My heart knows update Friday 17 June 2022


My heart knows 17 June 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar coming to Kalyani. Kalyani asks why did you come and says you would have taken off today. Malhar says I am worried about my son and asks how can a father stay quiet. Kalyani says you have responsibility towards Avni too. Avni comes there and asks Kalyani what she wants to do. Malhar asks what are you doing here? Avni asks if she doesn’t get tired of acting to be great and asks if cares for Malhar and wants to attracts him towards you showing crocodile tears. Anupriya comes and asks what is happening? Avni shouts asking her to stop. Malhar tells that she has no right to say anything to Kalyani or her mother. Sarthak comes and says Avni is trying to stop her from snatching you.

Kalyani says I told thousand’s times that I don’t want to snatch him. Avni tells that few girl’s habit is to get attracted to married men and asks her to go and search other married men. Malhar gets angry and raises his hand. Kalyani stops him. Sarthak tries to say. Malhar asks him not to interfere and tells that Avni has to understand that Kalyani has special place in his life, she is my son’s mother. He says if she had not come then I wouldn’t have known that my son is alive. He says whatever might be Kalyani and my relation, but you are forgetting what is our relation and is about to tell the truth, but Avni stops him and leaves from there. Kalyani holds Malhar’s hand and takes him to room.

Sarthak says nothing can happen. Kalyani asks Malhar what was there in that corners. Malhar says cupboard, my uniform etc. and asks what she wants to prove? Kalyani says she was in his life before and now she is not in his life. She says I am your past, and your present is Avni now and your baby. She asks him to stay away from her and tells that they are still connected because of Moksh, but they have nothing between them and there is no relation now. Malhar gets teary eyes. Kalyani turns her face and cries. Chalo Aaj Chalte Hai Hum…..

Aparna takes Mukku forcibly to school. Mukku refuses to go to school. Aparna says you have to go to school and says I will do house work. Mukku refuses and runs inside the kitchen area of the school. She asks the cook not to tell her Amma, but the lady signs Aparna. Aparna asks Mukku to go to school. Mukku refuses. The cook tells that if you don’t study then you will become cook like me. Mukku says she will become cook and sits to cut the tomatoes. Kalyani comes to the same school and asks the Principal about Moksh by showing his pic. Principal says he is not here. The cook lights the stove and asks Mukku to cut all the tomatoes until she returns. Mukku thinks good aunty is having red cheeks like tomato and sweet like carrot. The Principal asks Kalyani to take a round in her school and says our school needs renovation and we can get grant for it.

Aparna sees Kalyani there and thinks she will get chance to separate Mukku from me. She thinks she won’t let this happen and goes to the kitchen. Mukku is cutting the tomatoes. Aparna locks the door and thinks Kalyani will not open this room. Kalyani hears some sound and tells that she felt. Principal says kids might be making sound. Mukku sees an insect and moves back. She collides with tin cans and falls down. The tin cans falls around her. Kalyani comes inside to see the school and finds the locked room. She asks what is it? Principal says kitchen. Kalyani opens the door and finds the oil cans fallen down and Mukku is stuck around the cans unconscious.

She gets worried for Mukku and scolds Principal. She sets off the fire. She tells the Principal that if anything had happened to her then who would have taken responsibility. She is drenched with oil. Kalyani sees mark on Mukku’s stomach. Aparna comes inside and acts to be worried for her. Kalyani asks her about the marks. Aparna tells that 2-3 years back, glass pieces was pierced in her stomach. Kalyani thinks Mukku is a girl and thinks she is missing him so much that such doubts are raising in her mind.

Aparna asking mukku to come. Kalyani says you are unwell, let me take her to my house until you get fine, then I will drop her to your house. Aparna tries to stop her and tells that Mukku can’t stay without her and asks why you want to take trouble. Kalyani says she will take Mukku, she will not trouble her and takes her from there. Aparna thinks if Mukku tells everything to Kalyani. At Kalyani’s house, she applies ointment on Mukku’s back. Mukku tells that all her pain is gone and it seems like she has magic in her hands. Kalyani gets happy. She talks to someone and asks if the wifi will be connected by evening. She thanks the person on call. Mukku asks what is Wifi. Kalyani says it is a thing without which life gets slow and it is the connection of happiness.

