This is fate update Friday 8 December 2023

This is fate 8 December 2023: Arjun in shock asks if she was lying, Priyanka comes to Anjali mentioning there is still time so she should go inside and accept it was all a lie, Arjun rushes over to her asking if she lied and it means Preeta was telling the truth.

Rishab apologizes to his entire family saying they are in this position because of him and he ruined the name of their family, Karina mentions they all know he is their perfect son and whatever happened is because of Anjali as she is at fault, Mahesh explains he should be the one to apologize when Rishab asks what is the reason, Shristhi reveals the lawyer refused to take his case and when they went to him he already knew all the details,

Rishab wonders how is it possible when he did not talk with him. Rakhi explains the worry is that the lawyers are talking that if anyone takes the case then they would lose, she even mentions the media is passing a lot of comments knowing that Rishab is a nice businessman.Arjun asks Anjali if she lied, she assures she has always told the truth but just withheld one of it, he doesnot understand when she explains she did not tell them that she also had a drink because if she had told the police, they would have surely blamed her for it all. Anjali convinces him that Rishab himself took the drink.

Rishab asks Mahesh to control mom, Mahesh pleads with her to calm down assuring everything would be fine, she asks why he is trying to give her fake hope. Rishab explains that he is the son of those parents who have suffered a lot but even then, have no worry, he says that whenever he is in any problem he always thinks of his family which gives him strength. Rishab requests them all to believe that he would never do anything like this in his life, Rakhi exclaims she trusts him more then herself and he is the reason they feel proud, everyone of them believe in him assuring all of these misconceptions would end after which he will come back.

Rishab asks her to make semolina pudding while he will come back. Karina not being able to control herself leaves; Rishab instructs Shristhi to console her.Anjali explains they would be thinking she is the one at fault and did something wrong which led to the incident, Arjun assures he would always think good of her as she stood by his side because the rest of the world always deceived him but she stood by his side and he will make sure she is safe, Arjun leaves mentioning he has to go and meet the lawyer, Priyanka mentions she would drop Anjali back home.

Karina comes to sit on the bench when Shristhi notices she is crying, she tries to console Karina but she asks what has happened, Shristhi hugs her however Karina warns her to remain in her limits, Shristhi explains she knows Karina bua has a heart and even loves Rishab, she explains he is the elder son of this family and she feels good when he laughs or does any mischief but if he is in trouble, she feels a lot of pain. Karina explains Rishab is the perfect son and would never do anything wrong, she wonders what can she do to help him as he is so much trouble but she is not able to do anything, Shristhi tries to wipe of her tears but Karina warns her to stay away and never wipe of her tears as she does not want to get emotionally attached to her, Karina even warns her to not tell anyone she was crying.,

Shristhi thinks no matter how cruel she tries to act, today she realized Karina is soft hearted and emotional so she knows Karina bua is not wrong.Priyanka warns Anjali to withdraw her case since she can see that Arjun believes Rishab and even has feelings for Preeta, but Anjali says she would surely win this fight because Preeta has never fought a girl like her, this time Rishab and Preeta would surely lose since she is standing beside Arjun.

Preeta in the police station thinks no one can harm her family since she is going to fight and win this war, she will do everything for her family. Mahesh explains he has consulted the other lawyer and would arrange the bail, Preeta comes explaining that she feels Anjali would not tell the truth so they would have to make her confess, Rishab explains he wants to tell everything that happened word by word, but Preeta says he must rest assured as they all believe in him and he must remain calm, the constable mentions their time is over. The entire Luthra family leaves when Rishab asks Preeta to not take any sort of tension as he knows she would help him get out of jail.

Bani Dadi and Kritika are walking to the Mandir when the reporters try to question her, but they do not want to answer, Arjun notices they are being teased so rushes to help them, he even fights a citizen who is arguing with them.The reporters question Arjun why he is defending the Luthra’s when Rishab has done something so wrong, Arjun replies they are mistaken since Rishab is not such a person. Bani Dadi asks why is he behaving like this when the entire family used to think he is weird but she believed in him, Arjun replies he wants to tell them what he felt, Bani Dadi and Kritika try to leave but Dadi feels dizzy when Arjun immediately helps her,

Kritika replies they do not need his help however Arjun scolds her demanding that she must sit in the car and behave like a younger, she is forced to sit in the car when Arjun asks her to give Dadi the water.Preeta comes outside the police station when she says she wants to go and meet Mr Malkhani, Mahesh explains it is of no use as he has already refused even when he has been associated with them since the past fifteen years, Preeta insists on meeting him because he is a very good lawyer and knows their family. Mahesh agrees so Preeta leaves with Shristhi.

The assistant of Mr Malkhani comes informing Preeta and Shristhi mam have come to meet him, he says they should be told he is not here but just then Preeta enters explaining but they can see he is still in his office. She asks why he has refused to take their case when he is their family lawyers and knows them personally, Mr Malkhani replies he has the choice to select the cases and he knows Rishab is guilty, Preeta and Shristhi question how can he say it when he has not even seen the evidence, Mr Malkhani replies he will warn them that no other lawyer would take their case.

Arjun while driving the car asks Dadi what is she thinking, she replies that she sometimes feels she should trust him and knows he also thinks Rishab is innocent, Arjun recalls how Anjali showed him the marks, he replies he doesnot know who is at fault.Mr Malkhani informs Preeta the evidence which Anjali has provided is enough to prove that Rishab is guilty, Preeta replies they say that if he is fighting the case then the victory is certain, but she wants to assure this time he is going to lose the case.

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