Married Again update Tuesday 14 June 2022

Married Again 14 June 2022: yash tells arti that a lie is a lie whatever the motive behind it. He doesn’t want to keep prateik in darkness and decides to tell him the truth about Bhavani (Pari). she stops him saying that if he knows anybody other than Bhavani, he might never be able to forgive her. yash agrees and asks arti to talk to her as it’s not right for yash to talk with Bhavani and also tells her that if Bhavani tells prateik and he forgives her then it would be very easy for him to save her. He excuses himself for an important call leaving arti to think that she knows how yash hates lies, and once prashant’s last session of the transplant is over, she would tell him everything irrespective of the consequences.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house
The kids who are back from the picnic are discussing it with everybody, while yash comes in along with arti who’s carrying a tray of tea. While they are discussing how they missed the kids and how the trip has made them more responsible, the driver comes in saying that he has cleaned the car and found a watch in it,arti is shocked to see prashant’s watch while others are confused. Buaji instantly goes over, takes the wat, d deduces that it doesn’t belong to anyone from the family. Palak says that it belongs to the same uncle who lives in Shobha’s house and had come over for Diwali with yash. Buaji goes over to arti and says that the watch being here is again a coincidence.

Yash stands up for arti saying that it’s indeed a coincidence since it must have dropped Diwali night when they had come together in that car. He gives the watch to arti to keep it safe and return it to him when she goes over to Shobha’s house. They also decide that they would have to get rid of this car that’s been breaking down quite often and use the others. Arti tensed, leaving for her room when yash too leaves for an early meeting assuring Gayatri that he would be home soon. Pari and buaji are surprised to see arti’s strange behavior.

Arti comes to her room fuming with anger and remembers her intimate moments with prashant and is disgusted knowing that when she has no relation with him or his things, then why do he and their moments still occupy space in her mind. She goes out to the balcony and throws the watch in anger on the pathway to the main gate and comes inside.Yash finds the broken watch and looking at the overlooking balcony of their room, thinks that when he gave this watch to arti to keep it safe till she returns it to prashant, then why did she throw it.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s and arti’s house
Arti calls up Shobha to find out about the date for the last transplant session. Shobha says that she doesn’t know since the doctor has prescribed new medicines and waits to wait to see their effect for the next one week at least. seeing her getting impatient, Shobha asks her the reason for her haste. Arti says that she can’t take it anymore, and cant face yash with the guilt of lying to him. Once the transplant is done, she would be free from the promise she made to Shobha and would tell him everything. She says that she is tired of thinking about what would happen when yash or his family knows. She believes that yash would still love her the s e t the truth. Shobha says that she would pray for her and cancels the phone.

Arti who is tensed is all the more shocked when she turns around to find yash standing behind her. To avoid his gaze, she turns away asking if he forgot anything and that she would give him anything that he wants. Yash says he didn’t forget anything and is about to start talking about the watch when arti flares up at its mention and says that he is unnecessarily hooked to the watch. and isn’t getting it lit it ate for his meeting thinking about such unimportant stuff. sensing her anger,yash doesn’t say anything, puts the watch in his pocket, and leaves. when he’s gone,arti realizes her mistake, that she should’ve talked to him so rudely. And decides that before he talks about the watch again, she would pick it up from outside once he’s gone.

Scene 4:
Location: In a park
Prashant is reminiscing his moments with arti in the park when it comes from behind. He asks yash how did he know he was here. Yash says that Dubey Jii told him. he takes the watch out of his pocket and shows it to prashant. He looks at it and remembers that night when they were traveling in the car and it fell off changing gears and hoping that yash doesn’t know their truth. when prashant claims it to be his,yash tells him that arti did this to his watch by throwing it out of the window. He says that arti mature and intelligent woman but he doesn’t understand what problem she has with him. Seeing prashant, even his mention irks her bad. he asks prashant what’s the matter between them that he doesn’t know about.