Mukku asks if you are my wifi. She says now you are Aai and that’s why I will call you Aai fi, my connection won’t be weak with you. Aparna comes to Aao Saheb’s house and asks her to give her work. Pallavi says she don’t need Servant and asks her to go. Aparna says she wants outside house work as Mukku is inside and will feel bad if she sees me working as a Servant. Pallavi asks her to cut the grass outside the house. Aparna thanks her. Pallavi says your voice seems familiar and asks did you meet me before? Aparna says no.

Anupriya gives clothes to Mukku. Mukku thanks her for the clothes and calls her Meena. Anupriya asks who is Meena? Kalyani says Meena Kumari. Anupriya asks her to change her clothes. Mukku says she will not change infront of anyone, else Amma will scold her. Anupriya takes her to other room for changing the clothes. Aparna looks at them and hides.Anupriya does Mukku’s tilak and asks her to keep it and says God will fulfill your wishes. Mukku asks if God will give me puppy if I ask? Anupriya says yes. Kalyani comes there. Mukku signs her towards her and makes tika applied to her forehead using her forehead.

Kalyani gets emotional. Mukku tells that Meena Kumari aunty said that everyone’s wishes get fulfilled whoever applies tilak and says now your wish will be fulfilled too, and you will get your Moksh. She says I will go home now and stand for the water queue. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Mukku is having similar marks as Moksh had after the operation. Anupriya says Mukku is a girl and asks her not to overthink.Sarthak calls Anupriya to Avni’s house and tells that he is pained to see her not taking care of Avni. Avni tricks Anupriya and asks her to massage her feet. Anupriya sits and massages her feet. Avni tells that her child will be the heir of Rane family. Anupriya tells that Moksh will be the first heir of Rane family and I am sure that Kalyani will search him. Avni looks angry.


Kalyani comes to Aao Saheb’s room and tells that she couldn’t talk to Mrs. Mehra. She says here is good network and I will talk to her. Aao Saheb says ok. Kalyani calls Mrs. Mehra. Mrs. Mehra tells that when Moksh was kidnapped, a lady was at the station and looking at him often. Kalyani thanks her and says she will note down the details. She gets up. Mrs. Mehra notices Aparna’s pic on the wall with Aao and Rao Saheb and tells Kalyani that the woman in red saree was that lady. Kalyani is shocked to see Aparna and asks if she is sure. Mrs. Mehra says she can’t forget her face. Kalyani talks to Malhar and tells him everything. She asks him to get Aparna’s info. She calls Aao Saheb and asks where is Aatya? Aao Saheb says I don’t know where is Aparna and Sampada, they don’t want to have relation with us, what to do.

Aparna comes to Mukku and asks her to come with her. Mukku says I will wave bye to Aai fi. Aparna says she will slap her then tata will go. Malhar comes there calling Kalyani. Aparna gets tensed.Kalyani telling Preeto that may be both Sampada and Aparna eloped with Moksh and that’s why they didn’t contact you since so many years. She says Sampada had her eyes on Moksh since before. Aao Saheb says Sampada can do this, but not Aparna and says I know her since is my daughter. Malhar comes there calling Kalyani. Aparna is leaving with Mukku and gets tensed. Kalyani and Aao Saheb comes there. Kalyani asks someone to find Aparna asap. Mukku tells that her Amma is taking her home.

