Meet in Love update 8 Friday December 2023

Meet in Love 8 December 2023: Meet in her room with Chiku giving him food to eat. Meet says yo him few good people will come and take you to your parents, I know you will miss Sumeet but it’s important for you to go to your family, they must worried because of you then your parents will look after you like I do for Sumeet, I have packed ypur stuff and toys. Meet get’s call from Kanika, she says please come down I want you to meet the person from our child association welfare. Meet says I’ll come.

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Meet asks Chiku to eat food and she leaves. Meet walks away. Chiku find a chain he grabs it and follow Meet.Kanika says to lady we have brought you here to take that kid any how from here this is your responsibility. Meet walks to them. Kanika introduce her to Kanika Sharma and says she will take Chiku. Chiku walks out and sees Kanika, he gets scared. Meet asks them to come inside. Kanika get’s call says I have to leave for Ministers office take Rupali she will give all the details.

Chiku run inside.Manmeet says to Sarkar boy is leaving Meet is not going. Meet walks inside with Rupali and says she will take Chiku to his home. Rupali says don’t worry we will send him to his family soon. Meet says I’ll bring Chiku. Sarkar asks to send boy quickly. Meet walks to Chiku says she will take you to your parents. Chiku scared a lot he sits in Meet’s leg and bed for not going. Meet asks him what happen why are you scared. Mahendra says he is very stubborn and asks Rupali to take him soon. Meet says if you don’t want to go then forget it I’ll help you to find your parents.

Meet says to everyone I can leave him alone I’ll go with him. Manmeet begs infront of Sarkar and asks him not to send kid out of the house, I’ll so whatever you want me to do, I’ll sacrifice anything but don’t ask me to sacrifice my family. Sarkar says do you even understand what sacrifice is, think one more time. Manmeet says I know and I won’t step back. Sarkar says remember your promise I’ll ask you to fulfill when right time will come and you have to do it, boy can live here till the time you don’t find his parents. Manmeet thanks Bapu Sarkar. Sarkar thinks your promise will cost you a lot Manmeet.

Meet says to Manmeet I don’t understand why Chiku is always scared. Manmeet says Sumeet told us that she saved Chiku from goons. Meet says but he is an ordinary boy but why are the goons looking for him, is he from rich family. Manmeet says no that’s not the matter because we would have seen an article or someone would have come for him. Meet says we have to keep the security tight near Chiku and Sumeet both will safe. Manmeet says I’m here don’t worry.

Kanika and Rupali together. Rupali says our plan was fullproof but he started crying and then they decided not to send him with me. Kanika says these two are coming in my way, I need one day so that they are not having attention at Chiku then I’ll take him away with me.Orphanage Manager get’s call from Kanika, she says tomorrow is very important day for us, we need to take the kid away and for that I’m Meet to orphanage.

Manager says don’t send her she will start searching for evidence and if she finds out anything then we all will get caught. Kanika says you have time till tomorrow to destroy every evidence related to Mohan, tomorrow she will come and we will trap her so that see fails to go back to her house early and disconnects call.Gunwanti says to Mahendra today Bapu Sarkar’s havan was disturbed but still he listened to Manmeet. Mahendra says he took promise from Manmeet.

Gunwanti says but still kid is in house and I think this is the right time for separation, we should say against Manmeet to Sarkar so that he give us most of the part from his property to us, we should also think about our family. Mahendra says you are right after the factory villagers consider them as God we have to do something, I don’t want Manmeet to be next Sarkar. Gunwanti says I’m sure every Men will listen to you once your factory is established and you are the oldest kid of Sarkar.

Meet in her room. Manmeet, Sumeet and Chiku sleeping. Kanika walks in there room. Meet thanks Kanika for helping her but Chiku was crying a lot so I was unable to send him with Rupali. Kanika says Rupali told me and I’m shocked to see people like you and your husband are still available to look after a strange kid, we always hear the news how kids are been tortured in orphanage and school. Meet sees an article in newspaper about Mohan. Meet says he is the same kid Mohan who is been tortured, I went to orphanage to check and I believe the reason they are telling is wrong, he is been killed. Kanika asks her why do you think so.

Meet says I went to orphanage and people over there always try to dodge my questions and now I believe they know I don’t believe their story so they are alert. Kanika says yoi should find your way in, why don’t you go to distribute medicine like this you can help kids and I’ll you will get permission from minister’s side l. Meet says if that’s possible I’ll find out the truth and she thanks her. Meet give her newspaper and walks in. Kanika says now Meet will be away from Chiku now I have to think about Manmeet.

Meet says to Manmeet I have done with all the things and today is the best day to find out truth, she asks Manmeet to look after Sumeet when she is awake.Jasodha taking medicine. Sarkar calls her. Jasodha keeps the medicine on table and walks to Sarkar. Kanika says this is my time.Meet in orphanage giving medicine. Kanika calls Manager and says I believe you must have destroyed all the evidence related to Mohan.

Manager says yes you are right. Kanika mix something in medicine and says you very well know what to do today. Manager says all the arrengements are done. Kanika mix something in syrup and walks away.Manager says to Meet you are doing a great job, I didn’t know you are connected to Minister I thought you are doing a great job so I called media so that everyone knows about your work. Meet says I know very well you like to be in limelight. Few kids playing around dustbin. A kid praises her chocolate. Meet says these are not chocolate these are vitamins it will give strength to everyone.

A kid falls on trash and Chikus photo get stick to her tshirt. Meet stops the two girls and give them vitamins. One of the girl walks away and Meet finds a photo stick to her tshirt. Meet follows her.Manmeet sees Sumeets medicine and asks Jasodha about them. Jasodha says I was taking to Sumeet but Sarkar called me. Manmeet get’s call from someone. Jasodha takes medicine. Kanika says now Sumeet will get sick and he will take her to city then I’ll take Chiku with me.

