Married Again update Tuesday 7 June 2022

Married Again 7 June 2022: Arti is defending herself in front of yash still in her lap. that she didn’t mean to hurt him and asks for forgiveness that she kept such a big part of her past life hidden and that now she can swear that her life is only concerned with the well being of yash and the Scindia family completely. She demands a response from yash, who doesn’t say anything. She finds out that he has slept before he could hear her confession. She thinks to herself that maybe this was not destined to be the right way for her to tell him but tomorrow being karva Chauth, she would do it and tell yash the truth.

The next day while yash is still sleeping. arti comes up and gets ready in front of the mirror. The water from her recently washed hair falls on yash and wakes him up, who gazes at her lovingly and then comments about the weather is very beautiful. Arti doesn’t notice any difference, she asks what’s so beautiful.He comments that if she saw through his eyes she would know, who these days seem to be stuck in one place only. Arti blushes and then faces him saying that she knows what he’s hinting at. Yash says if she knows then she should know the reason too behind the morning is so beautiful. She says that it’s karva Chauth. He immediately jumps up and says that she should not even think about keeping a fast as he won’t give her permission and not ever in this condition.

She tries to convince him but he stays adamant on his stand unless she lets him keep the fast as there’s no difference since she’s not separate from her and therefore if she considers this important, then he would do it for her. And then excuses himself to freshen up leaving arti thinking that because of her remarriage to him, she got a second chance at life, and now that they are one she would never let anything hamper the strong bond that they have, not even the past.

Location: Arti’s house
Dubeyji after talking to the doctor about keeping the arrangements ready as they are getting ansh to the hospital puts Shobha’s unending queries to rest by answering that the procedure won’t hurt ansh, and he would be healthy as ever. Also, arti won’t know about it since the other kids would go to school and they would take ansh to the hospital as some excuse. And even in the worst-case scenario,ansh tells arti, he says he’s already thought of some reason to give them to arti and tells her to stop worrying and being scared. Shobha nevertheless is very tense.

Location: Yash’s house
Pari enters the kitchen stealthily. Seeing her hesitation. arti tries to make her feel comfortable by teasing her about being the youngest and still making the welded daughter-in-law do work. Pari gels in and takes from vidhi the cutlery and handles things herself. arti asks her what is she going to make today. She replies ALOO KE KOFTE AND PARANTHAS. Arti is glad to hear that she knows how to make them and also that it’s ansh’s favorite dish that he would get a scent of in the school, while she’s making them at home.

Location: In an auto
Ansh is being taken by both of them in an auto. Ansh is innocently happy that he missed school today and that he would have loads of fun. Ansh while passing his school comments that h can taste ALOO KE KOFTE AND PARANTHAS. Dubeyji tells him that Shobha would make them for him at home in the evening.

Location: Ansh’s school
Arti gives the tiffin to the girls and tells them to share the food among the three. On asking where’s ansh they tell her that Dubey Ji told them he was sick and hence didn’t come to school. Arti is worried but sends the kids off with a smile. Then thinking about ansh, she calls up a phone but no one picks up. She is increasingly getting worried hence she tries Shobha’s no.

Scene 6:
Location: City hospital and outside ansh’s schoolThe auto reaches the hospital and they take ansh inside. In a hurry, she leaves behind her phone. while arti is trying Shobha’s no, the auto wala sees the phone and picks it u,p and tells her that the lady whose phone this is left it in his auto. on enquiring where he is,arti is told the address of the city hospital. She is surprised. He offers to go inside and find Shobha and give this to her but she asks him to wait and she would come and personally collect it from him. After canceling the phone,s he wonders why ansh was so sick that he had to be taken to the hospital and they didn’t inform her.

Location: Inside the hospital
While ansh and Shobha are waiting outside, Dubey Ji tells the doctor not to mention bone marrow in front of Ansh as he would be unnecessarily scared. The doctor agrees and asks for the child to be brought inside. He comes outside and sees prashant who confronts him for doing something like this behind her back, and that it’s not right. Dubeyji argues that ansh’s his son too and he has equal rights to him and that he won’t stop now. Prashant sighs giving in.

Arti enters the hospital and asks the receptionist about her son. She overhears another person finding out about a patient’s whereabouts by checking the incoming register. She decides to do so herself and checks the register for ansh’s name.Meanwhile, the doctor takes ansh’s blood sample while he winces in pain. Shobha and prashant are disturbed to see this, and he unable to see any longer walks away. After taking the sample, they send Ansh out to talk to Dubey Ji alone. He sits outside and waits.While arti finds his name and gets to know that he is in ward no 14. He asks an attendant for the direction, he shows it to her while also mentioning that it’s the cancer ward. arti is shocked to hear this and wonders what did they get ansh here for?

