Married Again update Wednesday 15 June 2022

Married Again 15 June 2022: Seeing Arti coming through the main gate, yash happily looks from the balcony. and goes inside. arti walking on the gravel path is confronted by prashant. She asks him what is he doing here. He tells her that he has come to take her and Ansh back since he loves them very much and can’t live without them. she says that he has lost his mind and that she loves Yash. He says that she has only and always loved prashant and that no one can love her more than him.He urges her to forget the past and hold his hand and come back to her. he says that she might be loving yash now but he is after all her first love, her first husband.

He promises her to give everything that is rightfully hers. He extends his hand while saying so. Yash sees all this from a distance. arti is scared to see him. Prashant too finds yash standing behind him. yash says to arti that he has been very late but doesn’t want to delay any longer in saying that he loves her and Ansh very much and can’t live without them as they are his life.He asks her to forget her first love and come with him as he would never betray her trust. Prashant intervenes saying that she needs to think practically and not emotionally. Due to him hiding this truth from yash, he would always doubt her and that would always cast a shadow on their marital relations.

Yash says that he can only say that he loves her very much. arti is lovingly looking at yash when prashant comes in between and tells her that she should come to her. arti crosses prashant and much to his dismay holds Yash’s hand and walks with him into the house with prashant shouting behind them that she’s making a mistake and that she should come back to her. But she doesn’t listen. screaming for arti, prashant wakes up in his bed and realizes that he had been dreaming all this while.

Location: Arti’s house
When awake, prashant wonders what the dream meant and whether it was trying to tell him that yash would accept arti even after knowing the truth about her past and still love her. He then convinces himself that even if he does, his family won’t and they would throw arti along with ansh out of the house and she would be all alone once again. He decides that it’s his duty therefore to save arti from this and get her back to himself. He thinks that ansh is his son and has to be there to support him in his loneliness. He decides to get arti and ansh back to him.

Location: Yash’s house
An anxious and hopelessly in love yash has decided that he would spill out his feelings for arti to her when she comes. But he is suddenly aware of a major problem and that is how is he going to say it to arti. He tries various types of prose and poetry but isn’t satisfied with any of them. While he is in this dilemma, arti enters the room lost in her thoughts, which makes him wonder if she looks in tension and that now is not the best time to talk about his feelings with her. he asks arti about the talk with Bhavani. She tells him what Bhavani told her. They both are thinking about any other way to get Bhavani out of this mess when they are alarmed by Pankaj’s voice calling out for everyone. The whole family gathers in the living area.

Pankaj tells them that the date for the final hearing of pari’s case if out and it is tomorrow. everybody’s shocked to hear this and all the more scared that they don’t have any evidence to prove pari’s innocence in the court tomorrow. Pankaj says that he tried his best to shift the date, but knowing that they are at a lack of evidence, the opponent’s lawyer intentionally got such an early date, to give them a lesser time to prepare. Buaji immediately starts faking concern over the issue saying that now a stain on the Scindia family is sure to be and that Bhavani would have to spend 7 years in jail, once she is convicted tomorrow. She urges Pankaj and others that they have to find a way to save her punishment.

Arti motions Bhavani to talk but she replies in the negative. Gayatri collapses into the sofa saying that by the next day, everybody would know that the daughter-in-law of Scindia’s family is a murderer and at a place, where they always walked with their head held high, they would have to bow their heads in shame. She says that Bhavani has stripped them of their respect in society. Yash asks her to compose herself so that her health doesn’t worsen. he also asks her not to say such things as that would completely break pari’s morale and strength. And right now, her family needs to support her as the elders must forgive the younger ones’ mistakes.

Gayatri doesn’t say anything but retires to her room with Suraj in tow. Buaji too leaves. Bhavani was unable to contain them self the inside crying, with prateik after her. Arti is very upset to see all this.Prateik is trying to console Bhavani who is crying uncontrollably, that nothing would happen to her and that if she at all has to go to jail, then he too would come to live with her. yash and arti are watching them from a distance. An upset arti tells yash that they have to find a way out to help them get their happiness back as she cant see Bhavani and prateik like this, crying like children. Yash says that now there’s only one way left to save Bhavani. Arti looks at him quizzically.

