I’m on the edge update Wednesday 21 September 2022

I’m on the edge 21 September 2022: Devika says to family that Alek wants to marry me, he loves me so why I shouldnt go with him, why should I stay here? Maasa says for money, after we get property, you will get so much money that Alek cant even think of and for that money, you have to stay here for 6 months, you wanted to make a house for your parents. Devika says Alek loves me, he can give house to my parents too. Maasa says I am doing all this for your benefit, there is never enough money in life so earning good amount in 6 months will be good. Devika says you want to to benefit me? you brought this Varun as Prince to cheat me then you put gun on my mother’s head and wanted me to marry this oldie Jaggu, I had to bear it all but now Alek is waiting for me, tell me one good reason why I shouldnt leave? Varun says fate doesnt want us to separate, we try to go against each other but fate brings us together, we are written in each others lives. Devika says to hell with your fate, I am going to Alek, this is my life and my decisions, you have no right to interfere. She leaves.

Alek points gun at shooter and says how dare you tried to kill Devika? she is my golden egg giving girl, Diya looks on. Alek shoots and kills shooter and smirks. He says to Diya that I killed him infront of you to show you what happens when someone comes in my way, I want Devika for Rajawat family’s money too, once she gets money then I will blackmail her, take advantage of her and then I will throw her in some trashcan and enjoy with my foreign girls but you have to stay locked here till my plan succeed, he leaves. Diya thinks Varun will save Devika.

Scene 2
Varun recalls Devika’s words that she is going to Alek. He cries. Mom comes to him and says I know what you are thinking. Varun says I love her a lot but she wants to go to Alek, I just want one proof against that Alek, I can give my everything for her. Varun gets a call from manager and says you have gotten a role, you have to go Mumbai, he ends call. Mom says you got role? Varun says how can I leave Devika here? when I know alek is behind her. Mom says you always wanted to work in movies, you can become hero. Varun says but now Devika’s love is my dream, I can get chances in life but I cant lose her love. Mom says my son is a real hero, you have heart of gold, make her yours.

Father says to Devika that Varun is a nice guy, he will keep you happy. Devika says he can lie everytime if he lied once, he played a dangerous game in morning, she leaves. Lajjo says she can say anything but I want Devika to be with Varun. Varun’s mom comes there and says I think same. Lajjo says we should do something for our kids, they love each other,we should do something to bring them together, Lajjo give them some idea.

Maasa says to Jaggu that we have to stop that Devika for 6 months otherwise we will not get money. Jaggu says she can slip away. Maasa says bring my gun, I know who is making her slip.. I want to kill Alek, if he was not present then Devika didnt have any place to go. Jaggu says be patient, if anything happens to Alek then we will be doubted and will go to jail. Maasa says you are right but I cant let my money go because of that fool girl, she is leaving failing my plan.

At night, Devika takes off her jewelry. She recalls Varun saying that fate joined them, she looks at her mangalsutra.
Varun is hurt and going towards his room. Devika keeps looking at her mangalsutra. Varun recalls their moments together, Humari adhuri kahani plays. They are both hurt and lost. Devika tries to take off her mangalsutra but cant.In morning, Devika is leaving house but Varun stands in her way and says you are leaving just like that? you forgot that you came here to give house to your parents but now you love Alek so you forgot about your parents? you have become selfish now? Devika says Alek will help me, he has money too.

Varun says and what if you fight with Alek? you will be dependent on him, you promised to earn money on your own. Varun says to Devika that we talked about you earning money to make house for your family and if you stay at palace then you will earn money.. you shouldnt stay for me.. shouldnt stay here for Maasa but stay here for your parents.. He turns to leave but Devika says stop.. you want to make me emotional but listen.. I am ready to stay in this house. Varun is happy.

Devika divides house in two. A woman comes there. She says I am Naina, I want to ask why house is divided in two? I have been sent from court to keep an eye on husband and wife’s relation for 6 months to check if marriage is good. I came here to check on a marriage but here seems to be a big problem. Naina asks why house is divided in two? Varun’s mom suddenly says we were playing kabaddi. They all agree and says lets play.. Maasa says enough.. I mean we have a guest so lets meet her. Naina says I am here to keep an eye on marriage, she asks Devika and Varun if they have wedding photo in their room? they nod. Naina asks Varun why he didnt take Devika to his house? Varun says why girl have to leave house? why always woman have to sacrifice? why always she have to leave her family and house so I decided to change this norm and decided to stay with Devika at her house.

Naina says I have seen many marriages but I am really impressed with Varun’s thinking, Varun you get 10 points, she says to Devika that you are lucky to get husband like him, Lajjo says she is. Varun says we should write our story to make it a success, to make my marriage successful, we will write our story, right Devika? Devika looks on.Kesar is doing head massage of Dhani who is in tension. Kesar asks what happened why are you silent? Dhani says 6 months are alot, they can fall in love, Varun is a very nice person, what if Devika falls in love with him and she denies to fulfill promise.

Kesar says you cant sit idly because Devika promised you, you have to take a step, when these 6 months will pass and Devika will give you Varun.. no you have to do something to make Varun leave Devika and come to you, you have to seduce him, make him see your love, Dhani says would it be right? Kesar says yes look at your mother, you have to snatch few things, I dont want what happened with me to happen with you too, Kesar hugs her. Dhani looks on.Devika says to Varun that if you do anything stupidly then I wont spare you, we are doing this for money so we have to show infront of Naina that we love each other. Varun says dont we? I dont have to show off, you have to pretend. Devika says we have to share a room so there will be some rules. Varun says just order me.

Devika says listen.. we wont use AC in room, I will take bath first, dont throw dirty clothes in room, stay away from me in room. Varun says I will try, Devika says dont try to love me, I am bad for your health, I am here with you to fulfill my dream for my parents. Varun says I made you remember it, I am your husband afterall. Varun thinks in 6 months, I will make her fall in love. Devika thinks I will destroy him in 6 months, she pushes away Varun and leaves.

Dhani pulls Varun in her room, Varun asks what is all this? Dhani moves closer to him and says I cant stay away from you and I didnt get chance to be close to you, Varun says what? Dhani says I love you, Devika doesnt love you and will never love you, why are you behind her? she doesnt even look at you, you can love me, look at me, I can give anything for you. She throws herself at him and hugs him tightly. Varun asks her to leave him. Suddenly Naina comes in room and sees them hugging, Varun is stunned to see her and pushes Dhani away.

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