Meet in love update Monday 22 August 2022

Meet in love 22 August 2022: Meet, Sunaina, Ragini in hall. Meet says to Sunaina you made this love thing so special. Sunaina says okay you can try it, you will remember my thoughts during first kiss. Isha walks in and says you know how you will propose Meet Ahlawat in your style you will be having hammer in one hand and Screwdriver in other and says my one of the screw is loose like yours come we both will tighten that screw together. Ragini stops Isha. Isha says mom wait and says to Meet I genuinely want to help you, my tips will work for you and teel her to change her walking style, tease her and run away. Sunaina says remember first kiss is always special, everything gets unexpected.

Meet in garden says to himself Sunaina says anything, everything changes during first kiss and imitate what Isha told her. Meet Ahlawat see

Meet playing with water and flowers in garden. He smiles looking at her and walks to her hold her hand and see a feather on her lips, he remove it and kiss her on her cheecks and pulls her close, puts her hand on his shoulder and kiss her. Meet run away smiling.

Meet in corridor blushing and fix washing machine and says to himself what is this happening, Sunaina and Ragini was right it feels different and Meet Ahlawat kiss me this means he also love me.

Next day. Meet see Meet Ahlawat asleep and smile, she very happy wakes up and start playing with her cushion and blanket, she goes downstairs, climbs on dining table and play with flowers petals. Meet Ahlawat looks at her smiles. Meet pick some bread and sees it’s just her imagination. Meet Ahlawat says to her please give me tea I’m having headache. Meet get out of her bed and think about Meet Ahlawat says I’ll get tea for him and then tell him that I love him and start walking away.

Meet Ahlawat ask where are you going. Meet says to make tea. He says in bathroom. She says I was going to change and she acts wierd. Meet Ahlawat says to himself I asked Hoshiyar not to give me drinks now my head is paining and he remembers kissing Meet and says is that real, I kissed Meet last night and remember what he said to Meet we will kiss eachother only when we both are comfortable and won’t cross line, don’t know what will I do now. Meet Ahlawat imagines scolding him for kissing her without her concern.

He grab his phone and call Hoshiyar says because of you I messed up everything, what should I do. Meet Ahlawat see Meet walking with tea and disconnects call, closes the door. Meet outside ask Meet Ahlawat to open door. Meet Ahlawat says I’m in bathroom and door is jammed. Meet says I’ll manage and leave. Meet Ahlawat open door and run out of house sit in car and calls Deep and Hoshiyar and says I told you not to make me drink so much but you didn’t listen, I did a mistake what should I do.

Meet walks in room and see Meet Ahlawat is missing, walks out and see him in car. Meet Ahlawat start the car and leaves. Meet says what happen to him where is he running in night suite, says I should talk to Sunaina Bhabhi.

Masum reads the Menu and says what’s wrong with everyone they are doing it purposely because I’m cooking and see Sunaina says to her I got a call from Duggus school his teacher has called me so I have to go, please help me because I cannot cook today it’s a small favour. Sunaina agrees. Meet stop Masum and smiles says it’s Sunday. Masum says oh it’s Sunday and tomorrow will be Monday so meeting will be tomorrow, I’m so confused and try to walk away. Meet hands her list. Masum says thank you and leave.

Meet says to Sunaina I need to talk and says after your first kiss with Tej, Ragini walks in and ask Meet where is Meet Ahlawat you two are always together now a days.

Meet in her room looking at the gift for Meet Ahlawat and says last night was one of the best night for me, people says kiss means to express love and I understood you feel the same I feel for you, Meet Ahlawat i love you and think’s today I’ll surely express my love.

Hoshiyar get inside Meet’s room see her and start going out. Meet stop hik says what happen are you looking for Meet Ahlawat. Hoshiyar says no it was work for Meet Ahlawat he said to get clothes so I came, he said he need to go out for some office work so I came to get clothes. Meet says means he will not come back home, he didn’t tell me that he need to go out for office work, I’ll call him. Hoshiyar says go call him and he go to cupboard to grab Meet Ahlawat’s things and pack in small bag pack.

Meet says to him were are you going. Hoshiyar says I have to go fast his plane will fly at 5:30. Meet says this means he will be in airport by 4, do one thing give me bag I’ll go and give him and even meet him too there. Hoshiyar says no don’t worry and they both start snatching bag. Meet take grom him and ask tell me where he is. Hoshiyar says chandani Chowk sector 11. Meet thinks I’ll tell him about my love there. Meet get out and sit on bike says why is this bike not starting.

Anubha in her house. Lalaji ask his men to keep things in house. Anubha says what is this Lalaji this is not of our house, why are you keeping here, my meet know how much ration I need in one month she won’t order this much, you can keep the needed one and rest you can take with you back like these dry fruits. Lalaji says it’s already paid. Anubha says do one thing take the stuff back and whatever amount come out just adjust it for next month. Lalaji says what is your problem you have a rich son in law, just concentrate on finishing things, atleast make some use of him. Anubha says what are you saying my daughter order ration. He says but this time your son in law gave the order and we have received the payment too, nothing is hidden from us, you are enjoying on your son in law’s money. Anubha in shock.

Meet in market looking for auto, finds one and says take me to Gandhi chowk fast. Meet say to herself I’ll say about my feelings to Meet Ahlawat and ask auto driver to drive fast.

