I’m On the Edge update Tuesday 20 September 2022

I’m on the edge 20 September 2022: Devika hangs Urmi, Kesar, Jaggu and Maasa on noose. Urmi says leave me, I have to do yoga. Devika says you are smiling a lot. Urmi gets scared and says no no. Devika says to Maasa that you crazy woman, you wanted this oldie Jaggu to marry me? Varun comes there and asks what she is doing? Devika says there is noose for you too, stand there, Varun says I am your husband, you cant do that with me. Devika says let me show you what I can do, she is about to hit him with hunter but Lajjo holds her hunter and says what are you doing? hitting your husband? Devika glares at Varun. Devika says lawyer is coming evening, you people are going to get money on my name, you people got me married forcefully so see what I do now, you all will be punished now, you wont get single penny, I will get all the money, you people thought I am a fool but I am a volcano. Devika recalls Maasa saying to Varun that he is a hero, he promised to trap and marry Devika to get money and he did it for his money. Devika says I wont let you people have any happiness now, she leaves.

Dhani turns to leave but Kesar asks her to free them. Dhani frees Kesar, Maasa and others.Devika comes to her room and says I dont like to do all this. Varun comes there, Devika says they all cheated me for money. Varun comes there and says like you are very nice, you pretended to be grand daughter of this house for money. Devika says yes but I told her I will marry on my will but they got me forcefully married, Varun says I married you so dont hurt them, Devika says like you care, Varun says not before but I do it now, they are all my relatives after marrying you, I keep my relations. Devika says this marriage is a show off for me till that lawyer comes, dont act like we have relation for births, she leaves. Varun says I dont care if lawyer comes or not, I am not leaving from your life.

Urmi calls her partner and says if Devika dies before lawyer comes then Maasa wont get money, she asks him to arrange for a snake.Devika comes out of after taking bath, she is bathrobe, she asks Varun to leave from room, she has to change. Varun comes near her and says why shame from me? I am your husband, I dont mind changing infront of you, he takes off his shirt. Devika turns and groans, she asks him to leave. Varun pulls her closer and says you are my wife. Devika moves away and her robe opens. Devika thinks he pulled it, Devika says you cheap man, leave. Varun pulls her closer and says I didnt open it deliberately, it got stuck in my hand, I am not that kind of man to take advantage of women.

Urmi sends snake in their room, she thinks that snake bite one of them. She waits for their scream but Devika and Varun comes out of room after getting ready and leaves. Urmi looks for snake in their room and says where did it go? poisonous snake can bite anyone.Mom says to Varun that you got married without me but we will do all rituals. Varun and Devika gets ready for ring finding ceremony. Priest says who finds the ring, that person will rule house life.

Urmi comes there and says snake, I saw a snake. Maasa says you have gone crazy, they are no snakes here. Maasa asks them to start ritual. They are about to put hands in milk bowl to find rings but snake appears in bowl, all are stunned to see snake inside. Snake bites Varun’s mom, she screams in pain, all are shocked. Devika and Varun rushes to mom, Varun says lets take her to doctor. Devika says no we dont have time, poison will spread in her body, she ties cloth on her hand where snake bit, Varun says please save my mother at any most. Devika asks Dhani to bring herbs from her room, Dhani goes. Devika sucks blood from Varun’s mom’s hands and spits it, all look on. Varun is in tears to see it, Dhani brings herbs, Devika applies on her wound, all look on. Her mom faints. Devika says I have taken out poison, take her to her room. Varun says I will never forget this debt of yours.

Varun comes to his room. Devika asks how is your mother? Varun says your mother is taking care of her. Devika says dont worry, poison is out of her body. Varun says I know mom will be fine and I know her daughter in law saved her and her inlaw is taking care of her, relationships are spreading their colors then why you are denying this marriage? Lord made our couple. Devika says enough, are you done, you think Lord made our pair for some reason? I have one reason to not accept this marriage too.. that is.. she hints behind her. Varun looks behind to see Alek standing there. He is stunned.

Devika shows Alek to Varun and says you cheated him, once we talk to lawyer and get property then we will take divorce and I will go back to my Alek. Varun is hurt hearing it. Devika says to Alek that lets go out, I feel suffocated in this house. Alek smirks at Varun and leaves with Devika.Urmi calls her partner and says our snake plan failed, that Devika is still alive, she will fool lawyer and take all money, we will remain penniless. we waited for this for years, that girl has to die.

