Married Again update Thursday 9 June 2022

Married Again 9 June 2022: When Aarti realise her hand is on prashant’s and the other is holding him,she withdraws it away and asks about his health if he’s okay.He says he doesn’t get bothered by this pain anymore as he is habituated to this. Arti is squirming in discomfort.Yash in his car,is driving thinking about arti wanting to go to shobha’s place ion the morning and gayatri having refused her.The dubeys return home and panic after not finding either ansh or prashant in the house.Dubeyji is scared and Shobha is shocked at the blood ling on the floor and understand that prashant is not well but are confused where he could have gone in such ill health with ansh.

Arti knocks on the door returning with prashant and ansh.They are relieved to see him home but surprised to see arti there.She tell them the entire story and they take prashant inside while arti closes the door.when prashant is seated,arti excuses herself to go.She is stopped by shobha on dubeyji’s insistence that wont she be angry today at them or have questions for them and that she is turning away from them as strangers.She turns around and demands to know the reason behind keeping such a big truth and suffering all this while in silence.She folds her hands while saying that when prashant had left her,She was angry and hated him,she used to curse him everyday but never did she wish sch a condition for him.

And how could they think of her so low that she wouldn’t understand this.She says that relationship can die but humanity cant and nobody knows this better than shobha herself then how could she think that arti was so low in thinking tht she wouldn’t understand this.Why did they not consider her good natured enough to tell her.Meanwhile yash who was approaching the door stays behind to hear arti crying to shobha about something that they dint tll her.He confronts them demanding to know what was going on.Prashant takes the opportunity of yash being behind the door to sneak away from there.

Everybody is shocked to see him.Shobha turns around and finding prashant gone,makes up an excuse of being ill for the past some days and being weak with the fast today,but she dint want to bother arti unnecessarily and that is what happened when she came running here without prior intimation,leaving her first karva chauth festival’s puja with yash and her in-laws’ just out of concern for her parents.She says that yash must have felt bad that arti left him today and scindia’s would also be tensed and asks for forgiveness on arti’s behalf. Yash faces arti and says that he was angry and also had complaints at first about leaving the puja and being somewhere else but no one can stay angry at her for long because,when they know the reason for their anger,people become angry at themselves just like him for not having thought of this simple thing himself.

He tells her that maybe she doesn’t know how sincere and concerned and caring she is towards her family and relatives and nobody can better her in that.He tells shobha that she’s not mad just emotional,and that he is always angry at himself for not having understood her sooner and given her so much pain and suffering.But now he has the fullest confidence that she would go to any length to keep a relation alive and therefore he bows doen before her since he has more trust in her than himself.

Shobha tells arti to stop worrying or think anymore and tells her to do the puja as the moon has emerged and even yash has been hungry and thirsty all day.She asks dubeyji to put Ansh to sleep and tells yash to wait outside while he sends arti with the puja thali to him.Arti comes out and comes up to yash and facing her starts the puja by looking at the moon from the sieve with prashant looking at her from the balcony and yash facing her with loving eyes.When she gets disturbed at the diya’s light flickering,she places her hand on the sieve to keep it Burning, she is pleasantly surprised to see him place the hand on the other side to keep the diya alight.While prashant who is watching this with sadness winces in pain,yash and arti finish off the puja.

Shobha is asked by Dubey if she thinks arti will tell yash the truth.She looks at Arti but doesn’t say anything.Yash on the other hand,promises arti,with the moon as his witness that life may be full of troubles,but he would never leave her alone and that they will always be there for each other and he would forever try to bring a smile on her face despite all troubles and worries.While arti is doing the puja,she remembers shobha telling hr in th kitchen that the doctors have given up on prashant and she says that she knows about his disease and regret that she wasn’t told before.And wonders what would have happened if she hadn’t taken him to the hospital today.Shobha defends herself that she couldn’t tell,but now that she knows she has to tell her that only arti can save him.She is confused and asks her how can she save him.

She again comes back to the present,where he too does the puja and looks at her through the sieve embarrassing her but he simply says that he is doing his puja after she finished with hers.He demands a promise from her that she would give all her tensions and worries to him and not carry its burden and if there’s something that they don’t like,they would fight,be angry and then patch up but would never hide anything from each other ,even the smallest of them.Nopthing would be unsaid between them she is again reminded that when she asked how can she save him,shobha replied that she hid but because she dint want to harm her unborn child with the stress and tells her that prashant is on the verge of death and that she is the only one who can save prashant from dying by allowing them to take ansh’s bone marrow for prashant’s treatment.She begs arti not to refuse.Arti is shocked and confused.