Everybody assembles in the drawing-room before Pankaj leaves with Bhavani and Bhavani for the court trial. She apologizes for having put the Scindia family’s respect at stake for one mistake, and one lie of hers. Gayatri doesn’t say anything and leaves the room. everybody thinks she’s still angry at Bhavani. But she comes back with CHARNAMRIT from her temple and gives it to Bhavani saying that she has the fullest faith in her god and that he won’t let this happen to Bhavani and their family and hugs her. Pankaj says that they should now leave. just then, buaji asks about yash and arti’s whereabouts as they were not to be seen anywhere.

She goes inside to check on them. Suraj in the meanwhile, tells Gayatri not to be disappointed since the court’s decision is not out yet. And that even if it’s not in pari’s favor, they would take it upright the supreme court to keep the Scindia family’s respect alive.While everybody is ready to go to the court, buaji comes and shocks everybody saying that yash and arti have left. She shows Suraj a packet and says that she thinks it’s the same packet in which the air tickets for Bhopal to Mumbai were delivered to them. Everybody is puzzled. And Suraj wonders why did arti and yash take off to Mumbai without even telling anyone.

Location: Kirti Karan Mehta’s house in Mumbai
Yash and arti ask the watchmen about Kiran, Karan’s wife and are told that she’s not at home. When he’s gone, they think that he’s lying and that she’s inside the house and that it’s very important for them to meet her today. Arti asks yash for his wallet and then taking out monetary notes from it, leaves a trail starting from the main gate and then hides behind the tree outside the house. While waiting, yash tries to talk, she shushes him by putting a hand on his mouth, causing yash to be lost in the romance of the moment. As expected, the watchman falls prey to her trick, and while he completes his trail for notes, they slip inside the gate from behind the tree.

They reach the garden, where they find Kirti watering plants. She is surprised to see them and calls out for the watchman. But arti and yash calm her down and try to explain their situation to her saying that they are a happy joint family in Bhopal, the place she left irritated with the flirtatious behavior of her husband. But these days they are in trouble due to Bhavani being involved in her husband’s murder case when she’s innocent. They ask for her help in proving pari’s innocence. She refuses to help them and calls the watchman to show them out. a distraught arti, literally begs her to notice their plight and come with them so give her a statement based on which Bhavani can be proved innocent. She pleads with her to do this favor for them and she would be forever obliged to her. But she doesn’t listen to them as they are shown out by the watchman.

Location: In the court
The opponent’s lawyer accuses Bhavani of having murdered Karan Mehta when he didn’t take her for his next film. Pankaj in her defense says that this all is a story and that Karan was a womanizer who took advantage of such innocent girls who wanted to make it big in the glamour world. the judge reprimands him for being such an eminent lawyer and yet not understanding that the court functions based on evidence found. and pari’s counsel hadn’t been able to provide any solid evidence backing up their story whereas all the evidence at the scene of the crime indicate towards Bhavani was the murderer. and therefore, the court finds Bhavani guilty of committing murder and sentences her to an imprisonment of 7 years.

Just then, arti and yash arrive along with Mrs. Mehta and declare that she has something to say that might change the court’s decision and the innocent may be spared the punishment. The opponent’s counsel defends saying that they have been too late and that the punishment has already been given. But Pankaj argues that no result is final till it is stamped under the law and that hasn’t been done yet. The judge too encourages her to speak since one statement could change the decision.

she is called on to the witness box and asked by Pankaj to say whatever he has to about her husband. she goes on to recollect that she had been there that day when Bhavani had hit him with the flower vase but she verifies that Bhavani did so only to save herself from him. she says that she could have taken him to the hospital for immediate treatment but she left him dying there slowly in pain as he didn’t want to give him a second life so that he could destroy other young girls too like Bhavani. She says she might have murdered if they mean not trying to save him by that, but she didn’t do it for herself and for all the other girls’ like Bhavani who could have been his victim.