The doctor tells them that ansh’s blood sample has been taken and after medicines for three days, they would take some bone marrow. Seeing her troubles, the doctor asks her not to worry as they would not harm or give any kind of pain to ansh.Ansh spots a troubled prashant outside. He tries to avoid ansh by walking away but ansh runs behind him and collides with arti who too reaches the ward finally and is surprised to find prashant there. Meanwhile, Shobha and Dubey Ji too come out and are surprised to see her.

Sensing arti’s confusion. Dubey goes up to prashant and fake scolds him for being there. Prashant too makes up an excuse that he was here for another reason and not following anybody. Dubeyji tells him that his problem is to be there at the wrong place at the wrong time and that arti would now think that her parents broke the promise that they gave her. Arti says she doesn’t think like that. When arti asks about ansh’s health.Dubeyji makes up an excuse of ansh complaining of stomach ache since last night. Arti sees the injection mark on ansh’s hand and is surprised why did they get an injection administered for stomach pain. Dubeyji and Shobha look around with tension and fear. She expresses her concern at their presence in the cancer ward too.

Dubeyji makes an excuse again that due to the season of viral infection and swine flu they didn’t want to take a chance and since other wards were filled with malaria and other viral patients hence they brought ansh here for blood tests.Arti asks ansh if it is pained and applauds him when he says no. They then ask arti how did she know they were here. She is about to tell, but seeing prashant says she doesn’t want to talk to strangers and will talk at home. They leave from there.Arti receives a phone call from vidhi saying that she has to return soon as Gayatri is returning to celebrate Karva Chauth with them and therefore she should be present to welcome her.

Arti immediately agrees happily and excuses herself from her parents and takes ansh along. Dubeyji asks Shobha to ask arti to let ansh stay with them.They catch up with her and emotionally blackmail her saying that they feel alone without anyone and Ansh keeps them company. Shobha doubts her intentions that she doesn’t trust Ansh with them anymore. When nothing works she starts crying, and arti weakens up who earlier was thinking that Gayatri would want to meet kids, decides that ansh can stay and she will take the girls with her and explain things to yash and Gayatri and leaving Ansh behind leaves. They breathe a sigh of relief.

Location: Yash’s house
Gayatri is welcomed by her daughter-in-law and her sons. Vidhi says that they missed them and her scoldings too very much. Arti enquires about her health and is assured by Suraj that she’s fine since the best surgeon in Delhi operated on her and got her healthy to be with her family on karva Chauth, which she had demanded. Gayatri gives the SARGI to her three daughters-in-law,vidhi saying that she’s the eldest and hence has the first right on it, and arti saying that she’s giving her the best gift in the form of their child and blesses her.

Bhavani surreptitiously said that roughly this is her first and hence should ask vidhi and arti if any problem. She reminds us that the reason for her being here with her family during the festive season is arti and vidhi and hence she should learn from them.Bhavani doesn’t say anything. Gayatri in a taunting manner tells prateik to keep a fast too for Bhavani so that she is exempted from the murder trial with dignity. However, he ignores the taunt and says that if Bhavani can keep it for his long life. he too can. Suraj motions for Gayatri to calm down. She feels she’s still forgetting something. Suraj jokes that the doctors couldn’t solve this medical condition of hers to always doubt herself. Vidhi too gets a sargi plate and offers it to her saying that in getting her daughter in laws everything she forgot about herself, and hence they have combined and prepared her SARGI plate for her.

She blesses all of them. Suraj on Gayatri’s comment that this karva Chauth should be special, says that to make it memorable, they should all get back to work and preparations.

Location: Yash’s house
Bhavani is working in the kitchen along with vidhi, finding her way with a knife through a tough pumpkin skin when to cut it, the knife flies out of her hand and falls on the floor right in front of the feet of buaji who had just entered the kitchen and is super shocked. She tauntingly asks Bhavani to take care of herself when she has sharp objects in her hands as she could innocently and unintentionally murder someone with it. Bhavani is hurt and vidhi is shocked to see buaji taunting like that.

Location: Arti’s house
Seeing Shobha hesitating to give Ansh medicines, Dubey Ji asks her not to think much and gives them to ansh. she goes over and tries to give them to him but he obstinately refuses to have them since his pain is completely alright. Dubeyji starts getting frustrated, and is about to scold Ansh, but is checked by Shobha and changes his tome, and lures Ansh into eating the medicine on the pretext of chocolate. Seeing this, Shobha is increasingly getting tenser and tenser

Location: Yash’s house
yash gives arti a tray of presents and everything that she would need to dress herself up for the occasion of karva Chauth. She is happy to see him having gone through all the trouble and admires him but he says one thing is missing. she doesn’t find anything. He insists that there’s one and he couldn’t get it because he didn’t know the size. arti confuses that he’s talking about bangles and assures him that he got the right size. He says that’s not what he’s talking about, all the while with an embarrassed look on his face. Finally, on arti’s insistence, he shows her the unstitched blouse piece that he didn’t get done since he didn’t know her measurements.

