiku and says he is back in house. Meet says he is our responsibility till the time we don’t find his parents. Inspector walks in Sarkar Mahal. Sarkar asks them what happen how did you come inside without informing. Inspector apologies to him and says a parent’s complaint us about a missing child who ran away from his house then we get to know the missing kid is here so we came to take him. Chiku get’s scared hugs Meet.

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