Meet in love update Tuesday 20 September 2022

Meet in love 20 September 2022: Meet says to Shanty I told you that I’ll catch you redheaded in 7 days but you are so restless soul that you get caught in 1 day come everyone is waiting for you, let me show them your true face and Meet beat him and ask everyone to leave. Shanty cover his face and go out with Meet.Sunaina says to Tej what is this pack of cigarettes do they smoke Tej, I think we didn’t understood them, we should help them yo secure there future, I know and NGO where they are trained so that they don’t make an habit of bad things, we should keep them there for sometime. Tej says you are right.Meet make Shanty sit in car and handcuffs him.

Babita in room of Tej and Sunaina says come down fast lot of work is left and ask them what happen. Sunaina says yo her we got box of cigarettes from there bag so we are but sad. Babita says this is unbelievable, they look so innocent, actually we cannot say because we don’t know about there upbringing, I don’t know what more they are hiding. Tej says you are right mom who knows that someone can do this much bad but you know what mom Sunaina did this because this pack of cigarette Sunaina kept it in there bag. Sunaina says I didn’t do this. Tej says shut up Sunaina this pack cigerette is so costly that if they are smokers they couldn’t afford it, yes but it’s easy of Sunaina. Babita says why are you saying this Tej, why do you think she will do it.

Tej says because they are orphan and she doesn’t want me to adopt them that’s why she made so disgusting plan to frame them but it turned out other way, I don’t believe, I hate you Sunaina. Sunaina says I waited for you from last 4 years because I love you, I didn’t know if you were alive or dead but in return what do I got these two orphan kids. Tej says people don’t show if they love, thanks for waiting for me for 4 years but listen to me carefully, Sunaina Tej Ahlawat from now own I make you a free bird from now on you will live your own life, we are done. Babita says stop it are you small kids we have function today in our house, Tej you are brother of isha so it’s your responsibility that nobody should know what is going on inbetween you two and same I expect feom you Sunaina now smile and come down, this matter will be solved afterwards and she walk away. Sunaina crying.

Everyone at function. Babita thinks don’t know where is Shanty and Bhaiji, she ask Meet Ahlawat did you talk to Shanty. He says don’t worry it’s about time they will be here. Meet park her car outside house and brings Shanty inside. Babita says to Meet Ahlawat talk to Shanty. Meet shouts Shanty is here, I brought him here. Ram ask from where. Meet says I brought him from his debauchery where he was partying with bar dancer. Babita says what rubbish are you talking again you are accusing him. Meet says no mom, when I caught him he was so drunk that he was unable to stand and I made the his video too so that I can prove myself and start searching her phone. Meet Ahlawat ask where is video Meet and you know what are you doing, function is going on in this house.

Meet says something is wrong and remove cloths from his face and see he is not Shanty.Abhay Rana with Shanty at door says to Babita now who is the next victim of your daughter in law.…(Meet get down of her car to help an old man in market and at that moment Shanty change his place with his friend.)…Abhay and Shanty walks in. Abhay ask what new drama is going on in Ahlawat’s family. Babita says to Meet we ask you to stop doing things, you like to make drama, you have spoilt everything. Abhay says I’m not saying anything Babita this doesn’t mean that your daughter in law can disrespect us again and again. Raj apologies to Abhay and says to boy you can leave there is some misunderstanding.

Babita says you have crossed your limits and you will be punished for this and she apologies to Abhay for her mistake. They all walk in. Shanty walk to Meet says what did you thought you are catching me, in reality you were falling in trap and walk away. Meet thinks this mean he trapped me, how will I show everyone his reality and she remembers she punched him, he calls Meet Ahlawat says can you remove his specks because I punched him below his eyes and I know there should be mark so try to remove his shades. Babita says just shut up you won’t say a word. Meet says please try to understand mom for one time, she walk to Shanty says remove your shades and says to raj he is wearing this because he want to hide is bruise, I punched him below his eyes to cover that he is wearing this and ask him to remove.

She walk towards and try to remove his shades. Abhay come in between hold her hand and shouts at her enough, I won’t let you play with my respect, I warned you earlier, you know the value of a minister and a Sub Inspector. Babita apologies to Abhay. Abhay says stop it, you know how respectable family we are in society, daughter in law of our house don’t behave like this, you know she has gone mad because if success and thinks she can do anything but she forgot that police officer like her stand outside our house so please ask her how to respect guest. Meet says to him I understand what you are saying but I’m just asking to you to ask you son to remove shades that’s not a big deal.

