Meet in love update Friday 19 August 2022

Meet in love 19 August 2022: Meet in garden trying to fill police form. Meet Ahlawat walks to her in apron and says you need to be healthy for your admission and change your diet so from now on you will eat which will be good for your health and remove the cloth from food trolley, says from now on your fried food is ban instead of that you will eat dry fruits salad faad, I have prepared your diet chart and explain her diet when she will eat. Meet says take a breath and you don’t look like my boyfriend now. Meet Ahlawat says I know I’m take lot of tension. Ram, Lakhan and Duggu walks to Meet with there hands at back. Meet ask what you three are doing. They take out there water cannons. They all hold Meet and says I’ll colour Meet first and start arguing. Meet Ahlawat stop them and says first I’ll colour her.

They ask why you will colour her. He says because she is my wife so I’ll colour her. Meet try to stop her. Meet Ahlawat says wait Meet this is serious. Duggu, Ram , Lakhan join hands and says we are a team now and we will colour her first. Duggu says so you are challenging us so let’s see who will colour her first and they leave.Meet says to him please take care you have a strong competition if you loose it will be disrespectful for you. Meet Ahlawat says don’t you worry I’ll colour you first.

Sunaina in her room sitting sad. Tej walk to her and ask what happen why are you sad. Sunaina says I thought we will be celebrating holi with our kid. Tej says don’t worry Duggu is in house and he will be your kid forever, see god’s thinking is totally different from our, he want to give you double bonanza and says we can adopt Ram, Lakhan they are all alone. Sunaina it’s okay to the relation on student teacher. Tej says it will be good they are already alone. Sunaina says they cannot jel with us. Tej says don’t worry I’ll handle. Sunaina says you cannot take big decision on emotions, stop it I need to do arrangements for holi and leaves in anger.

Meet in hall with laptop. Babita and Ragini walks to her. Babita says we are going of Holi ritual where is your thali. Masum says to Babita she would be busy, right now she didn’t join police force this is the condition don’t know what will happen when she will join. Meet Ahlawat calls Babita and Masum says it’s her first holi and her thali came from her house. He give thali to Meet. Amma and Anubha walks with thal and Anubha says it’s our ritual to bring thali sorry we were late. Babita says okay we will meet you out. Meet hugs Anubha and Amma. Meet Ahlawat says I’m also getting late and try to hug her. She step back because of mom and dadi. Meet says I’m very happy after seeing you. Amma says it was your first holi here so we came here. Meet says I want to tell you something. Anubha says we already know Meet Ahlawat told us and we are proud of that. Amma says we know you will be more hardworking then your father, our blessings are with you.

Meet Ahlawat in room gathering colour says I’ll colour Meet first it’s our first holi and nobody could colour her first then me. Meet calls himand ask what are you doing. Meet Ahlawat hiding colour behind him says nothing and ask did you fill the form. Meet says no I’m confused and ask tell me what are you hiding. He says nothing it’s a surprise I’ll tell you tomorrow. Meet says show me what are hiding. He says no. Meet says so you want show your hand if I do anything and gets close to him says still you won’t do anything. Meet Ahlawat says no I won’t. She try to do things forcefully but he shouts mom. Meet leave him and he slide the colour packet under the bed. He says you want to see my hand here they are, you were talking something to get close and try to catch her. She run away. Meet Ahlawat says tomorrow I’ll be the first one to colour you.

Ram in call with Hawa Singh says don’t do anything I’ll handle it, tomorrow is holi festival I know how to handle things and remember she is my family member I know how to take benifit of that, I know she is stubborn and she won’t step back till the time I hurt her emotionally, when I’ll hurt her emotionally she will step back and you don’t have to do anything this is my family matter. Hawa Singh says okay. Ram disconnects call.Meet Ahlawat and Meet in room. Meet Ahlawat get up in mid night and take colour in his hand says I’ll apply this red colour on Meet’s cheeck and sleeps with that colour in his hand.

Next morning. Meet Ahlawat wakes up and see hid hand is open he gets up says I was unable to colour Meet because of my sleep and he gets up to find her. Meet Ahlawat outside house see everyone is applying colour to eachother her mom, her sister and see Ram Lakhan Duggu and infront of Meet applying colour. Meet Ahlawat run towards them and remove there hand and looks at Meets face. Ram Lakhan Duggu says you loose we won and tease him. Meet says to him I told you you have tough competition. Meet Ahlawat get’s upset and crib. Meet says to him come with me and take him infront of mirror and show him red colour…

(Meet sees Meet Ahlawat asleep holding colour and smiles and puts colour on her cheecks with help of her hand and applies colour on his cheecks too with her cheeks and wish him holi)…Meet Ahlawat happy says I don’t believe show me how and flirt with her. Meet run away. Meet Ahlawat follow her and catches her and try to apply colour on her cheecks but she hold his hand and apply on his cheeks and they both get romantic. He takes colour in his hand but she run away, they both goof around and play holi. Meet run away but stumble into Tej. Meet Ahlawat throw colour at Tej by mistake. He apologized and try to run away. Tej catches him and ask where are you running, it’s holi let’s have drink and take him.