Meet Ahlawat waiting for Hoshiyar thinks he should come fast because cab will be here in 10 minutes and thinks I don’t know wheather I’m doing good or not, going out without telling Meet about it.
Auto driver stop auto and get out. Meet get out and ask him what happen. He says don’t be in rush first we will fill CNG then we will move further don’t worry. Meet see cycle, she put her gift on that and leaves.
Meet Ahlawat cab arrive.

Meet on cycle says today nobody can stop me from expressing my feelings to him. Meet Ahlawat waiting for Hoshiyar thinks I should leave now and see Meet on cycle. He hide behind car says Hoshiyar cannot do anything he send Meet in his place. Meet park her cycle and says right now he was here, where did he went. Meet Ahlawat says what should do and try to see Meet. Meet standing behind him says did you drop something. Meet Ahlawat in shock, they both say to eachother I want to say something. Meet says first you say. Meet Ahlawat says last night everything happen was a mistake I’m sorry. Meet in shock.

He says I apologise for last night, it will be hard to forget but we still be friends and turn back. Meet drop bag and start moving, she remembers everything from last night. Meet remove the photo frame from her back, drops it and says is this kind of pain you get in love, I thought it was love but for Meet Ahlawat it was mistake, how dumb am I, I thought he love me and crying on street. Meet Ahlawat turn and see Meet is not there, he pick bag and looks for her.

Meet crying on road. A man passing by stop and ask herw hy are you crying. She get up and says nothing, she looks at the broken gift leave and thinks stop it, you are crying for someone who doesn’t love you and says I’ll board this bus so nobody can find me, she get on top if the bus and sit there. Bus start moving, Meet shouts to stop bus. But driver using earphones. Meet shouts multiple time to stop. Meet standing on top andshe about to fall but Meet Ahlawat grab her from falling down and hold her tightly. She ask what are you doing here. He says saving you and they both shouts to stop bus and they both fall on roof of bus. Meet push him says why are you coming on me and in other turn she fall on him, he says now you realise bus is moving and you got this place to take air are you out of your mind, sitting here. Meet says don’t worry about me I can take care of myself, leave my hand.

He says I won’t. Meet says leave it because you don’t care at all. Meet Ahlawat says what you will do if you get hurt. She says don’t worry at all. He says I care about you that’s why I’m standing here, one time when goons were hitting me then why did you tackle with them alone, don’t you care, tell me when I was hospitalized then why did you give 2 bottle of blodd and when my past was haunting me, you only help me that time so tell me why do you do things when you don’t care at all. Meet says because I’m different, my feelings a true for you not like you, they both stumble he grab her from falling down. Meet says show your hand, she see blood in his hand, tear a piece of cloth from her dress and tie it around his hand. Meet Ahlawat says tell me am I lier, what lie did I say tell me. Meet says you live a fake life, your smile, your words everything is a lie. He says tell me what lie did I said. Meet says you lie to me that.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat on bus roof. Meet says to. Meet Ahlawat you live a fake life, your habit and everything is lie. He says what lie did I said. Bus stop. Meet get down. Meet Ahlawat stop her says try to listen me and hold her hand. Meet remove her hand and start walking says to herself he said to me that I’m the best wife in fashion show. Meet Ahlawat says to himself she started hating em because of kiss, I was right she felt bad but how can she break a big relation, I shouldn’t have drink. Meet says to himself how he will love me everything was on forced in this relation, I know you are good person that’s why you do my every work now I cannot take any more favour, everyone was saying kiss is the way to express love and bring people close but our kiss made us apart and walk away.

Meet enters the house in anger. Meet Ahlawat behind her says here is you phone. Babita, Ragini and Hoshiyar in hall and see them entering house. Babita ask him where were you from morning. Hoshiyar says he was planning to run away. Babita in shock says what. Hoshiyar says for some work is was out. Meet Ahlawat gets call from Anubha. Anubha says can you come to house it’s urgent and don’t tell Meet about this. He says yes I’ll come and disconnects call says I have some work I have to leave. She says I also need to go and study and they both leave. Hoshiyar says Meet was so much in anger. Ragini ask Hoshiyar what’s the matter. Hoshiyar says that I don’t know and shouts yes Masum and leaves. Babita says I didn’t heard Masum calling. Ragini says I think so they had fight with eachother.

Raj says what they had a fight, confirm me our son and our daughter in law fought with eachother. Babita says yes and I’m worried about that. Raj says no need to worry finally they are husband and wife it’s a fight in love.

Anubha bring snacks for Meet Ahlawat. A man come and pick up ration. Meet Ahlawat ask him where are you taking this. He says in your car. Anubha says go and keep this, join her hand and says I’m sorry for that we don’t drink water from in-law’s house how can we take ration. Meet Ahlawat says then I’m also sorry but I cannot eat this. Anubha ask why. He says I came here as a son thought I can help you but you made me feel like unknown. Anubha says this is not good. He says then let’s have a deal I’ll eat samosa and you have to keep ration. She says try to understand. He says then I’ll keep samosa on table. Anubha try to stop him from keeping but step her foot on stick and injures herself. He help her to sit and check her foot and remove stick.

Meet on call says what he didn’t come to office, okay and disconnects call says he is not in house nor at office this means he is ignoring me, forget it I don’t care at all and grab her book to study but thinking about her kiss. Raj and Isha looking at Meet from window. Babita and Ragini join them and seeing her. Raj give them sign and they leave.

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