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Meet in love 15 January 2024: Shlok congratulates Sumeet on receiving the diamond ring with a golden prison once she marries Raunak. Sumeet silently cries.Shlok walks away and calls his mother to inform her that he is returning because he feels suffocated among the hypocritical rich people. Meanwhile, Masumm disguises herself and secretly goes to save Shagun. Masum asks Shagun why she came to the wedding and unties her hands. They manage to leave without being noticed by Shlok.

Meet in Love 12 January 2024

Vani questions Masum’s sadness despite Sumeet marrying Raunak.Masum explains that Sumeet is unpredictable and might run away from the marriage. Vani expresses her wish for Sumeet to do so and criticizes Masum for forcing Sumeet to marry Raunak just because she is not her own daughter. Vani scolds Masum for ruining Sumeet’s life for the sake of Vani’s happiness. Masum becomes angry and almost raises her hand but manages to control herself. Sumeet recalls Shlok’s hurtful words and feels upset.

Shagun tells her maids that once Sumeet comes to their house,she will make her scream in pain and take her revenge. Masum hopes for the marriage to proceed without any further issues.Shagun declares that after the “grah pravesh” ceremony, she will take Sumeet to the room. She pushes the maid to take blessings, and Shagun presses a button, transforming the temple area into a scary setting. The maid cries in fear while Shagun laughs evilly.

Sumeet carries Meet’s chunri with her and tells Vani that she believes everything will turn out well with Meet’s blessings.The couples exchange garlands, and Abhay and Vani smile at each other. Sumeet prays and hopes for Meet’s support in her actions and decisions. The priest calls for the bride’s parents for the “kanyadan” ritual, and Sumeet declares that Raj is her everything. Raj proceeds with the ritual.

Raj makes Sumeet wear the chunri and gives her hand to the groom. Sumeet realizes that she always felt uncomfortable when Raunak touched her, but today she feels content. She recalls her moments with Shlok and accidentally utters his name. Her chunri flies onto the groom’s face, and as she removes it, she realizes that Shlok has replaced Raunak to save her from marrying him. She becomes conflicted about what to do.

The maid requests Shagun to free her, but Shagun laughs and anticipates more unfortunate events for Sumeet, laughing hysterically.Suddenly, a snake appears hanging from the flower garland at the marriage altar, shocking everyone. The priest instructs Shlok and Sumeet to remain seated. The flower garland unexpectedly falls on both of them, and the snake goes to sit in front of Lord Shiva’s idol. Shlok’s grandmother interprets it as a blessing from Lord Shiva, and everyone chants loudly.

Sumeet keeps looking at Shlok and promises to be a good life partner to him throughout their lives.Sumeet seeks Meet’s blessings through her photo and feels that even God has blessed her marriage. Raj becomes emotional seeing Sumeet getting married.Sumeet and Shlok complete the ritual of taking pheras around the sacred fire. Sumeet realizes that Shlok has stood by her during her difficult times and promises to be a good life partner to him. She vows to respect his family members, make decisions together, and remain loyal to him.

She believes she can sacrifice her dreams and even give her life for Shlok.The pandit instructs the bride and groom to take blessings from the sacred fire. Raj catches a glimpse of Shlok’s face as his veil slips, but before he can reach there, his kurta sleeve gets stuck in the decoration. Sumeet notices this and quickly hides Shlok’s face. Abhay and Shlok proceed with the remaining rituals and tie mangalsutras around Vani and Sumeet’s necks respectively. Sumeet smiles at Shlok and fills her hairline with sindoor. Raj and Dad feel content. Both marriages are completed.

Sumeet realizes that it was because of Shlok’s support that Shagun was defeated, and she expresses her heartfelt gratitude towards him.Shlok’s grandmother expresses her joy at having two daughters-in-law on the same day and chants the name of Lord Shiva. Sumeet feels the need to talk to Shlok and then inform Raj about their marriage. When Sumeet and Shlok go to seek blessings from the idol of Lord Shiva, she tells Shlok that they need to inform everyone about their marriage and then she can explain to Raj why she was about to marry someone like Raunak. However, Shlok remains silent and does not respond to Sumeet’s requests to talk.

Dadi suggests they can talk later and mentions that it is time for the bidai ritual.A song plays as Vani and Sumeet proceed with the bidai ritual. Shlok’s sister receives a call informing her that Poonam has fainted, so her family leaves. Masoom emotionally hugs Vani, but Vani expresses her disappointment, stating that she doesn’t want to remember Masoom as she made Sumeet make such a huge sacrifice for her own happiness. Sumeet looks around and realizes that Shlok is missing.

She decides to talk to Raj and inform him about her marriage to Shlok instead of Raunak. Raj hugs Sumeet and expresses how much he will miss her.Sumeet begins to tell Raj that there was a big problem about to occur during the wedding, but it has been resolved. However, before she can reveal the truth, she sees Shlok approaching with a dhol (drum) and dancing. She assumes that he is going to reveal the truth and happily joins in the dance, thinking it’s Shlok. However, she is shocked when the veil is lifted, and Raunak winks at her.

Sumeet shouts and demands an explanation, stating that she did not marry Raunak. Masoom questions who she married then. Sumeet stated that she married Shlok and he is the one who was on the altar with her, leaving everyone shocked.

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