Prashant is shocked to hear this and turns away. Then decides on something, and says that he thinks that yash should know the truth now.When yash is told that there’s a truth that he doesn’t know about, he asks about it. Prashant says that he feels he should tell yash. But that he doesn’t know how to say it, or what to say. Yash is waiting for prashant to speak. Prashant finally breaks his silence saying that she must be angry since on such a romantic evening, instead of being with his wife, he is spending time with his guy friend. Catching yash confused, he breaks into laughter. yash too understands that he was joking and they share a good laugh.

Yash then apologizes on behalf of arti for having broken his watch and says that he would get him a new one. He is about to throw it when prashant stops him saying that even though it’s broken, it still has some beautiful memories attached to it.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house and in the park
Arti is frantically searching for the watch but can’t find it. she is cursing herself for her stupidity when the driver comes and tells her that yash had found the watch that she is looking for. She thinks that maybe that’s the reason he came to talk to her but she sent him away rudely. She decides to call him.

Seeing arti’s call, he excuses himself from prashant and picks it up to hear her beginning to talk about the watch and stops her saying that she doesn’t need to worry as he has no questions hat he demands answers from her. Since firstly she already admitted that it was a mistake and secondly she knows she did it for him. Therefore she has a problem with prashant because he spends more time with his buddy than with his wife. He asks her to forget what happened. he also says that whatever happened or will happen will be for the good. she asks him where is he currently and he says he is with prashant to apologize to him since she won’t. He asks her whether she has talked to Bhavani yet. she says she thinks it’s better to talk to her outside about this. He agrees and cancels the phone.

He goes back to prashant and tells about arti’s call saying that she’s just like a child, first she threw the watch, now saying sorry. he says that arti is very different from any other girl. He is lucky that he has her in his life and that she has changed him completely. He sees prashant as sad and thinks that prashant misses his wife too much and feels lonely and he reminds him constantly about it all the more by talking about arti incessantly. He says the same to Prashant and suggests that if prashant doesn’t mind, he would like to talk to his wife since he carries a reputation of being a very good convincer and that he would help prashant in winning her back. Prashant declines the offer saying that it’s not possible since he already has been very late and she has moved on in her life.

Yash says that he can his memories, his past in his eyes.Prashant comments that it’s because u cannot forget your first love even if you want to. yash says he too used to believe in the same till he met arti. he goes on to tell prashant how arti and he was not ready to marry but they did just for the sake of their children’s happiness so that they have both their parents. Prashant asks what’s the status now. he doesn’t say anything. Prashant deduces that he is confused about whether yash loves her or is concerned for her. he asks him to try the filmy love meter who’s measuring it and asks him to close his eyes and the first person whose face pops up in front of him would be the person he loves. Yash says that’s all filmy and he doesn’t believe in it. Prashant tells him to try it anyway. yash takes his leave.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Yash while driving his car remembers prashant’s advice. Restless, he finally puts the car to a halt and comes out of the car, and closes his car to find out if h loves arti. just then,arti’s car approaches from the other end, and she is confused to see yash in the middle of the road with his eyes closed. she steps out of the car and goes up to him and calls out to him. yash thinks he’s hearing her voice in her love meter and thinks it’s harder to look for her face. Arti unable to understand anything, tries to get him to open his eyes, finally pinching him and he jolts back to reality and is surprised to find arti standing in front of him.

when arti asks him what was he doing, he makes an excuse, that something went in his eyes and therefore he closed them to wash it away. arti immediately starts looking in his eye for dust. Yash is overwhelmed to see arti’s care for him and says that now he can see everything.Arti doesn’t understand his double meaning and is confused. Arti then seeing everything alright with yash turns to go. He asks her where she is going and she tells her she is going to meet Bhavani who is in the market to talk to her. yash says he also has to say something to her but would do it in the evening. arti insistently asks him what ve to say.

