Bridal Material update Thursday 16 June 2022


Bridal Material 16 June 2022: Vivan and Meera search Sunny in jungle and find his clothes, but not him. They reach police station to seek help and request inspector to send his team to search Sunny. Sunny’s aide on the other side files false complaint that he saw a man pushing another man from cliff and constable prepare Vivan’s sketch. Inspector walks with Vivan,

but seeing sketch stops and shouts Vivan killed Sunny and came here to misguide them. Sunny’s aide says he is the man who pushed the other man from cliff. Vivan says this man is lying. Meera says there was no one on cliff when Sunny was trying to push her. Inspector says he will not believe their cook up story and arrests Vivan.

Meera thinks she will prove Vivan innocent at any cost and calls her mother. Dolly says Vivan killed Sunny,

where is she. Meera asks how does she know. Dolly says they got video call from Sunny’s mobile and saw Vivan pushing Sunny from cliff. Meera says Vivan did not kill anyone, sometimes what they see is not true, she should trust her daughter and disconnects call. Amar asks Dolly what did Meera says. Dolly says Meera told Vivan did not kill Sunny. Amar shouts she is lying and trying to save Vivan.

Meera reaches cliff and searches for clue. She finds Sunny’s mobile and seeing unknown number in call log calls it. Goon speaks and says everything went as per his plan, trap is laid and bird has escaped.. Meera looks down cliff and finds net and realizes Sunny had planned everything beforehand. She rushes towards police station.

Inspector tortures Vivan and asks him to confess his crime. Vivan says he did not kill Sunny. Meera comes to meet Vivan and gets worried seeing his injuries, she tells him whole story that she saw Sunny’s mobile on cliff, called goo, trap, etc… and says Sunny planned everything before to trap him. Inspector shouts to stop their romance, it is his police station. Meera asks him to search Sunny instead of shouting. Inspector says body cannot be found if someone falls from that height. Constable walks in and says they did not find dead body, how will he file complaint. Meera hears that and thinks Sunny is alive, she has to prove that..


Constable tells inspector that they did not Sunny’s dead body, so cannot file complaint against Vivan. Inspector shouts to do as he says. Vivan asks how can he. Inspector shouts to shut up, else he will finalize his punishment here itself. Meera says he is wrongly alleging her husband. Dolly with walks in with Amar and Sweety and slaps her Meera yelling how can she help her husband’s murderer. Meera says Vivan is her husband. Dolly says Sunny was her husband and tells inspector she saw Vivan murdering Sunny and asks to file complaint. Amar and Sweety also say same. Meera thinks how can her family be so insensitive (as usual). She thinks now only the man who gave false evidence can prove Vivan innocent. She finds man’s statement in file, silently steals it and runs away.

Meera then searches goon’s address and asks people. Someone says he would be in a bar at this time. She walks in and sees dancers dancing and goon dancing holding liquor bottle. She breaks a bottle and scratches his neck. He shouts who is she. She says he wrongly alleged her husband and now should come with her and confess his crime in front of police. Goon says if he goes in front of police, they will kill him. She asks to show Sunny’s hide out and takes him along. A speeding car passes by and shoots him. He dies. She runs behind car.

Meera runs behind car and finds Sunny there. Sunny laughs on her and asks how is his game. She throws ash on his eyes and records his videos and pics. He catches her and says only he can me evil, not her. He tortures her. She pushes him and escapes.

Meera reaches police station and hugs Vivan, says she got proof against Sunny now. A romantic song plays in the background. Vivan hugs her, then realizes it is his imagination and thinks Meeraa must be in trouble.

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