Married Again update Tuesday 31 May 2022

Married Again 31 May 2022:  Aarti ask Yash, why you had to go that far and bring tea and biscuits for me and Ansh. We were going home anyway. Yash says, if a man doesn’t do this much for his kid and wife, then what’s the point? Aarti cannot believe what she just heard. Ansh smiles and whistles. Yash then says it feels good when you get tea on a highway after a long ride.

Aarti is smiling. Yash then starts drinking tea but the teacup falls from his hand. He looks at Aarti and says, tea was extra hot. Ansh is laughing and Aarti smiles again. Ansh tells him, to go dancing again and bring tea again. Yash smiles and tells him to drink his milk quietly. Yash is going to get tea again, but Aarti stops him and says, you don’t have to go that far again to get tea.. you can have my tea. Yash says it’s fine.. you drink. Aarti says I meant.. we can share. They then argue, you first.. you first. Ansh says, in ‘you first’ tea will get cold. Aarti requests Yash to drink first. This time he drinks carefully and then passes the cup to Aarti and she drinks. Ansh just watches them passing cups to each other.

After they pass cups to each other like million times, Ansh says, cup got empty for a long time, then what are you drinking? Yash looks at the cup and smiles. Yash takes Ansh and goes in the car. Aarti then laughs and then goes in.

On the other side, the police come to Yash’s house. Prateik and Bhavani open the door. Police say we want to talk with Bhavani. Yash’s father comes there and says, whatever you want to talk you can talk with me. Bhavani is bahu of this house… ‘izzat’ of this house. Police say, who doesn’t know Sindhia family here.. that’s why we didn’t call her to the police station. Yash’s father invites the police inside and says, I will answer all of your questions. Bhavani seems to be getting worried.

Police say, recently she… Bhavani interrupts and says, that I didn’t do it purposely. Yash’s father asks her, why are you scared so much? what did you do? Police give her purse and say, she forgot her purse somewhere or it got stolen and someone was using her ATM card.. and I am just here to return her purse. Bhavani has a sigh of relief. Police leave.

Yash’s father tells Prateik to make Bhavani understand.. this much carelessness is not good.. else she will have to regret her entire life if she does any big mistake. At the same time, Vidhi comes there and gives news to everyone that Yash will be here in 15 minutes. Palak and Payal also come there and tell everyone, that Ansh is coming back with papa and mamma. Vidhi says, only a few minutes are left and I don’t know what preparations should I do to welcome them. Yash’s father stops her and says, before they enter this house.. they have to answer my questions.

Yash, Aarti, and Ansh arrive. Yash’s father stops them right at the door. The whole family gathers there now. Vidhi takes Ansh inside. Payal-Palak hugs Ansh as soon as he enters. They say we missed you so much. you won’t go again, right? Ansh says, never and if Mumma wants to go then I won’t let her go either. Yash’s father tells Aarti-Yash to learn something from kids. They used to fight so much before but after living together, there is love between them and they can’t live without each other. He says you two need to learn about relationships from these kids. He asks, what did you two did going your second marriage’?

Yash’s father now says to Yash, I used to think you’re very mature and understanding, but I was wrong. I won’t say that you don’t know how to maintain the relationship. But because of your relationship with Arpita, you ignored Aarti’s feelings and your happiness.. and this is wrong. You worry about someone who is not anymore, but you don’t worry about your wife who is with you right now? Did you turn your face away from her?

He continues, you think Arpita would be happy seeing this behavior of yours? No.. she must be in lots of pain seeing this. Buaji interrupts and says to Yash’s father, it’s not all Yash’s fault that.. Yash’s father tells her, I don’t want to insult you again and again in front of everyone.. so it’s better if you stay quiet. Buaji gets shocked and angry.

He now goes to Aarti and says, I was proud of you. I thought you never give up.. and what did you do? ran away with Ansh? Didn’t you worry about your daughters? who woke up after hearing your voice… you became a mother first and then left them again without a mother? There Gayatri is having treatment and no one cares about her.. no one thought what would happen to her if she finds out about this.

Vidhi now tells them, you two don’t have any clue how much Palak n palak got hurt from all this. Pankaj comes in front now and says, and Ansh.. he was going all around asking for help .. what if something had happened to him?

Prateik now says to Aarti, When I saw you the first time, I was impressed with how you made us realize our mistake by picking up a hockey stick and I became your fan. I was always telling Bhavani to be like you. but what happened to you this time? you couldn’t ask for your child’s rights to Yash bhai? Pankaj says, today I think.. we made a huge mistake by doing your second marriage.. we tried to create a relationship between you two forcefully. Yash says, no bhaiya… whatever happened was my fault. He joins his hands and asks everyone to forgive them. Aarti also joins her hands now and says, I am responsible for all this. I broke your all and these innocent kids’ heart. She tells Palak-Payal, you can give any punishment you want to your Mumma.

