Meet in love update Wednesday 21 September 2022


Meet in love 21 September 2022: Meet with coin now this is the only way to know truth about Shanty.She drop the coin in light bulb holder and electricity goes. Raj ask Manikaka to check. Meet take Isha with her downstairs. Meet push Hoshiyar he falls on Shanty. Shanty on floor without his glasses. Hoshiyar says I pushed Shanty by mistake. Light comeback, everyone see Shanty on floor. Meet says to him are you looking for your glasses here it is. Meet Ahlawat help Shanty to getup and look mark below his eyes. Meet says what did my eyes see, is that a black mark of punch who hit you and says I told you that I punch him when I was at his location and that’s why he was wearing this.

Shanty says I got this mark in boxing ring, being a police inspector you can stalk me and my dad know I go for boxing, first you try to frame me as molester and now this, it’s my engagement cannot come with this face and looks at dad. Abhay ask Babita what’s happening. Babita scolds Meet and says now you are crossing the limits and apologies to Shanty and Abhay. Abhay says okay.Isha walks to Meet says I don’t think anyone would be able to stop this function. Meet looks at waiter, she push him. Waiter spill water all over Shanty. Meet apologies Babita says my lehenga is heavy. Babita says you can go to washroom and use dryer. Hoshiyar says come I’ll take you. Shanty says don’t worry I know where it is.

Shanty walking towards washroom. Meet drops marble in his way. Shanty stumble and hold the gate of washroom. Meet with her mechanism close the door. Shanty fingers stuck in between gate. Meet looks at him and smiling.Meet Ahlawat says to everyone when Shanty will be back we will attempt that trick of ring again. Babita says no need of that we have wasted time already. Abhay says yes you are right let’s not waste time, rest of the fun can be done on main function. Ragini go and bring thali and shows the ring. Shanty walks to them and says I don’t think we can get engaged today. Everyone ask what happen. Shanty show his hand. Babita ask what happen to your hand. He says I slipped. Babita ask Sunaina to get first aid. Abhay says no we need to go to doctor he is right we can’t do function today, he apologies to everyone and says don’t worry they will get married in next 6 days.

Meet says to Isha I told you trust me. Isha says thanks for saving me.Everyone in hall sitting with face down. Meet brings tea for everyone. Raj says in so much of tension you don’t forget to take care of family. Meet says we can’t change time so we should think of our future and says this is your mug. Babita ask Meet do you truly care about this family and can do anything for our happiness and safety. Meet says yes I can do anything but why are you asking this. Babita walks to Meet and take her to her son and says swear on him that you won’t go against Shanty anymore. Meet thinks about Shanty and denies says I respect you. Babita gets angry and says your actions don’t say that. Raj scolds Babita and ask her to keep quiet let her talk and ask her what were you saying.

Meet says you all are my family and treated me as your daughter, Isha is like my sister too and I won’t let anything bad happen to her. Masum steps forward and says you want to make her perfect Ahlawat’s daughter in law but look at her attitude and says to Meet Ahlawat that you don’t says anything to her it’s high time now or else it will be difficult for everyone. Meet says to Masum why are you saying like this I haven’t change. Babita says that’s the issue you haven’t change tilll now, what do you think of yourself if you have forgotten let me remind you, you were an unwanted bride here nobody wanted you, me and my son hated you. Meet remembers everything. Babita says but still we accepted you and keeps insulting her, I did everything you ask and give you permission for everything but what you did, you try to steal our happiness and get us insulted.

Meet says I didn’t try to harm anyone. Sunaina says yes you are right but still you hurt everyone and says did not mean too, how much more you will hurt mom we are fed-up with you. Tej scolds Sunaina. Masum says to Tej I agree she should not come in between but she is right, mom has given toi much freedom to Meet and she always take advantage of it but in the end mom is being hurt so much. Babita walks away. Masum says to Meet you have broken her trust I’m sorry to say but you are going against family and ask Sunaina to leave.

Raj walks to Meet and apologies to her and says Babita was wrong on her part of punishing you but what happen today was not good at all for family and you became the culprit of that I’m sorry. Meet looks at Meet Ahlawat says you won’t say anything everyone said there truth about me you can also say it that you are fed up of me, my thinking, my hair, you also don’t love me and after all I was forced for you and leaves.Meet run to garden crying and remember what Babita, Masum and Sunaina said to her and thinks I’ll bring truth of Shanty infront of everyone by any how because it’s about Isha.

