Bridal Material update Thursday 9 June 2022


Bridal Material 9 June 2022: Amar stops and asks Meera to explain Vivan. Vivan shouts he loves Meera immensely, how can Amar get Meera married to someone else. Meera throws water on him. Camera focuses on each family’s shocked face. Vivan asks what is she doing. She says getting him into senses, go and sleep as boy’s family is coming to see her. She says he has to make all arrangements tomorrow and asks Biji to give dishes list and asks to prepare all the dishes himself.

Vivan reads list and tearfs it angrily. Once everyone leaves, Silky asks Vivan to go and sleep. Vivan asks how can Meera talk to her so rudely and agree to meet boy. Silky provokes him that Meera does not love him anymore. Vivan says he will not let this marriage happen and asks if Silky is his friend, she should help him. Silky says yes, she will do anything for him. He says thank you milky, he can trust only her now. He sees Amar smirking on him.

Silky walks to Laali and Sweety humming song and says Vivan called her friend, friend means love. Dolly says that is really good, now she has to put fullstop to Meera and Vivan’s relationship.

In the morning, Biji returns from morning walk and sees Vivan enjoying tea sitting on rocking chair. Prince asks if he did not prepare breakfast yet. Vivan says why should he, whoever wants breakfast should cook themselves. Prince requests. Vivan gives him biscuit. Amar comes and yells if he did not prepare snacks yet, boy’s family would be coming anytime. Vivan asks why should he prepare snacks for his sautan. Meera walks in and asks to ignore as she ordered snacks already from outside. Amar asks why she is taking so much effort, he will take care rest of arrangements.

Biji goes to temple. Amar follows her and says he is in dilemma and don’t know whether he is doing right. Biji asks to listen to his heart and leave it on god. She thinks whatever he tries, finally what god wants will happen.

Amar gives an envelope with boy’s photo to Meera and says this boy is a simple man and does not fly high like Vivan, she will be happy with him. Dolly confronts Amar, but Amar as usual yells at Dolly and shuts her mouth and asks Meera to trust him. Once he leaves, Meera says Dolly that she will marry whoever papa has selected and will not see boy’s face. Dolly says it is envelope of her destroyal and tries to explain, but Meera does not budge.


Vivan asks Amar if he will get Meera remarried really. Amar says it is non of his business. Vivan says he is taking his life’s decision also with Meera’s life’s decision. Amar says if he did not think before insulting Meera and throwing divorce notice on her, he has lost his right to speak all his. Vivan tries, but Amar

as usual rudely yells and leaves. Vivan then goes to Meera and says her family has gone mad to think of remarrying her. He continues trying to explain her, but she says she has lost her thinking power and will do whatever papaji decides. Vivan helplessly leaves with failed attempt to convince her. She cries once he leaves. A sad song plays in the background.

Next morning, Amar over phone speaks to his friend and says he does not need any shortage in arrangements and asks Prince if he met caterer. Prince says yes, caterer asked menu by evening. Vivan walks in and says congratulations, my wife is getting married to a different man, he is very happy. Meera and family are shocked. Amar asks what new drama is this. Vivan says in fact he will find a suitable boy if he wants for Meera and this alliance breaks. He says Amar’s selected boy is NRI and would like city wedding and not village one, so Amar should get meera married in Hoshiarpur. Amar shouts what rubbish. Meera says what started in Hoshiarpur should end there, let us end this drama Hoshiarpur itself.

Amar walks to Meera and asks if she has gone mad, why did she agree to Vivan’s terms. Meera says Vivan is right, let us end the drama in Hoshiarpur itself. Amar yells but agrees. Dolly confronts Meera and asks what is she up to. Meera says she grew up in Hoshiarpur, played kabbadi there, married Vivan there, married became wise there, so that city means a lot for her nad she will remarry in Hoshiarpur itself. Laali hears their conversation hiding.

Silky cries in front of Sweety that Vvian will definitely break Meera’a wedding in Hoshiarpur and will reunite with her, she will not get Vivan at all. Sweety consoles her. Laali walks in and says she came to know Meera’s plan and will fail it, then she will get Silky married to Vivan. They all 3 rejoice… Drama continues..

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