Shanty shouts at her enough is enough. Meet Ahlawat says behave your self. Shanty says dad it’s enough I don’t want to get engaged here.Shanty shouts at Meet enough is enough. Meet Ahlawat says to Shanty to behave. Shanty says it’s done I don’t want to get engaged. Ram says to Shanty one minute and says to Meet why are you destroying Isha’s future. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet what are you trying to do can’t you see the environment. Meet says I’m telling true. Babita says to Shanty please ask him not to break the engagement and says to Shanty please don’t do that I beg you.

Shanty says please don’t do this you are older then me. Babita says please don’t do that and says to Abhay you are right Meet will behave like a daughter in law believe me. Abhay says you know after so many years we meet and I thought this relation will grow stronger with this engagement but your daughter in law always disrespect us, we feel happy when women progress but your daughter in law don’t listen to anyone. Babita says I don’t to loose you again, give one more chance to your younger sister I’ll handle everything but please don’t break this engagement. Abhay says let’s forgot things and move forward. Babita thanks Abhay and apologies to Shanty and scolds to Meet says from now on you will be daughter in law inside this house not SI Meet and you will do it from this moment and take Meet in her room.

Babita ask Sunaina to bring the lehenga and jewellery from her room. Meet try to say something. Babita says shutup and Sunaina bring the dress. Babita handover things to her and says get ready and be like Ahlawat’s family daughter in law. Meet says you know I cannot wear these heavy dresses. Babita says is your job not heavy on you, it’s a tough job so you say no there too, at home you do drama and at home you denies to everything is this your father taught you. Meet thinks no mom it’s her education that I’m standing for everything. Babita says to Sunaina it’s your duty to take care of her getting dressed, she should look like Ahlawat’s daughter in law and make sure she don’t wear her normal footwear make her wear high heels and leave.Sunaina help Meet to get ready.

Meet thinks I won’t let Isha life ruined. Sunaina walk away. Meet thinks what happen to her.Babita says to Abhay let’s start with the function and ask Ragini to bring Isha. Isha come downstairs with Ragini and Sunaina. Babita says to Isha you look like doll. Isha thinks where is Meet Bhabhi. Shanty hold Isha’s hand and take her to stage. Ragini ask Shanty to sit. Shanty make her sit first m Abhay praises Shanty for his behaviour. Meet Ahlawat thinks my decision is right he is best for Isha, I’m sure Meet failed to judge him. Meet come downstairs all dressed up. Masum laugh at her. Meet fall down because of heels. Meet Ahlawat rush to pick her up. Shanty ask Isha are you okay.

Isha says yes and thanks for asking. Meet stumble again. Babita help her and calls waiter, she take tray from him and hand it over to Meet and ask her to greet everyone and please talk elegantly treat them with respect it’s Ahlawat mansion. Meet try to walk. Raj says to Babita is this correct to humiliate Meet infront of everyone. Babita says we punish our daughter too and she is our daughter so if she do mistake then we will punish her too, sometime we have to take harsh steps to teach them. Meet Ahlawat save tray and Meet from falling down. Masum ask Meet to give her juice. Meet thanks him for saving her. He says I’ll handle tray and you can handle guest. Meet Ahlawat give juice to Masum. Babita ask Meet to give juice to Shanty.

Meet Ahlawat try to help her but Babita stop her son and says I ask her not you. Meet take juice for Shanty and walks to him. He take the juice from her. Isha holds Meet hand, Meet stand beside Isha and says I think they should dance on a romantic song it’s a big day for them. Everyone agrees. Isha thinks what happen to Meet is she trying to save me or what. Shanty get up and ask Isha to dance with him. Meet puts her hand on Isha and Isha agrees to dance with him. Meet says I’m sorry Isha this is the way to bring the truth out infront of everyone and she falls down, what I’ll do if I get falling again first I have to remove these heels and apologies to Babita for her actions.

Everyone happy to see Shanty and Isha dancing together. Meet try to make Shanty fall but Meet Ahlawat stops her and ask what are you seeing this is the time to execute your ring plan now go. Meet says you danced well now Isha come with me and she take her to balcony. Isha says to Meet this means you giveup. Meet says to win big wars sometime you have to loose the small one and she drop thread to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat try put thread in his finger but couldn’t so he act like he is taking information about watch. Tej stall him till the time Meet Ahlawat tie the thread in his finger and give signal to Meet. Meet ask Isha to slip this ring in thread and she put a coin in blub holder to cut electricity of house and pray to God for Isha. Electricity goes because of Meets trick.

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