Palak-Payal says, your punishment is that you won’t go anywhere leaving us like this. Aarti says I promise I won’t go anywhere.. and she hugs them.

Aarti-Yash again apologizes to Yash’s father. Yash says, last time. I guarantee you that I won’t let my past come in between again. I won’t be unfair to Aarti Ji because of which you all get sad. I will try my best to maintain this second marriage and try my best that it will go in a history book. I am taking all that Aarti did on me. if Aarti had confidence that I would accept our child, then she would never leave this house. I am sorry to you all because of this.

Everyone is ready to start a new beginning, but Yash’s father stops them. He says, you two too long to accept your mistake.

Prateik tells him, but they asked for an apology already na. Yash’s father says, no. I want peace in this house and I know how stubborn they are.. they will argue again.. and I don’t want all this to affect these children. And that’s why only kids will stay in this house. Yash and Aarti won’t.

Arti goes up and lights the diya on the tulsi plan and not, prays while yash smilingly looks on. She then folds her hands and begs for forgiveness and determinedly talks to Yash’s father that she would never leave this house and its family members ever again, nor her kids as she has come back with the fullest respect as Yash’s wife and won’t leave even if he throws her out. Buaji smirked thinking that Yash’s father would never forgive her for this arrogance. But he surprises buaji by blessing arti saying that this is the determination that he wanted her to show. And that now he is sure that his family would never break again. He asks vidhi to get the arti thali, the children volunteer to do it much to buaji’s disgust.

They enter the house after the arti and Yash’s father get a call. Yash asks arti to go and rest as she needs to and along with his brother starts playing with the kids. While they take the kids away,yash glances at arti who looks bac, and sees shrimp against the wall causing her to shy and yash to laugh. When he leaves,arti is shown looking at him from the back.

Location: Yash’s house and arti’s house

She is looking around the house when she finds yash with the juice and starts stammering. He imitates her and them both laugh. He then asks her to drink it and rest after that. In the meanwhile, he offers to get an appointment for her and her mother with the gynecologist. At the mention of shobha, he remembers that he has forgotten to inform Shobha that arti and Ansh have returned. He calls them up telling arti that he needs to inform her that her arrogant escapist girl has finally returned.

Shobha is extremely happy hearing the news but a persistent knock on the door forces her to see who’s at it while talking with yash and is shocked to see prashant clutching his stomach in pain and falling to the floor. he screams out to prashant and yash on the other end wonders who is it and if everything is alright at her place. He starts talking into the phone which makes Shobha realizes that the phone is still on. she is scared of yash having heard the name and therefore in a fit of fear, he cancels the call. Yash is surprised to see the phone disconnect. He mumbles as to who prashant is to himself. Arti hears the name and is instantly alert as to why is yash calling out the name.

Meanwhile, After seating him on the sofa Shobha is indifferent toward prashant’s efforts to get closer to her saying that he is dead to her and that she would go and call his dada whom he has possibly come to meet. She sees Dubey Ji coming out and before he can say anything she warns him that she won’t come in a father-son way but now that yash and arti are back together, she won’t let the past affect their relationship. And that the sooner he understands this better. And walks away. Prashant sees his father and calls out to him. He offers prashant water and is hugged by him and starts crying. Dubeyji is wondering what has prashant done to himself. Then determinedly says that in this problem he would stand by his son.

Gayatri is on the phone with Yash’s father. She says, thank God all drama is over and asks him, you’re telling me now? I know you didn’t tell me because you knew I would get worried. She says I would be upset with you but not after the good news that you gave me. Gayatri is very happy as she is going to become Grandmother again. She says I am dying to return home, but don’t know when this doctor will permit me. Yash’s father says, I talked with the doctor already and you can return home in 15-20 days. Gayatri requests him to get her out of hospital soon as she’s dying to see Aarti. She says I can guarantee it will be a boy.

Yash’s father says, you and your wish to see a grandson. Gayatri says you don’t want to see your grandson. She then says, there should be something special for Yash-Aarti… tell Vidhi bahu to make a special dinner. He says, that we will have it tonight but when you return home.. we will have a party. Gayatri says, so what if I am not there.. you all celebrate there. I will be very happy. She hangs up the phone now.

Yash’s father tells Vidhi, it’s your saas order to make something special for dinner tonight for Yash and Aarti. Vidhi and Pari are going to make a special dinner. Prateik comes there and says, how can you plan a special dinner without a chef? He says, you all ladies rest today. The special chef will make a special dinner tonight. Yash, Aarti, and Ansh are going somewhere. Vidhi asks them where are going.

They don’t answer. Prateik says I know. Yash bhaiya missed Aarti so much that he’s taking her to date now. Ansh says, off chachu.. we are not going outside.. we are just going to see bade papa (Aarti’s father) as he has got hurt on his legs. Prateik says, oops I am saying anything without thinking. Yash smiles and says, there is no need to be sorry.. because of your silly talks.. everyone stays happy in this house.. so keep it up.

