Married Again update Wednesday 1 June 2022

Married Again 1 June 2022: Shobha finds an unconscious Prashant on the bathroom floor she runs to him and sees the blood on his handkerchief and gets scares, she holds his head trying to wake him up, She calls his name but then she pulls back from calling his name again not wanting to alert Aarti & Yash…She leaves the bathroom but not before looking back at Prashant one last time.

Shobha rejoins the others in the living room, she tells them that it was a cat but Aarti and Yash doesn’t buy it She signals Dubey who tells Aarti that it’s getting late so they should get home.

Aarti and Yash are about to leave when Aarti nearly falls, Yash catches her by holding her hand and he jokingly tells her that it’s hard for him to keep up with her hockey stick avatar, aarti says she knows and that she’ll be more careful.

They proceed to leave but not before saying goodbye to their parents, the reach the door when Aarti stops and tells Yash to go ahead she’ll be right there in a second. Aarti senses that something is off with her parents who have a worried look on their faces, she asks Shobha is everything is alright to which Dubey replies yes there’s nothing to worry about…Aarti leaves, shobha closes the door and utter Prashant’s name.

We continue with, Aarti and Yash in the car driving back home, Aarti in self thought says that Yash has a right to know about the complication so she decides to tell him, she looks at the kids who are sleeping in the backseat and tells Yash she has something to tell him…Ansh in his sleeping state asks aarti what she wanna tell Yash before they could answer Palak replies in her sleepy state as well that Mama wanna say I LOVE YOU YASHJI leaving Aarti and Yash…

Yash tells Aarti to go ahead and tell him what she has to say since she doesn’t say anything, Yash starts blabbering now stop because he thinks that Aarti is going to says those three words until Aarti turns on the radio and do dil mil rahein hai starts playing…Aarti and Yash are stealing glances at each other then Aarti turns off the radio while Yeh Dil Hai plays in the background.

Dubey and Shobha bring Prashant to the hospital, Shobha really is worried about Prashant.

Dinner at the SM (scindia mansion), everyone is having a grand time, they are all laughing, Pankaj holds Pratik’s hand and is about to kiss it when the latter pulls Vidhi’s hand instead …SP is remembering Gayatri, He send Bua away so the youngsters could spend some time together.

They are all recording a message for Gayatri. Pratik wanna play antakshari when Yash tells him that he doesn’t know how to play so Aarti is like Vidhi, Bhavani let’s go into the kitchen, Yash can’t play, he’s boring…Yash feels bad, he gives Aarti one of his killer looks and accepts her challenge .

Yash tells Aarti that the guys are en charge of the entertainment, he calls the kids and asks them for the guitar, he starts playing and sings Raabta meanwhile the kids are enjoying the sight of their father singing, Payal is holding an engraved red pillow with the words “Just For You” on it while Aansh is blowing bubbles.

Prateik, Bhavani, Pankaj & Vidhi are dancing while Yash serenades Aarti, a few moments later Yash puts down the guitar and takes Aarti by the hands leading her to dance as well.

Aarti finally pulls away when Yash asks her what’s wrong because she has tears in her eyes…The former says that she wants to say something that she has been hiding from them all, the kids are like Aarti wanna say I LOVE YOU…She can’t continue, Yash who is looking at Aarti could see that it was something much more serious…So Pratik send the kids out of the room…Vidhi asks her what’s wrong.

SP comes and tells her to say it, Yash asks her to say…Aarti says that her pregnancy has complications, this baby who brought happiness in the house needs all their prayers, Dr Kurian suggested she abort the baby leaving Yash and the entire family shocked.

Aarti saying everyone that doctor suggested her to abort the child and if she doesn’t do that then her life could be on risk. Yash gets worried, but Aarti says, no yash ji.. I want to give birth to this child.. I am a mother and mother gives life not take it away. She says, I will put my life on risk but I will give birth to this child. No matter what doctor says, but I will give life to this child. I will give birth to our Aarya, she says to Yash. She holds his hand and says, I need your support, please don’t leave me. Yash gives her a hug.

Back to the hospital, Shobha is getting worried and her husband is just staring at her. She asks, why are you looking at me like this? He says, I am looking at desperation/pain of a mother. No matter how tough a woman is from outside, when a mother sees her child in problems.. she melts down. He says, everything will be fine. We won’t let anything happen to our Prashant. Doctor comes there. Shobhaji asks what happened to Prashant. Doctor says, until we don’t get all report.. we can’t say anything.