Meet in garden crying and remember how Babita scolds her. Meet Ahlawat near stairs do the ring trick with Meet. Meet feel ring and see him. Meet Ahlawat walks to her look at ring and put it in her finger and says I love your short hairs, when you tease me I gets angry but what can I do I’m addicted to you and big problem is I love you a lot, even god knows this love wont go away, I’m saying this today and will says everytime, these Meet won’t stop loving eachother and won’t do anything that may come in our love, this is the promise I’m giving you and taking from you and he hugs her.


Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks downstairs. Meet hear havan chant and ask what is happening. Tej says I’m adopting Ram and Lakhan so all this is going on for adoption. Pandit ask to call there mother. Tej says they don’t have mom, they got father and I’m here. Meet says to Tej what are you saying, Sunaina stood up with you all time. Tej says she use to but know they are my kids, now I’m there mom and dad. Babita says to Tej you are not doing right Sunaina is your wife she waited for you 4years and because of these kids you goy ready to leave her who was ready to spend her life without you. Tej says you are right mom but you don’t showoff your love, and those 4years feel like it’s a debt and let me tell you I feel connected with these kids I feel happy around them but you cannot understand this nor anyone else.

Sunaina says you are absolutely right Tej I cannot understand nor I want to understand because I don’t feel connected to them don’t know what kind of bad parenting they have got. Meet shouts at Sunaina and says don’t say a word against kids. Sunaina says to her you know everything bad happening in my life is just because of you, you have made everyone’s life hell in this house, these two are here because of you and because of them my married life is ruined and I will never forgive you for this, I curse you as these kids have created difference between me and Tej same will happen with you and your husband, then you will know my pain. Meet Ahlawat says try to talk to Sunaina.

Meet says I’ll talk to her. Meet and Meet Ahlawat holding hands there hands get burn because of fire and they leave eachother hand. Raj ask are you two okay. Tej claps and says wao Sunaina you are on right track, he walks to her and says you have any idea what you just said, you are cursing them, they hoth love, respect and support you more then me, I feel bad that I loved you, you know what my Sunaina knew to give love but this one is full of negativity. Sunaina try to walk away but Tej hold her hand and says you can’t avoid the truth but she walk away. Raj stops Tej and says control your emotions, you are doing a very kind deed don’t spoil this moment, go and sit. Raj ask pandit to continue. Meet walk away. Masum thinks my plan is working.

Babita in her room. Masum walks to her with sweet in her hand and ask are you having headache, wait I’ll apply balm. Babita says it’s okay and see the box and ask her what is this. Masum says Tej has distributed this, I was coming upstairs so thought of bringing it for you, do you want to eat. Babita says I won’t touch it because Tej choose kids before Sunaina don’t know what has happen to him, all this is happening because of Meet don’t know what she has said to Tej, don’t know what should I do. Masum says I understand what you are trying to say, Tej is influenced by Meet, you know he bought these sweet from the shop recommend by Meet just because Ram and Lakhan likes it.

Babita throw the box.Sunaina in her room. Someone knocks at door. Sunaina says you can come in. Someone open door but doesn’t walks in. Sunaina walks to door and see a cake with sorry message on it, Ram Lakhan walks and says we are sorry for everything and says we made this for you. Sunaina walks away. They both walk to her inside with cake. Ram says we don’t want because of us you and Tej fight. Lakhan says we promise to be like you want. Ram says please be our mom, if you will say yes then we will get bot mom and dad so here is the care for our sweet mom. Sunaina takes the cake and says this is idea is of Meet correct. They says yes but how you know that. Sunaina says to them so go and tell her that she have taken lot if advantage by influencing me but now it won’t work and now about being mom she drop the cake and says you got the answer.

Tej walks in wipe there tears and says I told that I’m your mom and dad, you can call me pummy, it’s a blessing to be called as mother you know why because she has love and care, so come let’s have cake I’ll cook for you.Meet in her room writing Meet on white board and remember what Sunaina said to her. Raj walks in looks at her writing Meet on white board, he records it in his phone, walks to her. Meet turn and ask do you need something. Raj says no and ask Meet Ahlawat to come in. He walks to in and sees the white board. Raj take there hands and says I know one thing very well that any power cannot break your relation and I want a promise from you two that you wont leave eachother alone, when two people get married nobody can break it they just have to support eachother, there are times when you are going to face difficulties, if that time come then remember one thing and see this photo that you are made for eachother.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet take Raj’s blessings and hug him. Meet Ahlawat thanks Raj for support.

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