I’m on the Edge update Tuesday 30 August 2022

I’m on the edge 30 August 2022: Masa says you have to marry. Adhi says marry who? Masa says marrry Kesar. Devi listens she is dazed. Adhi says how can I marry her? Masa says people will talk about us if they return. Your dad’s name will be ruined. People will appreciate you. It will be good for her coming child as well. This is your responsibility. Adhi says i can’t do this. Don’t ever say this again. He leaves. Devi says I should talk to him.

Adhi comes to his room. he is angry. Adhi recalls his moments with Devi. Devi comes in. Adhi says you.. Why are you back? She says to laugh at your condition. I pity you. You are crying now. So bad. People are right. Men go mad in love. Remember the day you forced me to marry and there is today when I broke up to avenge. You can’t show your face to the society. I had fun with my friend adn then there is you alone and pathetic. I am happy with my friend. He throttles her and realizes he was dreaming all this.

Adhi is in his room. He laughs and cries. He breaks devi’s photo. He burns it. Devi is looking at it all. He burns everthing related to her. Adhi sits there crying. Devi is crying too. Masa comes and says what are you doing. Why are you paining yourself for that characterless girl? She fooled you and ruined your life. Don’t be mad for her. You deserve someone like Kesar. SHe respects everyone. Marry her. I am your mom. You have to prove that Devi that you are not upset and you can go ahead with your life. Show her that she lost. Marry Kesar. If she won we will be lost forever. She called you uneducated and ilmannered. Don’t miss her like this. I am leaving. I will tell Kesar that Devi had made you weak. Adhi says stop. Tell Kesar I will marry her today. Devi is dazed. Adhi says I will forget that devi forever. Masa says thank you I am very happy. Masa announces in the house. Devi is crying.

Guests are wondering who will Adhi marry? DEvi comes to store and cries.Urmi says to Bansuri go and talk to Masa about me. Masa comes and says Adhi will marry today Kesar. Urmi is dazed. Masa says celebrate everyone. Devi says I am sure Kesar will never marry Adhi. she can’t do this to me. Adhi is my husband and I will marry him.Adhi says I will show that devi. I will make that child mine.

Masa says to Kesar I have prepared everything. I told you this will happen. Kesar says I heard all that you said. But enough now. Devi says in heart I knew Kesar. Keasr says I was such an idiot. You always thought about me. But I could never see.

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