Meet stand near table and see a package with her name, she take it and says this must be from Meet Ahlawat, she finds a white saree and a letter in it which reads if you join police your will see your husband dead, she in shock looks for the person says this must be Hawa Singh he can only do this, he must be nearby I have to find it. Meet leave, Ram keeping and eye on her and thinks Meet you have to change your decision.

Meet finds a letter which is a death threat for her husband, she says danger is somewhere near I have to find it. Meet Ahlawat and Tej having drinks. Meet thinks to keep Mest Ahlawat save I have to take him somewhere safe, she walks to him says come we have to go,. Meet Ahlawat says my girlfriend is in mood and get naughty with her. Meet says stop it we have to go from here it’s dangerous. Meet Ahlawat says yes let’s find some corner. Raj come and calls everyone and say a poem for Babita infront of everyone and tells how romantic he is and how he prapose her but it was Babita’s mother. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj that we got culture from mom’s side and romance from you, he looks at Sunaina says why are your cheeks not coloured. Tej says she have an allergy. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry I’ll organic colour for you. Sunaina says it’s okay. Meet looking for danger and says it was mentioned that danger is something related to festival, everyone in my family is related to festival, is that all are in danger, no it was written for my husband, how can I find it, Hawa Singh must have send someone here.

Ram Lakhan throws colour on Sunaina. Sunaina shout at them. Tej walks to them and says why are you getting angry I ask them to throw colour on you. Sunaina get’s angry and says nobody listen to me here atleast you could and walk away. Ram Lakhan ask Tej why did you tell lie to Sunaina and get scolded. Tej says I’m adult and you are kids so I was just protecting you.A man with Dhol keeping and eye on Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat drunk trying to eat pani puri. Meet see him and rush towards him, push him and he drop pani puri. Meet says first let me check things then you can eat and start smelling everything. Meet Ahlawat says you are doing things alone and try to walk away.

Meet holds his hand push him towards her. Meet Ahlawat says we are safe here our parents can’t see us and you are getting naughty and touchy. Meet says yes you are my boyfriend I’ll be stuck with you and won’t leave you alone and she tie her duppata with Meet Ahlawat’s and from now you we both will be together and she give him pani puri to eat and thinks I’ll see how a danger will come to you in my presence.Isha on stage doing announcement for Ahlawat’s family to enjoy and play holi. Everyones start playing holi, dancing and enjoying. Meet alert all time looking for danger. Everyone enjoying. Ram nod his head to the person with dhol.

Meet says I have checked everything there where could be danger. Meet Ahlawat untie himself from Meet and go away. Person with Dhol keeping eye and walk to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat enjoying and playing with dhol. Meet looks at them and rush towards the person with dhol and punch him ask who send you. He says I don’t know that guy but he is present in this party. Meet says Hawa Singh is in this party or he send someone tell who is he. Man point his finger at someone and run away. Meet run towards the person he pointed finger.

Ram take the table cloth and run away with it inside house. Meet follow him and go inside kitchen catches him and ask who are you tell. Raj turn around and remove cloth, he start acting because he is drunk. Meet says what you were doing here. Raj says I drank too much so my head was spinning and I was feeling sleepy. Ram looking at them from outside kitchen. Raj says so when I was coming in someone throw this cloth at me and pushed me, before I see him he ran away, then I saw this laddu and came here to eat it, whta happen to you, you look in tension. Meet says nothing and he walk away. Meet says this means that person came inside my house, Hawa Singh can go to any extent to complete his work I have to be alert.

Ram outside kitchen remember what he said to person with Dhol, he ask him just to scare Meet how dangerous his husband’s life is and when Meet will the chemical coming out of dhol and throwing on Meet Ahlawat that will make her vulnerable.That person with dhol throw chemical on Meet Ahlawat. Meet ask him what is this. He says it’s colour. Meet says okay then apply on your face and try to do forcefully but it drops on floor, she see it reacting with surface and says it’s chemical, she wake up from her dream and looks at Meet Ahlawat, she hold his hand. Meet Ahlawat in sleep turn and keep his other hand too on her.

Next morning. Meet in her room, wake up Meet Ahlawat and give him tea. Meet Ahlawat apologize for yesterday and says come let’s go it’s time for your jog. Meet says no I don’t want to go. Meet Ahlawat says you have to qualify for you police admission come let’s go. Meet says no I don’t want to go, I don’t want to give any test or become a officer. Meet Ahlawat says I was drunk and you are acting like drunk why are you talking like this. Meet says listen I’m not going they have given the death threat and show him the letter, if I try to take admission they will harm you, I cannot take that risk.

