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I do 17 June 2022: An huge feast is prepared by sanam, happily in the kitchen. she thinks that it would help ahil get rid if the anger. Just then, azhar’s parents come saying to sanam that she has a call on the landline. she thinks that it must be dilshad’s, and rushes hastily. Azhar’s parents think that now they can finish the task given to them by tanveer. They start trying out food to determine which one of them is for sanam. Tanveer continues to irritate sanam by giving her blank calls. Meanwhile, Azhar’s parents are about to mix something , which is in a similar yellow packet, that razia had the truth serum in. Sensing someone coming in, they keep the pakcet on the sill, and duck underneath it to avoid being seen. razia also keeps her pakcet on the sill, and then goes to the frideg to take the juice to mix the serum in so that dilshad speaks up finally.

In the meantime, azhar’s parents take a pakcet, and mistakenly take the other packet that razia had got. razia takes hosanna, azhar’s mother’s packet, and wondering how it gotopened, pours it in the juice anyways, and leaves. Azhar’s parents meanwhile pour the other packet in sanam’s food. Sanam leaves for the kitchen wondering how dilshad must be. she comes in the kitchen, just in time, when she finds the bowl that is tampered and keeps it in the bowl, and places it in the oven, hoping ahil likes it. tanveer is amused, thinking that this may very well be the last dinner that ahil and sanam have together.

As sanam takes the food, tanveer confirms whether azhar’s parents mixed the serum if sanam’s food. they explian how they identified and then mixed the powder, and tanveer is shocked to know, that they have actually mixed the powder in ahil’s favourite apple pie, that sanam must have lovingly made for him. Tanveer is tensed that if ahil has that dish, then things would go comepletely reverse. sanam is about to enter when ahil stops her at the doorway. she is surprised to find him wearing bright red, while he says that he wore it becuase its her favourite Colour. Sanam is boggled. Ahil tells sanam that he has planned a surprise and sanam amusingly asks what. He asks her to close her eyes, and turn around. she complies.

He then takes her inside the room, and keeping the food tray aside, he asks her to open the eyes. as she does, she is surprised and overwhelmed to see the effort that ahil has taken to give the room a complete romantic ambience. Ahil eyes her to see her reaction. She asks whats all this, and if he did all that. He complies. she asks if he isnt sick. He says that he did so that the room compliments the food. She says that it isnt expected from him. she makes him sit down and asks whats she made thats hidden under the cloche. On the count of three, he opens it to reveal his favourite apple pie. He says that he wanted her to make something that she likes, so that he could also taste it and like it. Before she leaves to make something like that, he gifts her a dress gift wrapped, saying that its in red, and he wants to see her in that.

she is surprised, and accepts, saying that she would just be back wearing this. As sanam passes in the corridor, tanveer asks them to look up on ahil to see if he hasnt eaten the pie yet.Finally haya signs the paper, and his aunt asks her to get lost now. when she is shocked, his aunt starts cursing and reprimanding her, and taking her by the hand, his aunt throws haya out of the house, and she swirls outisde with a jerk. haya is shocked as she lands in Rahat’s arms, who is distraught too. His aunt sees rahat and is scared of his reaction. he takes haya’s dupatta and draping it around her, takes her by the hand and inside the house, past his aunt, without saying a word.


Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s office
Sanam’s supposed parents try and be concerned for rehaan, thanking him profusely for what they did for their daughter, seher. Savitri, aka rose invites him for dinner, and rehaan is more than happy to do so. Seher is tensed and says that they cant go for dinner today, as she isnt in the mood, and not even hungry. Her supposed mother says that she knows that seher is concerned for them taking him to a cheap place. rehaan speaks for himself and saunehri too that they shall definitely go to wherever they take them. Seher is tensed.Rosy and her husband insistently send senehri and rehaan separately in their own car, promising that they shall follow. As seher and rehaan leave, seher is tensed, as she eyes her supposed parents, smilingly waving at her.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Azhar’s parents find that he is about to take a bite, when azhar’s parents irritate him with all their rants. Azhar’s parents try hard to stop ahil from eating the pie, but he fights for his life for that pie, and then finally takes it, while Azhar’s parents are shocked. Ahil confirms them that they shall never get it, and throws them a wad of notes which they get busy counting and then shocked to find that ahil has eaten the pie. They wonder what to do now, but then wave it off, thinking that tanveer wont be able to find this out. The screen freezes on ahil’s content face as he eats the pie.