Kalyani asks when did you come and how can you take her without asking me? Aparna says she will take care of her in home and asks her to come. Malhar asks Kalyani if she came to know? Kalyani says no and says she will be found soon. Aparna stops to hear them. Aao Saheb looks at her.Aparna comes to her locality with Mukku. A guy comes and gives her laddoo and tells that matka baba told that he will have a son. Aparna asks him to congratulate his wife. Mukku asks him to tell about matka baba. Malhar asks Aao Saheb to tell about Aparna. Aao Saheb says she didn’t meet Aparna or Sampada since years and says this world is cruel. Malhar looks at Pallavi. Pallavi says Aparna didn’t have relation with her mother, so why will she be in my contact, as we used to fight.

Malhar tells Kalyani that Sampada had shifted to Dubai after her marriage and says if Aai sent Moksh to Dubai. He says I will take help from Dubai Police and goes. Anupriya asks Kalyani what she was telling on phone? Kalyani says Billu is with aatya. Anupriya is shocked.Aparna packs the bags and finds Moksh’s locket. She thinks this locket shall not be found by Kalyani and Malhar. Just then she gets Yashwant’s call and keeps the chain and rings pendant on the glass. She takes her phone and the chain and pendant falls in the pot. Mukku thinks to close the pot so that nobody can see inside it, and thinks if she gives this matka to Aai Fi then she will find about her Moksh. She covers the matka with lid and prays to Bappa.

She asks him to make Aai fi meet her Moksh. Mukku leaves from there.Kalyani talks on phone and tells that she needs to know Aparna’s information. Mukku comes there and says I will tell you where is your Moksh? Kalyani asks what do you mean? Mukku tells her about Matka Baba. Kalyani asks what is inside this matka? Mukku asks her to see. Malhar comes there and tells that Sampada is not having Moksh and says she had gone before Moksh’s kidnapping. Aao Saheb says don’t know where is Aparna? Malhar asks her to tell if she ever tried to contact her. Aao Saheb says she don’t need to lie to him. Mukku asks Kalyani to look in the pot and says Moksh will be found. Aparna comes home and realizes she has gone. Kalyani and Malhar talk about how to find Moksh.

Mukku insists asking her to see and says you will get your Moksh. She gets hit by the table and the pot falls on her head. Kalyani gets shocked and tries to take out the pot from her head. Aao Saheb asks if Moksh is found, asks her. Kalyani asks Malhar to take out the pot. Mukku says she couldn’t see. Malhar says the pot will break with her talks. Mukku asks who made him Police, public is in trouble and you are saying this. Kalyani scolds him and asks him to take out the pot from her head. She asks Mukku not to get scared. Mukku asks what will you get by hitting the matka. Aparna comes there and says what happened to Mukku. Malhar brings spoon and hits on pot slightly. Mukku asks will you break my head. Malhar says I will use it for dahi handi.

He manages to break the upper portion of the matka and then the side portion. the chain falls down from the pot, but Malhar and Kalyani don’t see it. Aparna sees the chain and rings.Kalyani asks what was in it? Mukku says there was something in it. Aparna says can’t you tell me before leaving. Anupriya tries to see her. Aparna thinks if anyone sees the locket then I am gone. Malhar tells that Aparna’s posters will be on the walls till evening. Malhar hits on the pot piece and the chain goes inside the sofa. Aparna thinks to pick it. Kalyani talks to someone and asks to find Aparna bhosle. Mukku asks who is she? Kalyani tells that she is her Aatya. Mukku asks her to ask her Aatya to bring back Moksh.

She says she likes short hairs like boys. Kalyani tells that she wants her to study and do homework. Mukku tells that she does all the work given by Amma and asks will you also give me homework. Kalyani says never and hugs her. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani says I have thought something about Mukku. Anupriya smiles.Aparna bends down and picks the chain/rings pendant. Aao Saheb comes there and sees her picking something. She asks her to show what did she pick? Aparna tells that she has picked her old locket. Aao Saheb asks her to show. Kalyani says leave her, may be it was hers, as Mukku said that there was something in it. Aparna asks Mukku to come. Kalyani asks her to stop and tells Aparna that she wants to adopt Mukku and can give her a better living. Everyone is shocked.

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