Raj downstairs with everyone ask where are kids. Ram says Isha went to school. Meet and Meet Ahlawat come downstairs and greet everyone. Ram think’s till now you bith have decided not to take police training and he gets call from Hawa Singh. Meet says I need to talk to everyone, I was roaming with police form from yesterday but didn’t know what to write, they asked me about my strength and weakness, after thinking so much I get to know why I was unable to answer that question, my strength, power, etc become weak infront of my fear and this is my weakness then I found out that I get strength from my family and family is the one who love us and take us to right path for which we can do anything and same family is our weakness because we cannot see them in danger and this fear that nothing should happen to my family will make me a good officer and give me strength because some fear help us to be on right trcak and says you all are my strength and weakness and ask I came to know about this I filled my form in two minutes and submitted now in 7 days I have physical exam for which I have to train well. Ram in shock.

Meet in hall infront of everyone says I want to talk to you. Raj says yes tell. Meet says you all are my strength and when I understood that I filled my form in seconds and in 7 days I have physical training and I have to prepare for that……(Meet show Meet Ahlawat the death threat letter says uf I do anything then they will harm you I cannot take that risk. Meet Ahlawat says okay this is the reason why you were not happy at holi celebration, till when I have to make you remember that you are Ashok’s Huddah daughter, you will get many threats. Meet says it’s about your life, I already lost my father and can’t think of loosing you, I’m not that greedy and don’t do a thing that can harm you that’s why I have decided and will to family.

Meet Ahlawat says go because Hawa Singh want this and stay away from everything, his life will come in danger if you become the officer, he is more confident about you but he forget one thing your family guve you strength, rather then stepping back you should try to look for weakness of Hawa Singh which can act as counter for us, so don’t step back and think something which Hawa Singh can’t do, think. Meet says why didn’t I think of this first, you are right he has weakness he cannot see anyone ruin his reputation and to save that he can go to any extent.
Hawa Singh gets call from Meet. Meet says to him I need to file a report someone is threating my husband it must be a work of some goon.

Hawa Singh says how police can help you. Meet says what are you saying police work for people’s safety, you must know about section 503 death threat, so you have to find him and along with that safety of my husband is also your responsibility and if something happens to him then you know Section 156/3 if a police officer dont write a complaint then you know what is the punishment, if something happen then the call is recorded and you are smart already and disconnects call. Meet Ahlawat says you are so smart)…

Duggu says now my Ustaad Mami will be Officer Mami. Ram says so now you both have decided, you are sure about this. They say yes we are sure. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj we need to go police headquarters for some work please give us permission. Meet Ahlawat and Meet walks away Meet Ahlawat says to her it’s your first win.Meet in her room. Meet Ahlawat wake her up at 4am for her training, today I’ll teach you what is right meaning of training and take her downstairs. Ragini in hall give Meet milk to drink. She drinks it and take blessings of Ragini and Raj. Tej guve her best wishes. Meet Ahlawat take her out.

Meet Ahlawat on cycle. Meet running behind him and sit on street. He make her stand and give water. Meet and Meet Ahlawat keeping record of there traning. Meet in garden exercising. Ragini cheering her up to train harder. She lie down in garden. Meet Ahlawat and Raj cheer her up to exercise further. Meet train for 7 days with support of her family.Ram in hir room receive call from Hawa Singh. Hawa Singh says to Ram what are doing what are you waiting for do something or else she will bring your past and ruim your future. Ram says understood I’ll do something.

Ram at police station calls Hawa Singh says I reached. Hawa Singh come to him says I think so you are not scared of going in jaild you know police can bring out everything from your mouth. Ram says keep in mind she is member of our family. Hawa Singh says what are you talking kill her if tomorrow she becomes officer and truth come infront of everyone then your family will stand against you, if you cannot do anything then tell me I’ll send her to her father it’s time for action not to think. Ram says shutup.

Everyone in hall. Ragini says to Raj Meet will surely win the competition I have seen her working. Duggu praises Meet. Ram walks to them we should give a party to Meet for her hardwork. Ragini says to Ram I thought you were not in favour of her becoming an officer. Ram says yes but she said something about our family which is unity and peace so why not just give her a party. Babita says why you need to throw party. Raj says to Ram I’m with you start with the prepration. Ram says okay I’ll get into organising and leaves to read a message saying we are ready to hunt the bird.

Meet in her room relaxing. Meet Ahlawat walks to her sit infront of her and massages her legs. Meet says don’t I’ll do it. Meet Ahlawat says when I’ll be having pain you can massage my legs, tomorrow is your test and whole family has planned a samll party for you, I know you must be worried for tomorrow but still it won’t to tell you, you will facing many different people tomorrow who could be athelete, bodybuilders, sports man. Meet says let them come I have confidence in me. Meet Ahlawat says I’m proud of you, you have already won the half competition, let’s do a mock test for tomorrow. Meet says okay tell me what I have to do tomorrow. Meet Ahlawat ask her stand and says first let’s check you vitals and sit to check her height and shoulder and get close to her, he step back says you shoulder have increased and says let’s check you waist. Meet says I can understand everything, I’m about to become police officer stay away from me.

Meet Ahlawat says okay if you say I won’t do checkup. Meet spread her hands. He ask what happen. Meet says where you will run away from me. Meet Ahlawat try to catch her. She says not now I have test tomorrow. Meet Ahlawat give her best wishes.

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