Ahil watches mesmerised as sanam comes in dressed in a red saree that ahil had selecetd for her, as he is unable to take his eyes off her smiling face. She comes and notices that he had already eaten the apple pie, and asks why did he eat as he shouldnt have, cuz she made something else for him. He behaves inebriated and in a dze, as he comes to her, and holds her while she is shocked. ahil makes her sit down, and then gets to feeding her, saying that he wants to share things with her. She asks if he is feeling okay, as he is behaving strangely. He says that he is absolutely fine. They feed each other. Ahil eyes her overwhelmingly, while sanam asks whats the matter. He says that beautiful is too less a word to describe what she looks today. She giggles and smiles, and thanks him for the compliment.


The serum starts affecting, and tanveer is frustrated, as they laugh incoherently, and ahil compliments her yet again. Due to the effect of the truth serum, ahil starts spilling out the truth, that he has always been in love with her, amidst the guffaws. Tanveer confirms whether they mixed it in the right food, and azhar’s parents say that they did, but maybe it overreacted. tanveer is frustrated and wonders whats happening. They lie on the bed, while she refers to him as PAGLOL, and he says naughtily that she shall be punished for this, and bends down to kiss her. She starts hiccuping at the last second, and he does too, by the effect of the powder mixed.

razia tries to forcefeed dilshad the juice, while dilshad desperately tries to resist. But razia finally makes her drink it. Raziua leaves, and diulshad starts getting dizzy. when razia turns around, she finds that dilshad has dozzed off instantly. She tries to wake her up, but dilshad doesnt wake up. Razia is shocked and scared now, as to how she slept through this serum. Razia frustratedly rants that this also didnt work.rehaan asks why she refused to come along. she lies that she had a stomach ache. he asks her to think through, as she cant lie to him. she says that she didnt feel like. while rehaan glaots about her good luck, that she is fortunate to have a family like this, she starts feeling guilty and very wrong that she is lying to a person who hates lies to the core, and even more so now, when she shouldnt at all.

Their car comes to a screeching halt, and seher understands that the couple is behind this. Seher is tensed as she finds that they have resorted to their normal course of stealing pattern, and tells that rehaan mustnt be finding the petrol tank leak. Rehaan agrees and tries their number so that they could pick the both of them up. she asks him not to, as the phone must be off. when rehaan finds that its actually not going through, she says that she knows them better than him. He is boggled and tries the number of the mechanic. Seher thinks that before the identity of hers is revealed, she discusses with herself, if she should leave when she has the chance. After trying on the phone, for the mechanic, he finds that seher uis walking away, and when he tries to stop her, she insists on being let go, as she doesnt know ehere she is going, but wants to leave from here.

in their scuffle, she accidentally slips, and pulls her arms around his shoulders, and an awkward romantic eyegaze follows.She eyes the locket that rehaan is wearing, and asks whats it. He says that there’s an extra key, to the safe which is a prerequisite need to opening the safe. Seher confirms that noone can breakl the safe, without this key. rehaan confirms. She gets very excited hearing that this is the second key. She starts ranting again, happy that now the stealing cant happen, while rehaan is boggled with her excitement and overexuberance. Just then a truck comes, and the drivers get down saying that the Bhole Baba’s prashad, and serves them Bhaang. seher loves it and forcibly make rehaan drink it too. they starts guffawing loudly, as the truck drivers drive away.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s office
Meanwhile, seher’s supposed parents try to break into rehaan’s safe, but in vain, and finally deduce that they wont be able to steal it today, as it needs another key too.Ahil and sanam go for water, and then start dancing under the influence of the powder. Both the couples, Rehaan and seher and Ahil and sanam, behaving completely inebriated and drunk, enjoy and revel each other’s company, as they engage in a romantic, sensual number, in which both the couples get naughty with each other, and particularly seeing ahil and sanam, tanveer is frustrated, while azhar’s parents are amused. Both the couples start getting naughty and intimate with each other, both not in their senses. Finally both the men, carry their women each in their arms, as a romantic eyegaze ensues.

tanveer stands helpless, as ahil carries sanam into his arms, and takes her inside, getting intimate with her. tanveer gets the competition ladies’ phone and asks her not to send anyone for the video and pic today. the screen freezes on tanveer’s frustrated and sanam and ahil’s face.

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