She is out of house so shoot her. Varun stands behind her and is shocked. Urmi says to caller that girl got saved from my snake but she should die from your bullet, Devika shouldnt come back alive in house, she leaves. Varun is angry hearing it.Devika and Alek are in park. Devika says to Alek that I was helpless, Varun married me forcefully, I want to marry you, live life with you, spend my time with you. Alek sniffs her from behind. Devika says lawyer will come at 4PM and the property which has been locked for years will be open and I will get my share then I will come to you, will you accept me? He caresses her face and says what are you saying? I have waited for you a lot, I want to unite with you for births. Devika smiles at him. Varun comes there.

Devika says you came here too? why dont you leave me alone. Varun says I came here to save your life, you know the snake in house didnt come on its own, Urmi brought it to kill you and now she has sent someone to shoot you. Devika and Alek looks at him and laughs out. Urmi’s shooter is hiding in bushes and pointing at Devika. Devika says to Varun that you didnt have any excuse to come here so lying about this? first you used to say that Alek is bad and now saying Urmi is bad. Varun says try to understand, your life is in danger. Devika says there is no danger, get lost. Varun sees shooter about to shoot at Devika. He pulls Devika away and hugs her tightly. Varun worriedly looks at her.

Devika shares eyelock with him, Muskarane ki waja plays. Alek asks Devika if she is fine? Varun has wound on arm when he saved Devika. Devika sees his wound. Varun runs to catch the shooter.Varun comes home and says to Devika that I got number of that shooter. DEvika says you care for me so much.. she tears number from paper and says you think you can fool me? thinking that you were saving my life? Varun sys I was saving your life. Devika says let me show you, Alek brings that shooter, Devika asks whom asked you to shoot me? Shooter says Varun gave me money to shoot you. Devika says you gave him money to show that you care about me so much that you can put your life in danger for me, shooter says he asked me to just shoot where bullet shouldnt hurt anyone.

Devika says to Varun that stop doing cheap antics, you cant come between Alek and me, we all know the reason of us marrying, our relation relies on money only, once we get it then we will end it, she leaves. Varun is about to beat Alek. Alek says he is just a poor man, leave him, shooter leaves.Urmi is doing yoga in her room, Varun comes there and says I know you did all this. Urmi says what can you do? Varun says I cant do anything right now but I wont let you succeed, Devika can behave anyway with me but I will protect her, her enemies have to fight with me to get to her, Urmi says your heart must be beating fast, hero is in love with heroine, its like two robbers falling in love but heroine hates you, my plan cant be cut, I will get new plan ready..you have given heart and when it breaks, will you be able to love someone else?

Scene 2
Devika calls Alek and says I am fine. Varun comes there. Devika says my heart is hurt as you are not here. Varun cuts call and says you are talking like this? Devika says we are not really married. Varun sees lawyer on door and says wifey you are getting married on such small thing? I will make breakfast for you, he kisses her cheek. Varun whispers to her that we have to pretend to be a happy couple infront of lawyer and he is behind you. Devika puts a fake smile and says I was not angry at you. Lawyer asks can he come inside. Devika says yes.

Lawyer sits with family and says I have will of Adhiraj, I dont know what he wrote in his will. Urmi thinks what he must have written inside? seems like game is going to change. Lawyer opens will and reads it, he reads conditions that Adhi’s child have to get married but that kid have to be happy in their married life and they will know it if they are happy with their partner only when they will leave their partner for 6 months, after 6 months if lawyer sees and signs that Adhi’s child is happy in that marriage only then they will get property.. if its proven that Adhi’s child have chosen a wrong person as her/him partner then money and property will go to trust and a monthly amount will go to his child. Lawyer says Adhi cared for his child a lot.

Jaggu says Adhi fooled us. Kesar says now they will live together for another 6 months. Dhani thinks Varun cant be mine for 6 more months. Devika sighs. Varun smirks. Lawyer leaves. Devika says enough, I am tired of this, I cant bear to stay in this palace anymore, she says to Maasa that get lost with your money, I dont need it. Urmi thinks go away Devika, if you leave then I will get this money. Varun says to Devika that I dont take this relation on paper only, devika says we have came here for money only but there are a lot of twists, I wont stay here for 6 months with person whom I hate, I have option too, a person loves me, he wants to marry me and take me away so why should I stay her.

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