Meet in love update Thursday 11 August 2022

Meet in love 11 August 2022: Tej see Ashok Huddah photo gets scared and says run away and rushes to his room. Meet Ahlawat, Sunaina, Ragini follow him to his room. Babita apologize to Anubha for the photo. Anubha says it’s okay. Raj says don’t know why he did.Inspector Singh says to a vendor who denys to give money you have nice hair and sees Dadi and Anubha. Dadi telling everyone thats Anubha is a businessmen and invite for inaugration. A man says what a bad life now they have to work. Singh go’s and scold him and greet Amma says remember me I’m Hawa Singh, Ashok’s junior he praise Ashok. Ammaji says it was nice meeting you and give him inaugration card. Hawa Singh says sure and take blessings. Amma and Anubha leave.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet in a car. He ask her why did you bring me here. She says It’s important for Tej’s recovery Doctor said you have to creat the same scene for the time he went missing, do you remember anything. He says gow can I forgot it was August 2018, Tej went with his favourite camera for wild life photography and that was the last time we saw him. Meet in tears remembers she lost her father in same month and says that time was cursed, I lost my father same time. Meet Ahlawat holds her hand. She see’s someone sneaking behind the car.

Hawa Singh says Ashok daughter is just like him and so her mother and Dadi are doing fine but that is fine just she shouldn’t be a problem for us and for that she should stick to taking care of Ahlawat family, she shouldn’t find truth and like I have fool the whole world I have to fool her too.Meet get’s down the car with a stick and see a kid with balloons, ask him what youbwere doing. Kid says it’s very sunny so I was just sitting in car shadow. Meet ask Meet Ahlawat for wallet and give money to kid says go and have some food there you will get shelter too. Kid thanks her and leave. She says to Meet Ahlawat we will take him to same place and then to doctor and find out why is he scared of light and then shock therapy can be started.

She asks Meet Ahlawat does he remember what colour cloth he was wearing that day. Meet Ahlawat says I remember every detail don’t worry. Meet says but what we will tell everyone home where are we taking Tej. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry everyone will be busy in inaugration of your mom’s shop and there we will take Tej out.At Ahlawat mansion everyone leaves for inaugration, Tej with Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Meet nods at Meet Ahlawat and leaves.

At Huddah house everyone praise Anubha. Meet says I have to leave now. Anubha calls Meet and ask where are you going. Meet says I’ll go get sweets. Anubha says don’t worry about that come meet Pushpa’s family. Meet get a call she says ill take this and come back. Meet Ahlawat says did you leave. Meet says she will need an hour more. Inform me when you do and disconnects call. Meet thinks she have to leave somehow, doctor team is on the way and we have to handle situation before inaugration ends. Meet hides a tiffin and says mom caterer forget to send sabji, I’ll go get it. Anubha says come soon. Meet pray to God that’s it’s for Tej well being keep us blessed, she inform Meet Ahlawat. He says even we are leaving.

Meet waiting at the pickup location and calls Meet Ahlawat. Raj walks to Meet Ahlawat and Tej while leaving and ask where are you two going. Meet Ahlawat says why are you back so soon. Raj says your mother forget gold coin it was for Anubha so came to take that, but you didn’t tell where are you going. Meet Ahlawat says nearby garden. Tej says no we were going to meet friend. Raj says he means Meet, must be missing her, no problem we will be back by evening and leaves. Meet Ahlawat inform about the situation. Meet says come fast it’s just 2 hrs for function. Raj leaves the house.

Meet Ahlawat and Tej reach the pickup location, Meet get’s in the car, they stop at a lonely raod. Meet ask did you inform doctor. He says yes. Meet put a tracker in Tej’s pocket. He ask what is this. She says it’s a tracker so that we can locate. He says great. Meet says I hope Tej is cured today. They hear a temple bell. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll go pray for Tej, you stay with him. Meet says okay. Tej comes out of car and gives him a rucksack and a camera. Meet says from now own all will be good and we will also go to your doctor. A car approaches them. It’s Babita.