The judge says that it’s very evident from the current statement that Bhavani is not guilty of murdering Karan Mehta. He also releases an acquittal order discharging Bhavani from all charges and tells the police to start a fresh investigation into the case. Everybody is happy about this news.Bhavani happy to be acquitted hugs prateik who tells her that he had always said he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Seeing Kiran leave with the constable, the whole family expresses their thanks to her for having done such a huge favor by giving her statement and by saving not only Bhavani but also the respect of the Scindia family in Bhopal.

she says that she did no favor, instead, she did what she should have done long back. and thank anybody, they should thank yash and aarti who came in time to convince her to come to Bhopal and present herself in court.She comments that as long as they are in the family, no trouble can cast a shadow on them and leave. Gayatri takes everybody home to light a diya in the temple. yash stays behind with arti to thank her, especially as without her help it wouldn’t have been possible. She says that as a member of this family it’s her duty that she did. She says she’ll always be with him and gives her hand in his. Yash smitten in love is again lost in her when she pulls him back out of his trance and leaves the court with him.

Location: Yash’s house
The whole family is celebrating pari’s acquittal in the case. Yash is absent from there. When prateik thanks arti for helping as it wouldn’t have been possible without her, buaji butts in saying that it’s what God wanted and not her credit but silences when she is eyed by Suraj. He then goes up to Bhavani and explains that she has been given another chance by her family and that she should make it her duty to be responsible for her behavior. she apologizes again and says that she wouldn’t give them another chance to complain. when Suraj goes on to give Gayatri sweets, she refuses to eat as she had made a manner that she would go to their kuldevi mandir if the case resulted in their favor.

they all decide to leave than be able to reach by the evening. seeing arti waiting for yash, pratiek tells her not to tease her about waiting with bated breath and gives her Yash’s letter after torturing her a little.In her room, arti opens and reads what yeast has written. He says that arti for him has been the fairy godmother that figures in all mothers’ fairy tales who corrects everything whenever something goes wrong in childhood. he says that she has considered every problem of the family as hers and given her full support to them without ever complaining or demanding anything in return. he thanks her for such diligent behavior towards his family. he also tells her that he has a surprise planned for her in the evening and he would himself come to pick her up after he finishes his meeting.

He tells her to be ready. Arti is happy and surprised and anxious to know what the surprise might be. Her thoughts are interrupted by Gayatri calling for her to leave for the temple.When she comes to the drawing area, vidhi suggests that since the road to the temple is not smooth and long too, given her condition arti should stay home. Gayatri too agrees with the situation and also thinks about yash and his food when he returns from the meeting in the evening. she asks arti to stay back assuring her that she would do arti’s prayers too. they leave and arti goes back to her room.

Location: Prashant’s house
Prashant thinks about how arti and he used to resolve their differences by saying sorry to each other and how they had promised they won’t be mad at each other for more than an hour, introspect that he understands that he has pained arti a lot but it never too late and that now he has realized his mistake he would go back and apologize to her and she would forgive him just like she always did.

Location: Yash’s house
Arti is in hr room gazing happily at herself in the mirror when she notices the bed completely strewn around and reprimands herself for being so careless had yash seen such disorder in the room he would have talked about it. she begins to arrange the bed and is continually being distracted by looking at every surface that reflects her image to her. She is reveling in the glory of the surprise to come and Yash’s concern for her when the doorbell rings she thinks it’s yash but is also nervous since she didn’t expect him so soon.

When she opens the door, she finds prashant standing at the door, who sensing her disgusted face, makes an excuse of having come there to see yash.She tells him to leave yash and her alone as she has told him numerous times that she doesn’t like him seeing yash or interfering with her perfectly married life. she reminds him that she has already had to face a lot of trouble for hiding his identity from Yash’s family.He apologizes for that but then starts coughing badly which prompts arti to call him inside, even if she was not willing to, for a glass of water. She closes the door behind him.

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