Sh again comes back to the present where yash is asking for a crystal clear transparency in their relation and finding her hesitant asks her what’s the matter.She is at a loss of words but is saved with an incoming call on yash’s cell. He ignores it to talk to arti first,but she urges him to take the call as it could be from home as they must be worried.He picks up the phone and tells prateik to tell everyone that arti is with him and the reason for arti being at her house.

Arti is thinking that she’s at a crossroads due to shobha and doesn’t know what to do now.She is again taken back in the kitchen,where Shobha is trying to convince her that its the only option and that they have already talked to the doctor that it wont affect ansh’s health as they too are concerned about that first.He asks her to say yes promising that she would never ask for a favour ever again.Dubeyji too requests her as a father.She urges him not to fold hands and place her in a fix as she cant take this decisionalone and would have to tell yash everything first.And that she would take this decision only after ansh’s father yash’s consent.

She is drawn back to the present where yash says that he too is confused and cant decide on something.wen arti asks him what,he replies saying that he cant decide which is more beautiful,the moon in the sky or the moon in his life,i.e. arti.she lowers her gaze of shyness.He himself answers saying that he doesn’t need to decide and knows that his moon,i.e. arti is far more better than the other moon and requests her to never hide her face from him by lowering her eyes.she looks up at him with emotion failed eyes.

She remembers that she told her mother that she doesn’t want to do anything that would cause her not to be able to face yash again.Shobha warns her that if she talks about ansh’s bone marrow then he would have to know about prashant too and that could destroy her marital life,therefore told her to hide this all along.Arti says she cant hide it indefinitely and would have to say it sometime.She doesn’t want to hide any longer and is willing to take the risk now.

But dubeyji replies that he’s not since he doesn’t know what would happen if after knowing the truth,he might refuse.Shobha too urges her not to let that happen as the doctor have given them an appointment for tomorrow at 11.00 clock for the bone marrow transplant and begs her not to disappoint them.But arti maintains her stand that she cant do this alone as yash has an equal right in taking this decision,and why are they assuming that yash would refuse,maybe he says yes and leaves the kitchen Dubeyji asks shobha to stop her but she says she wont,as its of no use hearing this arti stops herself,turns around and asks what has she doen to deserve such behaviour.

Shobha cuts her saying that does she even know the meaning of maybe,meaning that prashant might or might not survive.She tells her to go and tell yash everything and also take ansh along with her.As she doesn’t care about prashant living or dying,she is happy in her life with a loving husband,and three lovely kids.She says that they wont stop her,they have always wished and would continue to wish that she stays happy in her family and saying so,they leave.

She again comes back to the present,where she finishes her puja and touches his feet.when he too reciprocates citing the reason that he believes in equality and therefore wants to give the same respect and love that she gave him,she is filled with gratitude.Yash asks her to come along with him and take ansh too.she’s in a fix on what to reply to that.Meanwhile Ansh gets up from his sleep,searching for his mother,shobha and dubeyji come to him and console him.He says he was very scared when he saw blood coming out of his friend uncle’s i.e. prashant’s mouth.

dubeyjitries to calm him down by saying that prashant was injured just like Ansh sometimes gets injured in the playground and bleeds and that there’s nothing to worry about.Ansh sees yash’s keys and demands to know where his father is.He runs to find out.Dubeyji is scared that he might tell yash about prashant.Shobha stops ansh in haste and asks him not to tell anything about Prashant to yash,on being asked the reason,she makes up an excuse of some imaginary fairy coming and telling her to do the same for ansh’s uncle to be ok soon.

Yash asks arti that they should leave now as the people at home would be upset,Ansh comes running along to yash and hugs him.Dubeyji watching from a distance tells shobha that ansh wont fall for her lie and would tell yash everything.Ansh gets in yash’s lap and whispers something in his ears.Dubeyji,shobha and arti are worried as to what could ansh have told yash.After hearing,yash looks questioningly at arti.the screen freezes on his puzzled face.