Raj congratulate Anubha and gives her gift. Anubha thanks him. Raj says Babita let’s go. Ragini says I’ll go and check. Anubha says I’m happy you all came. Raj says you gave us godess, we are so happy to have her and it’s all because of your upbringing. Ragini says Babita and Meet aren’t home.Babita says I know everything about your plan and I won’t let that happen and ask Tej to sit in her car and driver to leave.Meet says it’s just for Tej’s condition it’s all under doctor supervision and there is 50% chance. Babita says are you his mother I know what’s good for him, we trusted you but you took advantage of it, I told you not to, how dare you bring him here, what if something happens to him. Meet says don’t worry try to understand. Babita shouts at Meet and faints. Meet try to wake her up. Meet Ahlawat teaches and ask what happen to her.

Meet say she found the truth and fainted. Meet Ahlawat get’s water. Meet ask him to call doctor and she throws water at her face.Tej outside car drawing, his paper fly’s, he gets caught between car and get scared by the lights. Driver rushes to Meet Ahlawat and says Tej ran away.Babita says to Meet I told not to do therapy it will harm Tej and faints. Meet try to wake her up. Tej get out of car, driver ask him to sit. Tej says here I’ll make my painting. Driver gets a call and he get busy in that. Tej’s paper fly away, he get on road to pick up but get scared of coming vehicle, he get trapped in between car and see flashes of his past and remember how he gat trapped last time between car’s.

Meet Ahlawat pick Babita and make her sit in car. Driver walks to them says Tej run away. Meet Ahlawat says didn’t you stop him. He says I tried but he still run away. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet do you remember you put tracker in his pocket. Meet says you go I’ll find him don’t worry and she start looking for her phone. She gets her phone and call someone says I have send you Tej’s photo so circle it out in your group and ask everyone to look for Tej and disconnects call. She call someone else and says where did you see.

Street play going on on road safety. Tej stop near them and see people in police uniform of street play, he see falsh of Ashok Huddah getting shot. Tej run towards them and says murder, they are killing him. That man says to take him away. Meet see Tej and go to him. Tej trying to tell her something. Meet says calm down. Tej faints. Meet try to wake her up.Everyone in Babita’s room. Doctor checks her says her BP was low now she have cleared the danger zone, I have given her injection, if you need anything so let me now let me leave. Babita taking Tej’s name and wakeup. Raj says calm down doctor’s are with Tej. Doctor checking Tej in his room.

Babita says to Meet I asked you not to do anything with Tej. Meet Ahlawat says listen to me. Babita says you shutup and start shouting at Meet. Meet Ahlawat says I’m also involved. Babita in shock I can understand about Meet she don’t have blood relation so she don’t care at all but he is your brother, you went against us, is this a game, it’s about ny son’s life can you see his condition in what stage he is, if something happens to Tej don’t call me mom, I’ll convince myself that I have only one son, I’ll break relation with you two forever.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet walks in Tej room. Ram says Tej’s body is not responding, his body is like stone and walks away. Meet Ahlawat start crying and apologising to him, says to doctor he is not giving any signals, is there anyway I can help Tej anu any body part which can help Tej. Doctor walks away. Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry he will be fine. Meet Ahlawat says please get up and crying.Babita praying with Raj, Sunaina, Ragini and Raj. Raj try to stop but Babita didn’t stop and everyone join hands.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat crying infront of Tej and trying to wake him up. Babita praying, she starts feeling dizzy. Tej moves his finger, Meet Ahlawat calls doctor and says its a good sign now we can give him shock therapy and who did he last talk to before fainting, Meet says he wasn’t with us, doctor says okay go out, we need to monitor patient.Meet Ahlawat informs Babita that Tej is fine, Ram stumbles on hearing Tej will be fine now. Ragini says doctor will help us our Tej will be fine soon. Ram gets scared and leaves.

Ram sees Tej getting shock therapy, Meet Ahlawat walks to him, Ram wipes his tears and leaves.Meet praying with others, she remembers how she met Tej and his reaction to light and her fathers photo.
Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat and tells doctor I remember what Tej was saying, he was talking to police from drama, Meet Ahlawat says we will not do anything with Tej, Meet says we won’t touch Tej all will be done without him, I have an idea and keep you updated, Meet Ahlawat asks how will you meet drama people, Meet says I have their number and calls them.

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