Back to Yash’s house. He says to Aarti, I understand and I respect you, but you shouldn’t continue your pregnancy. I don’t want to and I can’t even try to put you on a risk. Aarti says, I want to give birth to this child.. this is sign of our love.. it identifies our relationship. She says, I will take you to the doctor. He said, there is a solution for this case.. an operation. You may or may not succeed but I will take this chance. Doctor needs your permission to start this operation.. please come with me Yash ji. Vidhi says to Aarti, for God sake be practical.. what if anything happens to you. Aarti says, you’re a mother too na bhabhi. You know how amazing feeling it is to be a mother.. God has given this to women, then how can I abort this child? Pankaj says, it’s time to think with brain, not heart. You have three wonderful kids.. I know this decision is difficult, but it’s not right to play with your life. Buaji shouts and asks, what has happened to all of you?

Back to the hospital. Shobhaji is in a shock knowing Prashant is diagnosed with cancer. Her husband asks doctor, what are you saying? Doctor says, this is the truth that Prashant has got cancer and it’s in advanced stage. I am very sorry to say that he has only some time left. Maybe 2-3 months, that’s it. Shobhaji is blanked out and thinking about how Prashant said he can’t take this loneliness anymore and asked her to allow him to stay with them. She has tears in her eyes.

On the other side, Buaji says, you all are talking like this in this new generation? Those days are gone when there were no hospitals, no doctors, and women still were giving birth to child taking lots of pain.. and sometimes they On the other side, Buaji says, you all are talking like this in this new generation? Those days are gone when there were no hospitals, no doctors, and women still were giving birth to child taking lots of pain.. and sometimes they were giving up their lives too. I agree that Aarti will have little pain and her life could be on risk too, but we will do her best treatment. Thanks to God we have everything unlike Aarti’s house who would not be able to afford treatment cost. Yash’s father shouts, MAYA. Buaji says, I am just saying all this because Gayatri is so desperate for this kid. Even after huge operation, she is getting fine so fast. And she wants to come right now to hug Aarti and her grandson. What will happen to Gayatri when she finds out that her grandson is not anymore. Her condition will get even worse. She asks Yash’s father to make a final decision between Scindia family’s bahu or son, as he is the head of this house.

Yash’s father says, it’s true that Gayatri and I prayed days and nights for Yash-Aarti’s kid and that’s why our decision would be in favor of this child. But it’s not only about what we want.. The question is whether child will come out as healthy. It’s not about only Aarti’s’s about both mother and child’s lives. Neither me nor anyone else from this family can take any decision about this. He says to Yash and Aarti, only you two will have to make this tough decision and that too after thinking a lot. I just want to tell you two that you don’t have to make any decision in any pressure.. make a decision that you two think is correct and which is best for your kids. And I promise you that whatever decision you make, whole family will be with you. Yash and Aarti stare at each other.

Prashant’s parents come to see him. He’s unconscious. Shobha ji says, what kind of mother I am? My son was so ill and I had no clue about it. She says, but we won’t let anything happen to you prashant. We will admit you to the biggest hospitals and give you the best treatments.. We will spend everything that we have but we won’t let anything happen to you. Prashant’s father also says, we won’t let anything happen to Prashant. He says he talked with a cancer specialist doctor already and they have an appointment tomorrow. He says, there is a saying.. world lives on hopes. Shobha ji is crying and leaving from there, but Prashant holds her hand and stops her.

Prashant opens his eyes and says, don’t have tears for me. I have bothered you a lot. I have hurt you two a lot and I am paying for that now. Shobha ji says, why are you saying like that? That day I did your sharth (thing that you do after someone dies) even though you were alive.. but now this same mother will fight with death for your life. You will stay in front of my eyes living happily until my last breath.. and this is a promise of a mother to her son.

Yash and Aarti are in their room. Yash reads the reports and says, I am not a doctor but it says clearly in your reports that this pregnancy is very risky for you. Aarti says, this report is of when I was too stressed. But since we met, I am not stressed anymore. I am very happy and I take care of myself. I am sure that there is no complication now. Aarti then bends down to get something but Yash stops her and give it to her. Aarti then asks Yash to go to the doctor with her. She says, we will do all tests again and I am sure everything will be fine. At least, come to the doctor with me.

At the hospital, Prashant says because of his illness.. his 2nd wife left him. He says, I tried a lot to stop her but she didn’t stop. I wish she was with me in this tough time, then I would be able to fight with death.

He asks Shobha ji, why maa I am so alone? I can’t take this loneliness anymore. I have made many mistakes in my life.. will I have to pay for my mistakes my entire life by dying in pain alone like this? Shobha ji kisses his hand.

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