Yash takes arti and Ansh inside.Yash asks dubeyji to forgive him and says that he understands his condition and also that arti has tols him everything.Arti is standing upset with her head bowed.Dubeyji is nervous.He says that nothing is hidden about how much they love ansh since even when shobha was sick,they took care of ansh and instead of showing shobha to the doctor,they priorities Ansh to be shown for his stomach ache. They love Ansh so much since he’s so cute.He then asks shobah and dubeyji to come to their house till she gets better.but dubeyji moved by his proposal tells him that’s not possible as it wouldn’t look good.arti too tells yash not to force his wish on them and let them be where they feel comfortable.yash agrees. He asks ansh to pack his bag and leave with them.

Dubey and shobha are scared that ansh would go.Yash tells them that Ansh has a vaccination due and he would see to it tomorrow.Ansh leaves along with arti and yash.Shobha and dubeyji discuss about the doctor’s appointment tomorrow and whether arti will support them since she was standing silent throughout without saying anything.Shobha says even in her silence,she told them that she hasn’t talked about prashant to yash yet.They consider it a good signal that she might support them in this situation and they would know for sure at the hospital tomorrow when she either comes or does not come with ansh.

Location: Yash’s house
Arti yash and Ansh enter the house.Buaji asks them to stop while she sends Ansh to play along with his sisters.She then goes on to tell,how embarrassed she was,when everybody was asking her about arti and she was speechless as she couldn’t say that their bahu has left their karva chauth puja to got to her dead husband’s house.Suraj comes ion and stops her from talking saying that she dint look particularly embarrassed or in tension,reminding her that arti was the pampered one in the family.And that she would have her vengeance later on.Suraj says that gayatri will deal with arti.When she leaves,he tells arti to behave responsibly as she is not anymore just accountable to herself but also for another life inside her and that whenever she has to go out,however urgent,she has to inform one family member to avoid the tension and worries.

Artiapologizes and says that such a thing would never happen again.Suraj instructs yash to take her inside to rest.Yash complies.

Location: Yash’s house
Arti is taking off her jewellery while remembering shobha’s words.She comes to the bed and stands in a trance thinking about what to do.Yash enters and seeing her lost brings her back and tells her about the doctor’s appointment being tomorrow at 10.0.clock.She agrees.sensing her upset,he asks her if she is alright.she replies yes.He then asks her to change and take some rest.He goes over to his wardrobe while she tries to unclasp the necklace that seemingly stuck somewhere.He comes over to her,while she thinks that she would have to maintain a normal face so that yash doesn’t know she’s upset.He helps her take it off and then giving it to her tells her that problem alone is problem doubled and if shared has an easy solution.He asks her what’s her problem if he’s there with her.Together they can solve any difficulty in life.Arti looks in gratitude.he gets a call and citing it as urgent he goes outside to take it,while she thinks that she’s dying to share her problem with him,but cant even if she wants to.

Location: Yash house
While yash and suraj are going through business files, Prateik and pankaj come in and announce that they are going to the court or the hearing of the Karan Mehtaa murder case,that pari is involved in.Suraj asks them if they are prepared and wishes them luck.buaji comes in asking yash also to be with them at the court to lend his brothers’ moral support since he was the one she got bail for in th first place.Yash says no since he had decide to get ansh’s vaccination doen.Buaji slyly tells suraj that arti could also do it and they already consider her responsible enough for such a tiny task an emphasisingthe importance of yash being at the court.Suraj gives his permission and yash agrees to go while buaji wickedly thinks that she would try everything to prevent arti and yash to spend some time alone and that arti,a widow would suffer solitude just like buaji as a widow is doing.

Location: At the hospital and yash’s house
While Dubey ji tells shobha that the doctor is ready and asks if arti is ready and how long is she gonna take to come to the hospital.Shobha says that she would call up and find out.Arti who is lost in her thought process remembering shobha’s pleadings and yash’s promise of never hiding anything from him,is brought back to the present with a cheerful Ansh who impresses her by doing everything himself to get ready.While he goes to freshen up before leaving for the hospital,arti gets a call from shobha.she picks it up and is instantly bombarded with questions from shobha asking her if she’s and when’s she’s coming.

She tells arti that prashant has already been admitted to the ICU and that they are only waiting for ansh to come.She again asks arti,not getting a response the first time,that when is she coming and if she’s coming for sure.


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