He diverts her attention and doesn’t tell her and sends her off in her car. She keeps waving at him from the car till she’s out of sight. yash too lovingly looks at her as she goes away.Once she’s gone,yash who is in a trance of loving arti now finds her face in every lady’s face and is smiling at himself helplessly.yash enters the house, basking in his newfound love, and starts imagining arti all around him, be it knitting sweaters for him, painting with his kids, or even dancing with him. Vidhi catches him in a dancing pose alone and teases him about it. She teasingly asks him the reason for his happiness.

He tries to avoid her but she asks him to remember that Love can never be hidden for long and that is what has happened to him. yash is embarrassed. He doesn’t say anything and leaves. Vidhi thinks to herself, that it indeed is love that has prompted him to be so happy and dance all the time. It’s high time he realized he was in love. And that she would make the first step to make him realize that.yash in his room is wondering what has happened to him that he’s behaving so strangely. While looking at their photo in the room, he thinks that maybe prashant’s words have affected him. vidhi then shows him a photo taken of yash and his first wife with arti in the background.

He is surprised to see this photo. vidhi tells him that he might call it coincidence but arti was in Yash’s life way before they met and that they are a couple made for each other. She says that now he has too decide on photos. After she leaves, he thinks that arti has done so much for him, now it’s his turn to reciprocate.

Location: In the cafe
Bhavani is angry and says it’s all a lie when arti confronts her with the truth. Arti tells her to calm down and listen to her. she says that she knows everything about that night that she’s been trying to hide from everyone. Pari starts pleading with her not to tell anyone since it would end her marriage and destroy her settled life with prateik. arti asks her not to be scared as they won’t tell anything to prateik, rather she has to now face prateik and tell him the truth. She tries to convince Bhavani that prateik loves her very much and would understand if she shares this with him. he would be very hurt if he knows about it from someone else or an outsider. By telling the truth, Bhavani would not only win over his faith but also has a strong chance of proving her innocence in court.

Bhavani says she can’t tell him and risk losing him forever, rather she can bear the punishment given to her than see hatred in prateik’s eyes for her. arti says that she and yash are with her in making prateik understand but she has to tell him the truth first as a relationship cannot have a solid base on a lie and sooner or later the truth does come out. Pari says that nobody wishes to lie, they do it when they are helpless. and asks her if she can honestly say that she has never kept a secret from yash.rendering arti speechless. Pari says that she admits she made a mistake but she doesn’t have the strength to lose prateik over it. Arti begs her not to overcomplicate things anymore and tells him.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s and arti’s house
Yash gets a call from prashant and he thanks him for clearing his confusion about arti and says that he loves her and has realized that whatever feelings he had for Arti were in fact, love. Prashant asks what happened all of a sudden to make him realize that. He says nothing happened suddenly, in fact, it was predestined. he says that arti came into his life much earlier than they got married and that she was around him all the while and theirs is a match in heaven.

Sensing prashant’s confusion about not being able to understand what he is saying,yash says that he would send over a photo that would explain everything to him. He sends the photo to prashant who is shocked to see arti in that photo of yash with his first wife. He then remembers how he and arti had gone to a hill station, where yash also was present with his wife. while yash was clicking pictures,arti and prashant were having a lovers’ tiff on whether to sightsee first or have tea as prashant wanted. finally, she leaves prashant to have tea, while she progresses towards the valley thereby crossing yash and his wife, in the background. hence she too came in the photo.

Prashant remembers all things Yash’s call asking him if he too understood the coincidence of arti being in his life long before they met, by looking at the photo. yash says that he has been very late in realizing his emotions and tells prashant that he has decided to tell arti that he loves her today itself. After disconnecting the call,prashant is upset and sad, and wondering about the games that fate was playing with him. He admits that he made a mistake but also thinks that he deserves to chance to rectify them which he never got.

He says he would find a chance for that. the screen freezes on his face while he is looking at the photo on his mobile.

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