Meet follows the girl to store room, she couldn’t find her so walks back to ground and says I saw Chiku’s photo and says I should ask kids by showing his photo. Manager says to Meet kids are happy you are doing a great job. Meet says it’s so hot can I get a glass of water. Manager says okay and he walks away. Meet asks a girl I someone missing from orphanage. She says yes and he use to talk a lot. Meet says that can’t bt Chiku but still try to show her photos. Every kid start vomiting and falls on ground.

Jasodha walks to Manmeet and says Sumeet is vomiting a lot come with me.Meet start panicking and looks after kids. Manager calls Kanika says Meet’s medicine’s are working and she did a big blunder her good deed will cost a lot to her.Manmeet on call. Jasodha walks to him and says Sumeet is vomiting come with me. Manmeet eush to Sumeet. Sumeet not feeling well at all. Kanika seeing everything. Jasodha and Manmeet try to wake her up. Manmeet says she fainted.

Meet trying to wake up kids in orphanage. Kanika walks to Jasodha and Manmeet, she says her condition is bad these are the symptoms of food poisioning, you have to take her to city. Manager says how is this possible how can every kid can go sick at one yime waa something mixed in food. Man says no everyone had same food. Other man says kids had vitamins which we didn’t had. Meet says you are wrong the medicine provided strength to kids, why will I play with kid’s life. Media accuses Meet makes an breaking news. Meet says we have to help kids. Manmeet calls

Meet but she unable to pick. Manmeet says to Jasodha rry calling Meet until she picks up till that time I’ll rush to city hospital. Kanika says this is was I want now it’s me and Chiku.Manager asks Meet to stay away from kids because of your medicine kids a sivk. Everyone start accusing her. Meet says enough right now we need to save kid’s life. Meet take Manager’s phone and calls Dr. Sunita to come with her team to look after kids. Meet says doctor has asked us to keep every kid awake.

Manager try to stop her. Meet says start helping kids if something happens to them I won’t leave you. Everyone start helping Meet so that every kid is awake. Meet thinks I have to find out some other way so that they are awake. Meet start singing happy song for kids, she brings toys and balloons for them. Meet pray to God.Mahendra seeing news regarding Meet’s factory and show it to Sarkar. Mahendra says this is the right time to act and her factory will be locked forever, she is always snatching things from us evern your son too. Sarkar asks driver to take car to orphanage.

Every kid on bed. Manager on call with Kanika says bring the kids and Meet will be in jail for long time. Manager remembers exchanging medicine boxes with his employees with fake ones. Meet asks doctor about kids. Doctor says they are out of danger thankgod you kept them awake. Mahendra walks in and says now you will go to jail. Manager and other men start complaining about Meet to Sarkar. Meet says nothing was wrong with my medicine, you can come and check to my factory, why will I play with there lifes I’m also a mother. Sarkar says you lost your child when he was born and your husband is busy looking after Sumeet for her checkup. Meet in shock asks what happen to Sumeet.

Sarkar says you don’t know anything about Sumeet. Meet asks him what happen to Sumeet. Mahendra says your daughter Sumeet is vomiting and fainted, you gave poision to your kid too. Meet says don’t say anything more. Meet rty to leave but everyone tie her to chair. Meet shouting for help.Chiku playing in room. Kanika keeping eye on him says Meet and Manmeet are out of picture but how can I dodge these guards, once they are out Chiku will be under my control but how. Gunwanti watching news on her phone about orphanage.

Kanika with Gunwanti in her room says I don’t like to interfere in family matter but I can’t stop myself, you are the elder daughter in law of this house but Meet is more privileged then you. Gunwanti says you are right but we can’t do anything. Kanika says you gave birth to boy so according to that family should listen to you, I think Meet has kept Chiku in this house purposely so that she can make him as her kid and take permanent spot in this house that’s why Manmeet didn’t go against Sarkar and one day this Chilu will call Sarkar as Dada. Gunwanti asks what can I do. Kanika says send Chiku out of this house and Sarkar will be happy.

Gunwanti says you are right Sarkar will be happy but how can we do this he is guarded. Kanika says by creating hatered in Sarkar’s mind that this boy is unlikely for this house.Meet asks Sarkar to let him go she beg hi. Sarkar says her family will look after her. Mahendra bad mouths about Meet’s factory infront of Media. Meet says this is lie. Sarkar says she should be punished for her actions.Gunwanti says to Jasodha Chiku is unlucky for this house. Jasodha says it’s your mind playing with you, he is an orphan.

Meet says to Sarkar atleast give me chance to prove my innocence. Sarkar says you won’t get any chance he throws all the medicines infront of Meet. Meet looks at medicine and thinks my medicine contains yellow vitamins powder but they are having green in them how is that possible, I’m sure someone must have exchanged. Meet says someone is trying to frame me I can prove. Sarkar says enough no more lie and asks police to take her away. Meet says I can prove these medicines are fake these are not made in my factory. Police takes her away.

Manager calls Kanika and says we were about to get caught but Sarkar brought police with him and send her to jail we just got saved. Manager turn around and see everyone is standing behind him.Meet remembers telling everyone to give her one chance to prove herself innocent, she beg infront of Sarkar so that she can help all the kids, I investigated kids are not treated well overhere, every kid overhere is scared everytime, if you worry about kids then please believe me and punish real culprit, she asks Sarkar to go with her. Sarkar thinks I have to help Meet infront of villagers only then I will be having hold over everyone. Meet begs infront of everyone. Meet says to everyone real culprit is standing infront of you.

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