Meet in love update Monday 27 June 2022

Meet in love 27 June 2022: Everyone gets inside house tiered. Deep walks to them. Everyone ask him what are you this late in house. Meet Ahlawat says to everyone I told him to tell me on phone but he was like I’ll tell you in person. Deep says you were chasing a foreign investors so one if them has shown interest in our company and guess what I have fixed a meeting with them and says to Raj once we collaborated with them then we will have international reach for our business. Babita says my son did so much of hardwork for today. Raj says Guruji was right Meet is lucky for him finally it’s showing. Deep says meeting time is 4a.m, Babita says it might be 4p.m. Meet Ahlawat says it’s foreign client so there is time difference that’s why meeting is at 4a.m.

Babita says tomorrow is important day for my kid so no body will sleep tonight we all will stay awake all night and bosst his moral, I’ll get Rabdi for everyone. Raj gets excited and flirts with her.Amma sleeping, hear door noise and looks for Manushi, says where did she went might be went to washroom and goes back to sleep, she hear Manushi saying are mad leave me and sees shadow of Manushi hugging Kunal, she gets up and go out, and sees there is no one and switch on light and sees Manushi on the bed and gets confused. Manushi acts as if nothing happened says Dadi please switch off the lights do not disturb. Amma switch off light says how did this happen but my eyes and ears cannot be wrong, is she trying to play with me and connects all the dots, thinks about Manushi morning sickness and says God what has Manushi done.

Manushi inside room says my plan is successful now Dadi will make room for me and Kunal in this house.At Ahlawat’s everyone having Rabdi. Ragini says let’s play a game. Isha says good idea let’s play Dumbsharad. Deep says not let’s play Antakshri. Isha says it’s boring, you sing very bad. Chhavi whispers to Masum says you will be proud on me today because I have added sleeping pills in her bowl now she will say truth and it will be fun. Masum says good job you are learning now go sit. Isha says we will play folding newspaper. Masum sees Meet is yawning.

Game begins Ram and Ragini win first round again Isha and Sunaina. Usha announce next time is Babita and Raj again Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Meet says I can’t play this game. Ragini says no worries go. Raj says I’m busy eating Rabdi. Ram and others force Babita and Raj to play. Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet and pulls her says we won matche together this is just a little game come. Raj whispers to Babita lets just sit and watch this fun and they leave. Meet tries to convince Meet Ahlawat not to play but he pulls her close, Isha dims the light, as the paper folds they both get closer. He picks her and rest her on his legs. Meet gets awkward and tries to leave. Meet Ahlawat stops her and says don’t leave me and pulls her close and whispers I love you. Everyone hears that and smiles. Masum scolds Chhavi and says what have you done stupid girl.

Amma wakes up Anubha, Anubha open door and ask what is wrong. Amma says I love Manushi you know right. Anubha says what wrong why are you panicked. Amma says I made huge mistake and says we allowed Manushi and Kunal trusting them together and explains what she saw. Anubha in shock. Amma says this is all because of that boy ParthMeet and Deep gets Meet Ahlawat to his room. Meet Ahlawat says I’m fine, they rest him on bed. Meet Ahlawat holds her hand and says we are in a team and we cannot loose no chance. Babita walks in.

Deep says aunty what will we do we have a meeting, how will he attend in this state what happen to him. Babita says even I’m confused he was alright. Meet says I’ll go and get lemon water. Meet Ahlawat says don’t go I missed you so much, come here and makes her sit says you eill not go and says mom I told you my love will be back to me and says I genuinely missed you because I love you Manushi. Meet, Babita and Deep in shock.Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, he missed her because he loves her and says I love you Manushi, Meet, Babita and Deep in shock. Meet in tears and says I will get you water, Meet Ahlawat says don’t go, Meet looks at Babita and says aunty please and leaves. Babita tries to make Meet Ahlawat sober.

Meet in kitchen thinks about Meet Ahlawat expressing his love to her thinking she is Manushi and goes in tears, and says he loves Didi so much but she left him, but look at him, he is so hurt, and I don’t even have answers to his question.Meet makes lemon water for Meet Ahlawat to make him sober. she gets some ginger too for him and controls her emotions and goes to his room.Raj asks everyone else how did Meet Ahlawat got to this sent, Masum whispers to Chavi did anyone see you while adding tablets, Chavi says no, Masum says Dad this may be because of his medicine, Babita walks in and says I will get his medicine changed, Masum says Mom for now we have to focus on his meeting because if he looses it he will go into depression, Raj says he is not in state we have to postpone the meeting, Ram says we can’t because he may not get another chance, Meet listening to all this, Masum says its all because of some people’s negative vibes, Babita says if Meet Ahlawat wakes up tomorrow and sees he has missed opportunity, he will collapse, and why God you keep testing my son, he will shatter now.

Meet thinks I won’t Meet Ahlawat collapse, I will do anything fet him sober and don’t let his dream break.Anubha slaps Manushi, Kunal hiding and seeing says she thought they will accept her but look what she is going through, Anubha keeps slapping Manushi, says this is what you have done, you won’t stay here, and drags her downstairs, Manushi keeos apologising to her, Anubha pushes her and says you broke my heart Manushi, Manushi says mummy I am really sorry, Dadu I beg you please understand me, I never have done anything wrong till now, you all kept talking about Meet, and no one thought about me but left me alone with unknown man, I was alone and had no one not even my family and all because of that Meet and I tried finding peace in Parth and so this mistake happened, Anubha says enough of your drama, Amma says stop, Anubha says not today Amaji. Kunal says God stupid plan.

Amaji pulls Manushi and says we will throw her out but what about our reputation what will we tell society and there is only one option Manushi and Parths wedding.Manushi looks at Kunal and smiles.Meet forcing Meet Ahlawat to drink lemon water or make him wat ginger, Meet Ahlawat denies everything, Deep tries to convince too. Meet Ahlawat doesn’t listen to anyone and falls on bed. Meet says its important to get him sober.Meet asks Sunaina for help, Sunaina says this is not right Meet, Meet says if I don’t help Meet Ahlawat today, he would not bare this shock, I have to do this, we will get him ready for meeting, I need your help please, Sunaina says okay.

Amma says to Manushi you and Parth will get married tomorrow, Manushi says I have never disobey you, Anubha says really in that case you two won’t be here after your marriage, and leaves. Amma says to Manushi to come wity her, Manushi smiles at Kunal and leaves.Meet gets ready as Manushi, Sunaina helps her look like Manushi. Meet in tears, dressed in similar way and dress as the day, Manushi was dressed when Meet Ahlawat had fallen for her, Sunaina says Meet think again, Meet says Manushi Didi broke his heart and so to join the pieces I have to be Manushi.

Manushi hugs Anubha and says see my plan worked and after marriage she will accept you and return all jewellery too, see how I changed the whole game just for you, Kunal thinks she couldn’t be her families what will she be with me, I will do hurt her so bad that she will be scare to hell all her life.Meet walks in bedroom, Meet Ahlawat sees her and remembers Manushi, Meet prays to God to be with her, Meet sings the same song, Meet Ahlawat thinks it’s Manushi in front of him. Meet Ahlawat intoxicated touches her face and says Manushi, you are here, my Manushi is here and smiles, and says where did you go, I was waiting for you, where did you go and why did you go, Meet thinks plan os working he thinks I am Manushi, and continues singing. Meet Ahlawat stops her, he hears Manushi say I won’t be back to coward like you.

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