Arti is amused at his shyness but she doesn’t show it on her face just she tortures him all the more Gayatri said all this is to be done by the husband and therefore she can’t help him and he would have o get it done himself only. Yahs is all the more mortified and keeps the blouse on the tray and tells her to do it and walks out in embarrassment. Arti breaks into splits of laughter sensing his discomfort but stops when he halts at the door. yash too before he leaves throws her a cute romantic smile. She too smiles back at him.

Bhavani is taunted by buaji that Gayatri got such beautiful daughters-in-law in the hope that you would maintain the peace and harmony of the house. But every time some of the other ones create a problem causing a disturbance in the family. Saying so, she leaves.Vidhi pacifies her by saying that it’s her habit to taunt one of them always and keep this tradition of the mother-in-law taunting the daughter-in-law alive. She says but there was some truth in what she said, as she has seen much in her life and therefore what she says, they shouldn’t mind rather try and take it positively. And she hopes that soon Bhavani would be declared innocent since Pankaj is her lawyer and the whole family will stand by her with their support.

Location: Yash’s house
Arti sees that she forgot to return Shobha her phone. She intercepts an incoming call, but before she can say anything, she hears prashant’s voice saying as if he’s talking to Shobha, that he should stay away from them for some days since he doesn’t want to alarm arti again. Also, he is very scared that arti might know the truth that they have been hiding from her and their jig would be up in front of her. Arti is shocked to hear this. When prashant keeps looking for e response, she simply cancels the phone and deduces that it means that prashant and Shobha are hiding something together from her and don’t understand what’s happening. Yash too comes in and says that he too doesn’t understand what’s happening.

And he decides to call up Shobha to complain about arti and also to talk to ansh who he is missing. But arti tells him it’s past eleven and they would be asleep. Knowing the time, he asks arti to leave all work and get some rest as the doctor had to keep track of the right food and right sleep at the right times. He gets her to bed and puts her to sleep. She is troubled and hence awake. He asks her whose phone was it that she was so troubled. She is about to say something when he asks her to keep lying down and give her all of her tensions and troubles. Finally, she dozes off while he smilingly watches.

Location: Yash’s house
The next morning, Gayatri gives all the three daughters in laws’ jewelry to wear for the occasion and senses arti lost in her thoughts. However, she receives the gift, that Gayatri got specially made for her so that yash can’t take his eyes off her.Arti asks for some time to go visit her mother as she is continuously reminded of prashant’s words. Buaji who was fuming that arti got the necklace that she had been eyeing for herself for years, takes this opportunity to taunt her for wanting to go to her place leaving her in-laws’ on today of all days, and that she doesn’t care about the respect of her in-laws. Gayatri too explains to her that buaji is right and that she should not ask today for permission and she can go tomorrow. Arti reluctantly agrees.

Location: Arti’s house
Prashant comes home with Dubey Ji coughing. Shobha hugs him and expresses concern for him about his whereabouts last night. He says not to bother him and he had called up too but nobody responded after hearing what he said. Dubeyji tells him that she has misplaced her phone while taking Ansh to the doctor yesterday. He then asks her to make some food for prashant who they sense is looking around for ansh with a gift bag in his hand. He is told that he has gone to school and prashant shows them the gift that he has got for ansh and thinks that he would be happy when he sees it. Dubey and Shobha look at each other with emotional helplessness.

Location: Yash’s house
While vidhi and pari have finished,arti is getting henna done on her hands when Gayatri walks in and commends everybody on their beautiful hand dressed with mehndi patterns. She gives the mehndi wali a shotgun and sends her off. She then goes on to say that the world rightfully says that she is fortunate to have such a cultured, simple, and well-mannered daughter-in-law. and hopes that nobody gets in the way of their happiness. She then asks them to start prepping up for the puja in the evening.

Arti while getting up experiences a sharper pain in her back and can’t get up. Gayatri immediately calls yash who is awkward when asked to carry her to the room,arti too is embarrassed while the other ladies are enjoying themselves, Arti tries to get up herself to show she’s alright but in vain, and this forces Gayatri to reprimand yash to get out of his shyness and help. he sweeps her off his feet and carries her in his arms and takes her to the room while she looks at him with loving eyes. Gayatri looks at the love between them and asks God to keep their relationship intact.

Location: Arti’s house
Prashant is waiting impatiently for ansh to return home having placed his gift on the table. when he hears his voice calling, he hides behind the pillar and as usual, ansh sees the gift and opens it to find a beautiful airplane inside like the one he wanted. He assumes his father got it for her and shouts out that he loves his pap, which gets prashant very emotional. When he goes out to play with it,prashant comes out of his hiding ad tells Dubey Ji that for the first time in his life, he understood the father-son relationship. He recalls that in Lalitpur hospital, ansh had innocently told him that when his father was away, he used to write letters asking for books and toys.

And it’s fate’s sense of humor or his punishment that he has to give gifts to his son secretly. He regrets that he hadn’t let his family slip from his hands to become someone else’s.


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