Vidhi says to them, you can go there but you all will have to eat dinner here as it’s mummy ji’s (Gayatri) order to make special dinner so there is no question to cancel the plan. Vidhi, Bhavani, and Prateik go to the kitchen. Yash sends Ansh to check if Payal-Palak is ready. While he’s leaving. something drops on the floor. Aarti bends down to pick it up but Yash stops her and picks up that thing. He says to Aarti, what are you doing? Didn’t I tell you a while ago that you have to take proper care of yourself? Aarti is just staring at him. He says, now you’re not that Aarti who used to run behind others with a hockey stick. He asks you get what I mean right? Both are staring at each other. Yash now goes to check the kids.

After he leaves, Aarti speaks in her mind… Yash Ji cares so much about me and this child.. how and when I can tell him that our both lives are at risk.

At Aarti’s house. Her father is arguing with Shobha Ji. He asks, how can you be so tough? Aren’t you able to see Prashant’s condition? He says I know that you care about Aarti and we did everything for her. She is happy in her house.. she has a whole family to take care of her. But Prashant.. he badly needs us. I have decided now that Prashant will stay in this house with us. Shobha Ji says, fine you can live with him but I won’t live in this house. She is walking away from there and sees Prashant listening to all this. She still doesn’t stop and continues walking. Prashant says, maa and she stops. He says you don’t need to go anywhere.. this house is yours. if you don’t want me to stay here then I will leave here. But I have a request.. please permit me to live with you for a few days. He gets on his knees and says, Now I can’t take this loneliness anymore. Shobha Ji tells him, you had to think about all this before. when you left your wife and child. Now you have to pay for your mistakes. His father asks Shobha Ji to stop now. read full updates with pictures only at He says, Prashant is sorry for what he did.. and apologizing as well. And when we can go against the whole society and do aarti’s second marriage, then Prashant is our blood.. won’t you fulfill this small wish? Till now. I was always with you in your decisions without any question so now you have to be with me too in my decision. Prashant will stay in this house…. with us. Shobha Ji says, fine.. you were with me in decision Aarti’s second marriage..and you want me to pay for that right? I will pay for it. He can stay in this house.. being your son. For me, he’s a guest and will remain a guest. Because I believe once you do ‘shradh’ of someone.. he remains a dead person. Prashant’s father says, but Shobha.. and someone knocks on their door. Ansh is asking them to open the door. All three get worried.

Prashant says to Shobha Ji, don’t worry. I won’t come in front of Aarti and her family. He leaves from there and locks himself inside a room. Shobha Ji tells her husband to sit down on the sofa.. as she told Aarti that he got injured on his legs. Shobha Ji finally opens the door.

Ansh tells her, you’re taking so much time. She says, sorry beta. .and asks how are you to kids. Kids say, fine.. and run inside. Yash and Aarti take blessings from Shobha Ji and go inside. Yash asks Aarti’s father, how’s your leg now? He says, fine.. no need to get worried. Aarti goes to get the water. Yash notices someone’s shoes and tells them, sorry. I think we disturbed you.. is there any guest here?

Yash then shows shoes to them. Prashant is watching their conversion.. he says, oh no… I left my shoes outside and if Aarti sees them, then she will get angry. He says she knows what kind of shoes I wear. Yash says, those shoes and this glass of water. Shobha Ji says those shoes are his (Aarti’s father). and that’s why he got injured. Yash says, actually I’ve never seen him in shoes before. but he will look very good with shoes. Aarti comes there and asks which shoes? Shobha Ji says, you came to meet us or talk about shoes? and why am I even talking to you? Where did you go? And you didn’t even call. you’re going to be a mother.. what if you would get sick. I and Yash were worrying so much. but it’s useless to tell you all this.

Ansh says, and she slept on the road.. but then one uncle helped me and took Aarti to the hospital. He says, and he became my good friend too. Prashant is getting emotional now. Aarti says, yes.. and I am feeling bad because I couldn’t meet him or talked to him. Ansh says that uncle was like my Yash papa… he took me out to eat ice cream.. dosa. Prashant is happy. Yash says, now they should leave. Prashant’s condition is getting worse.. he is coughing but he puts his hand on his mouth so no one can hear him.

Aarti asks Shobha Ji if there is anyone in the home because of this noise. Yash says, yea.. it seems like someone fell inside the bathroom. Shobha Ji says it might be a cat. Aarti says I will go and check. But Yash stops her and says, I will go and check. He proceeds towards the room. Shobha Ji says to him, don’t be bothered. I will check it. Yash says it’s fine. I will check.

Shobha Ji says, there are all wet clothes around. I will check it. Yash agrees this time. They are still waiting there. Shobha Ji goes inside and sees Prashant on the floor and blood coming out of his mouth.

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